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  1. this for sure. for the past couple years or so i have had salad or a vegetarian meal for lunch on work days at least 4 of 5 days of the week, and mostly ate what i wanted for dinner and sort of figured i was doing well. my doctor put me on a high fiber diet last year and in the past few months my GF has been on a plant based / vegan friendly diet, which i have done my best to join in. (btw, its hard to get 30-40g of a fiber a day, ha). we try to have at least 60-70% of our total food intake be plants, and shoot for as much upwards from there as possible, without going cold turkey on anything. limiting dairy has been hard because i love cheese and ice cream, but i've ditched milk and creamer for soy and almond milk, and there are some decent coconut milk and cashew milk ice creams out there. what has made it easy for me is beans and lentils. i started getting Indian take out once a week and making two meals out of that, then found that there are shitloads of dal recipes out there and i can make most at home as good or better than the Indian places in town (in my opinion anyway). making some dal makhani tonight. the OP asked for recipes - I was thinking we should have a "plant based/whole food / vegetarian shit i've cooked lately" thread where folks can post their dishes, recipes, ideas, successes, etc.
  2. what is, what you get when you vote for or support any Republican, for any office?
  3. Trump is going to lose the popular vote by a larger margin than 2016 - probably much larger - and he will be re-elected in a sham. It doesn’t matter who the Democratic candidate is.
  4. Jack Straw

    Fried Chicken

    Hi Wings Korean FC, dark meat lovers with jalapeno mayo sauce is awesome. i swear the side of tots is like a solid pound + of tots - great with all the sauces.
  5. what Republicans love most about Trump is his wholesale, fundamental, and compulsive dishonesty
  6. Jack Straw

    Fried Chicken

    i'll be interested in hearing what that one is like. the bird at the trailer at Star Bar was always straight awesome; the several times I have been to the shop on Burnet have all been pretty lackluster in comparison. i guess some of that is to be expected when moving from 6 total items on the menu the end, to combination full service restaurant and wannabe hip beer joint and bar. although the pies have always been pretty good. hope the one out by you is better.
  7. he is correct. it doesn't matter what evidence is presented - Trump himself could concede every allegation and openly admit to treason (to the extent that he already hasn't) and Republicans wouldn't care.
  8. and, don't forget the race riots that he personally started -TTom
  9. Plenty of us find it strange, and even pathetic. However, 99+% of Republicans are perfectly fine with it.
  10. we all know that every single Republican who said they “do not approve” of Trump in those polls will vote for him anyway.
  11. cross post from the FS/Best Buy board for you scotch folks in Austin who might be interested
  12. a client of mine brought me this from London and I don't drink, so thought I would get it in the hands of someone who would appreciate it (and get myself a few bucks to get myself something I can use and enjoy). lists for $129.99 at Total Wine in CA; does not appear to be available in Texas stores (as far as I can tell). $100 OBO - can meet in Westlake, Central Austin, or North Austin area PM if interested
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