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  1. Yeah, who cares about student questions or clarifications or explanations? Just record a video.
  2. Sorry. Didn’t realize Milroe was at Katy.
  3. What did I miss? Where is this talk of “letting Milroe go” coming from?
  4. Yeah, we cancelled it. I get y’all thinking i was nuts, but.... ...it has been a decade since we got away without kids for more than two days, and frankly I just don’t think this virus is what the media makes it out to be.
  5. 10th anniversary is this week. Supposed to take a four day cruise to Cozumel on RC. Still leaning toward going but monitoring the situation. RC is offering credit to anyone who cancels 48 hours before their departure.
  6. You’ve gotta be shitting me if this guy keeps his job.
  7. You’re calling someone”dumbfuck” after starting the single most asinine thread on the basketball board? Holy shit. You’re even dumber than you appear in writing. Tell me...are you related to Shaka or sucking his dick?
  8. Look at this fucking tough guy. You boys better watch out.
  9. Well, I see this thread has aged well.
  10. Damn. When CTJ is drinking the Kool-Aid, it makes me reevaluate my purposely low expectations that keep me from committing a felony mid-season.
  11. We’re going to the Sweet 16?
  12. Foul, Mavericks.
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