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  1. I loke the inland surfer boards. The new boats like your bad ass girl is simple... full ballast and adjust plate to shape it steep or long. No docks where I surf so I aim my wave into shore. I get some looks sometimes by people anchored up near shore in a nice surf cove when it’s windy out.
  2. Congrats! Might see ya on canyon. Let’s have a rev 10 off
  3. I like that wakesetter a lot, needs seadek/gatorstep. That mastercraft is ugly af.
  4. I can’t remember the name of the company because it was 5-6 years ago, but they were essentially like the Craigslist deal with a dude and a trailer, except they had a legitimate dump truck wrapped with graphics and 3 employees show up. It was way cheaper than the dumpster I was prepared to bring in. Added huge benefit was I just had to point at what I wanted trashed and they did everything.
  5. You can’t find dumbbells or weights right now in stores. Buy the book Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. He has a full body primer workout to get you started.
  6. Noticed thujone’s book showed up in my kindle library today. I forgot I preordered it a long time ago.
  7. That dude deserves to go down for having bumpers out without reason. All joking aside. Looks like he was at anchor in rough conditions. My guess is rough water over the stern(probably too many on swim platform) flooded overcrowded boat to begin with. I’ve seen two go down because overloaded in bow +ballast+big wave over bow. So many ways to go down though.
  8. Those pics are awesome. Lucky dogs there
  9. Foil tape Curious what makes it a failure point? Is there some stress on the pipe besides exhaust pressure? I’d be looking for some way to solve the problem and prevent it from happening again.
  10. That is just stupid. That’s getting close to Pavati ballpark. If that’s the budget, what idiot chooses a nautique
  11. I have all sorts of tubes, but they rarely get used by us unless I have a group along who don’t know how to do anything else and no time to teach. My kids all started on an airhead ez ski. Always was intrigued by the Zup, but never got one.
  12. I watched the whole thing go down, captain and his buddy were most likely intoxicated. Buddy gets dropped off to back down trailer, does not do well and trailer is not only way too deep, but off the ramp(check photo and tou can kind of see water drops showing line trailer came out of water on. Captain wasn’t paying attention to buddy’s poor back down and didn’t realize trailer was off ramp, pulls boat straight on behind tow vehicle and leans over bow and straps boat on. I knew at this point he was def not on trailer and I was about to see some action! I was actually in the water with a noodle floaty and beer and yell to wife to get the phone out. Sure enough he signals to pull the boat out and it start to tip off trailer toward port, captain realizes his predicament and dives to starboard side and saves boat from tipping off. He stays in this position while tow vehicle driver is completely unawares anything is wrong. A few good samaritans on ramp start pointing and gesticulating for driver to back it down and get the boat floating again. They finally did get it on correctly with help.
  13. Watching the ramp is a favorite pastime of mine. This one was a couple years ago, may have already posted it. Shitty quality because zoomed in to the max. Dude was extremely lucky boat remained on trailer. I’m sure all kinds of shit was fucked up on it though.
  14. I’m not going to get in on the debate, but my personal experience of a Texan visiting Colorado is that the people are much more hostile to Texans in the past 5 years, or so, than ever before. Grew up going multiple winter/summer trips a year with family to parents vacation home. Now take my family once year for ski trip. You can run into some genuine assholes just because you are from Texas. Weird. The tourism dollars texans(and others) bring to their state kinda is a big deal, if they were smart they would practice some self awareness and maybe campaign to treat visitors a bit nicer. My experience.
  15. Never know unless you try. If it’s optioned out nice, I think it doable. glad I’m not trying to buy one right now.
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