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  1. Gap kid showed up on Surly. I think it was under the name Vincent Vega or something.
  2. how aggy of you when Baylor just won the championship.
  3. Lol you fear furries still exist.
  4. Sounded like every other press conference we've been excited about.
  5. Cosby didn't rape every woman he was alone with.
  6. One of my neighbors, a guy named Miles, stabbed and killed his mom this morning in Leander.
  7. Because it's always been so easy for Texas to make final fours... UT and Austin have always had these advantages and yet....one final four? The university, culture and resources might not be as important, or even at, as everyone thinks. There is no history here that says it's substantially easier to win shit at Texas.
  8. Thanks for parachuting in with your take Curt.
  9. Outside of LeBron, players are absolutely terrible GMs and should have zero say in picking a coach.
  10. Oh you think Wright has had some solid teams?
  11. lol ten minutes of research. as if those names haven't posted on this forum five thousand times with the exact info. but congrats on your research.
  12. I always thought Paige was one of the better written teenagers on a show. She behaved how I imagine someone would in her situation.
  13. JFC this. That this even has to be explained...
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