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  1. Headed south mañana for wife's annual corporate retreat, staying at the JW Guanacaste. Really want to do some offshore fishing on Friday, but we'll see what excursions they offer. Probably spend most of the weekend just getting drunk at the resort, but hopefully we can pop over to Tamarindo for a bit. Also praying I can watch Xavier-UT without too much trouble...
  2. This morning my wife asked me if a Ziploc sandwich baggie can hold two pieces of bread or just one.
  3. I thought you said schedules were the issue. As an airline employee myself (and airline pilot legacy), I try not to begrudge the rank-and-file for demanding their fair share after decades of corporate malfeasance. But ALPA/APA/TWU/IAM (and most other labor unions for that matter) can absolutely get fucked. They have two explicit goals: 1) increase membership (read: increase income from dues), and 2) get their members paid as much as possible for doing as little work as possible. They relish every opportunity to hold the company hostage and have zero interest in its overall health, insofar as 1) and 2) above are unaffected. FUPM, indeed. Sorry for the thread derail, back to your [regularly] scheduled SWA meltdown.
  4. Still a $100k-$200k premium vs. 12-18 months ago for North Dallas and 'burbs. If you want to be West of US-75, you have to go past fucking Celina to find some semblance of affordability.
  5. Y’all just just gave half this board a fucking heart attack.
  6. Didn't see it posted anywhere else...B-21 Raider will be unveiled this afternoon/evening in Palmdale.
  7. Yeah but with his injury history, I doubt he'd play in more than 7 games.
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