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  1. I don’t know shit about these. I only need it to be water proof and able to control volume, change channel, and skip songs on the boat while I’m in the water with a beer and a pool noodle. Do these things do that? I have an iPhone and use amazon music unlimited. I don’t want to drop the ridiculous money on Apple Watch...I’ll only wear this in the water. Can I do this on a budget?
  2. Yes, but you still have to prepay the interest portion of you payment for the entire month at closing when you close early.
  3. Maybe this is just her subtle way of telling you that she’d rather be married to a man that can properly cook her some fucking bacon?
  4. In Soviet Russia, burger kings you
  5. Kinda defeats the purpose of a gooseneck by turning it into a bumper pull. I’m confused why they did it. That contraption sure as hell took more time/money to rig up than simply putting a proper ball in truck bed, so it wasn’t them being poor rednecks.
  6. Part 3 is surgical repair of his clavicle
  7. Just need to trim back burned section of wire and install new high temp rated connector. The plastic shielding over connector not necessary, you can cover with high temp electrical tape if desired. Important to use good crimping tool. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0071NC78C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_WTATDb6P6M4GA
  8. It was a used 1/2 ton single cab. His dad was in the passenger seat. I was at a dead stop in middle of median and saw him move over into turn lane and truck lurches forward and veered into me. It was surreal hearing the police siren immediately after. I had no idea he was back there. Thought maybe guy was running from the cop for a few seconds. Had wife and kids in there coming home from dinner.
  9. This was several years ago. 15 year old kid driving his new truck home from the dealership. Just so happens a cop caught it all on his dashcam. Kid said he mistook accelerator for the brake. http:// https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/e9zKmQYE9Aqw1MuIjKEZsHNHnrMXcDji2Tgxt1aSWSN
  10. Best way to watch this on mobile? I have a spectrum account.
  11. Wait, I thought we were all just a bunch of bookfags?
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