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  1. Had them repaired. Took about two weeks. They look and sound good during test hook up. Haven’t put them back in boat yet.
  2. Mud flaps, you need some. Damn
  3. Pics 22 yo niece aren’t showing up.
  4. I’m sure I’m paying a premium, But I don’t want to fuck them up. Also, they are marine speakers so it is not really foam, but some sort of reinforced rubber.
  5. Thanks, but I went ahead and took them to get repaired. Will report back once I get them back and test out.
  6. One of the great things about my trailer was that it had the “polar package”. It had a heated and sealed underbelly, double pane windows and upgrades on wall and ceiling r values. It was rated for -10. Don’t see the cold weather models much in tx. All that extra insulation was great for hot summers though
  7. Way outside 2 year warranty. The speakers/stereo were separate purchase after the boat. I have invoice for system, but I don’t want to complain because I am very happy with it except for this.
  8. That’s nice! Now we just need to learn you how to cook bacon
  9. Let me first say that I am no audiophile and know next to nothing about speakers or stereo systems in general. I have two tower speakers (wet sounds rev10) on my boat that the rubber ring around the perimeter of each speaker has developed cracks in the rubber. They are about 5 years old. The speakers still sound great to my ear, but this can’t be good. The rubber is still very pliable and not brittle, just these slots in rubber around perimeter band of each speaker. After googling it seems there are speaker repair options. Should I have these repaired or just replace at 1700/pair? Found a guy that will do it for 150/ea. The speakers are pushed to max amps and sound crystal clear still and loud as fuck.
  10. Easiest way would be to put it in the oven and do a self clean cycle. If you know anyone with a kiln, that would be ideal, ramp kiln up to 1000 degrees(basically what self clean oven cycle does). It will turn all contaminants to ash, rinse it and reseason. Warning, you will get some smoke and funky smells for a bit.
  11. Mountain pussy trailer is nice! Your truck is a beast
  12. I think boats, or any other recreational vehicle, is the exception this time around. There is not shit else to do really. I have pondered selling mine now and upgrade once things settle down, but not sure I want to be without right now. The lake has been insanely crowded. Weekdays are weekend crowded and weekends are like holiday crowded.
  13. 500k for biggest baddest one
  14. Here’s some wake boat porn.
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