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  1. You’re calling someone”dumbfuck” after starting the single most asinine thread on the basketball board? Holy shit. You’re even dumber than you appear in writing. Tell me...are you related to Shaka or sucking his dick?
  2. Look at this fucking tough guy. You boys better watch out.
  3. Well, I see this thread has aged well.
  4. Damn. When CTJ is drinking the Kool-Aid, it makes me reevaluate my purposely low expectations that keep me from committing a felony mid-season.
  5. We’re going to the Sweet 16?
  6. Foul, Mavericks.
  7. Did I miss something on the Brock’s? I thought you just recently said something that painted a picture of them not coming here. As always, I reserve the right to be wrong.
  8. Don’t do this to yourself.
  9. I just want to nominate this thread for classics. Because this shit is that bad.
  10. Fuck this motherfucker. I don’t know why the Surl has put up with your shit for so long.
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