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  1. "One man's trash is another man's treasure."
  2. Not a clue, just happy to be a beneficiary. PM @Harrison Stafford
  3. Trying to drop this hot garbage, but (surprise!) nobody is buying. Equal parts hilarious and depressing to see sell orders close for like 50 incremental shares when unloading thousands.
  4. Never tried them, but Kroger sells basically the same thing.
  5. Or let it all ride and collect BRRRRRTx2. #profit
  6. This BLNK rocket hittin' me in the feels.
  7. Money printer woke up early this morning, Futures climbing like whoa.
  8. I've never even opened the thread, but felt an obligation to post this atrocity...deleting it from the quote because nobody needs to see that shit (sorry not sorry, Vic). It is vomit inducing and I see it on just about every media platform. You can pry fat shaming from my cold, dead, non-obese hands.
  9. Wish I had seen this post yesterday. Furk...
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