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  1. bout what i expected. i mean, who else is he going to choose for the role? what is the percentage of current Republicans in this country who are not complete and utter cultist hacks? narrator: zero point zero
  2. man, me too. where can i get a great deshebrada taco in austin (once austin opens up again)? my go to was the taco counter at the back of la moreliana on south congress, but i understand that is no more
  3. that should have started after Helsinki. and pretty much every point in time since then.
  4. “Well sure, all of those were lies, obviously, and now Americans are dying left and right, but have you seen how much the libs are getting owned by all of the massive failure and corruption we’re responsible for? So, yeah, can’t wait to vote for him again.” -Every Republican
  5. look, we just need Johnny Sack to come and tell us how really, Trump is doing an outstanding job handling this. I’m sure he can lay it all out for us and clear up the misunderstanding.
  6. wow. i have a new (set of) project(s). thanks for posting link.
  7. Republicans are fundamentally dishonest - with themselves and others - that is why they love Trump so much, and a huge part of why he has 100% approval sand support among Republican elected officials and Republican voters. They absolutely love his complete and constant dishonesty. And now they all get to do it all out in the open, because Trump gives them all permission to lie with impunity, and rewards them for it.
  8. 100% true - and not only true for those who voted for Trump, but also those who continued to vote for or support any Republicans for an office at any level after Trump took office, or do so going forward.
  9. these people are called "Republicans"
  10. sur la table is having a 45% off sale on le creuset right now with free shipping. i use my le creuset braiser for all kinds of stuff including casseroles, and it is money. 2.25 Q version now $179 (reg. $249). baking/casserole dishes also on sale
  11. "haha, Trump totally owned that lib reporter" -All Republicans
  12. Force and violence should be used to remove Trump immediately.
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