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    biderman's WL finally opened up. had a rueben for lunch today (actually my first visit to any of their locations). pretty solid.
  2. dying will be the greatest contribution to society to have been made by 100% of Trump supporters (~99% of current Republicans)
  3. 95%+ of Republicans fully support a complete and utter fraud who steals from charities and veterans.
  4. went last night. had the house omakase with spicy pork bone broth and added ramen noodles and a couple other specialty items off the cart. gf had the Tatsu-ya omakase and added ramen. service was very good. If I was to do it again i would probably go a la carte and load up on the veggies and 3 different kinds of meatballs. smelled a little like a farm inside the restaurant. I’m not really a fan of being seated less than a foot next to strangers on each side such that you can hear all their conversations and vice versa (and our neighbors joined our conversation uninvited at one point), but I suppose that seating set up is part of the authenticity of it, I don’t know. we enjoyed it well enough for the uniqueness of the experience, but at that price point we both agreed that we would prefer dinner at a more upscale place (it was $ comparable to one of our dinners at Uchiko, maybe even a little more), or several dinners at Michi.
  5. “Donald Trump is doing a great job.” -Johnny Sack and all Republicans
  6. been to the first two a couple of times, enjoyed both - neither are particularly upscale but would probably be fine for Thanksgiving. schnitzel at caroline is great, FWIW. no idea if that would be on a Thanksgiving menu. i went in and looked around at Arlo Grey once after we had burgers at the place next door - that would definitely be a more upscale option, from what i can tell. been to Trace a couple times for lunch and wasn't particularly impressed either time.
  7. “he shits his pants just like me!” -TexasHammer
  8. its funny that people think that Republicans are going to allow Trump to be "voted out" of office, under any circumstances.
  9. the whistleblower will be killed if their identity is revealed. this is what Trump and Republicans want - for the message to be sent that no one should attempt to hold them accountable for their treason
  10. Jack Straw


    ^ what space is the Jersey Mike's going into? the old popeye's? getting off the sammiches topic here but re: Saffron: both daals are good, particularly the tarka daal. i like the lamb and goat vindaloo and curry dishes, and the chicken lazeez; brussel sprouts and chicken 65 apps are both very good. gf loves the samosas. the saffron naan is amazing.
  11. one would think. but then ask yourself, are they Republican? if the answer is yes (and it is), then do not underestimate their willingness and ability to act in a manner contrary to the principles of democracy, and to do the wrong thing for the country. all of the evidence regarding Republicans supports that proposition. all of it.
  12. Jack Straw


    using the definition of Westlake broadly (which I do) - Sway, Jack Allen's, Saffron, and now Salt Traders all seem to be doing well. i'd like to see more places of that level/quality and upwards in the area - and less Modern Market/CAVA/Chipotle/Zoe's type places. sure seems like the client base is there
  13. without question. Id bet just about anything on it.
  14. agree with all of these bullet points. and with the following additions: - not a single Republican Senator will vote to convict, no matter how overwhelming the evidence of Trump's guilt and complete lack of fitness for the office (and there is already more than enough to warrant his removal) - the electoral college gamesmanship, election meddling, voter fraud and hacking mentioned above will have the full support of the Republican Party (as it does now)
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