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  1. and so is every single Republican in this country who continues to vote for them or support any of them in any way.
  2. i really hope you are right on this point, because it is really what the future of the country depends on. they are telling us straight to our faces (repeatedly) that they plan to steal the election, and no one is really doing a thing about it. and if they pull it off, there will be no real consequences. i mean, there will be media outrage and lots of hand wringing among politicians, and some protests, sure - but, just like there was with all of the other crimes, acts of treason, abject failures, and wholly anti-democratic acts by the Trump admin and Republicans, but...that will be it.
  3. hey, remember a couple of weeks ago when Trump shit all over the troops and I said it won’t move the needle at all with any Republicans, and that it would be in the rear view and we’d be on to the next thing in a couple weeks? yeah. and boy, do I have some bad news for anyone thinking that proof of Trump committing tax fraud and being a complete and utter failure as a “businessman” will matter one iota to a single Republican.
  4. why do some hispanics/Spanish speakers sometimes answer the phone with “bueno?” that makes no sense at all.
  5. Jack Straw


    i creamed my pants
  6. Central Market makes a dark rye that is money. they don't always have it on hand, so i call ahead and when they do, pick up 2-3 loaves and keep the extras in the freezer. my GF makes damn good bread, but haven't been able to convince her to make Russian rye yet.
  7. some other pickle favorites of mine in addition to the Grillos ^the spicy bread and butter Antone's chips are awesome i always have about a half dozen different jars of pickled stuff in my fridge at any given time - beets, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, and of course cucumbers
  8. central market in austin carries them - they are one of my go to's
  9. absolutely. and that means every single Republican.
  10. we've needed to do that for a long time now, but yeah, i'm with you.
  11. I was just razzing you man, no worries. i don't know what DQ was like 4 years ago b/c I have really only been going to DQ with any regularity the last couple years or so b/c my GF lives pretty close to 2 of them. and as i have gotten older, store bought ice cream (other than Talenti which is mostly gelato) gives me a stomach ache - i think its one of the preservatives. so if I want ice cream I go to Tiny's, if I want gelato I go to Gemelli's, and if I want soft serve delicious treats, I go to DQ for the Blizzard. i also think the quality of DQ's vary from shop to shop. the one on Burnet Road is family run and it seems well run for a fast food joint.
  12. this guy does not fuck. "its terrible these days, I but haven't been to one in 4 years." K
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