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  1. you know how the best part of the Drumstick is the very end, the supper chocolately filled bottom of the sugar cone with some ice cream? like that, in every bite, with chopped peanuts.
  2. that’s not how Republicans work. that’s not how any of this Republican hypocrisy works.
  3. party of personal .... errr ... take no responsibility. for anything, ever. other than blaming others.
  4. new Drumstick blizzard is strong. real strong. maybe the best one yet.
  5. right, but what about that thing Biden said in the 1980s? -all Republicans
  6. if by “lose reelection” you mean “garner support of 100% of Republicans,” then yes.
  7. so Trump pulls out a narrow win and the military steps in and overthrows him? i don't think so. i'm far less concerned about what will happen if the election results show Trump lost and he tries to stay in power - in fact, part of me almost wants to see that happen, because i'd like to see him thrown out on his ass, kicking and screaming. i am far more concerned with the election being rigged through various means to allow for a close Trump "victory." does anyone really doubt that every single current Republican elected official wouldn't take part in that, or at best, look the other way? Republicans have blocked every single measure attempting to stop or curb foreign interference in our elections. they are actively engaged in widespread voter suppression efforts. all with no real consequences.
  8. and this time the Republicans will be all in on supporting and coordinating voter suppression, foreign interference, and outright vote rigging. why wouldn’t they? as a country we have made it clear to them that there are, and will be no consequences.
  9. it’s not a question of whether or not this will happen, it’s a question of what are we going to do about it after it works. the idea that Trump and Republicans are going to allow him to be voted out of office and any Democrat to take over is simply laughable.
  10. I hope there are a lot more people of this mindset. because really, that should have started a long time ago - when it became crystal clear that Trump and all of his Republican enablers were traitors - after Helsinki, after Republicans shirked their duty to vote for Trump’s removal in the impeachment proceedings, and dozens of other instances. the use of widespread and organized force and violence to remove Republicans is long overdue.
  11. its not the fanciest place, but the Grove on Bee Caves @ 360 has a big patio and they have done a good job of keeping the tables very well spaced out; everyone wearing masks, being very diligent about cleaning and wiping everything down, one use menus, etc. other pluses are (1) very few to no milleneals; and (2) decent amount of MILF on any given night
  12. the boats, the flags, such as the Iraq
  13. Yes. And Republicans will do absolutely nothing about it.
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