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  1. He was coming back regardless. A bunch of us kept warning the rest of you not to put CDC on this ridiculous pedestal you put him on.
  2. PilotsError

    Gym Pet Peeves

    Any of you follow Robert Frank on Instagram? He's been killing it since the gyms have closed down.
  3. I was watching some old Louis CK clips this morning and he had a thing about peanut allergies and if we all just put our hands over our eyes for a year we would um...cure the peanut allergy. I have to wonder if at some point we just make a hard call and say society is going to resume and whoever gets it and passes...passes.
  4. what do you want them to do? retype the whole thing back to you?
  5. yay, it's another round of "who's a robot?"
  6. Sorry, didn't mean to tell my nothing story. Thank you for immediately one upping me.
  7. Yeah they established Ford as THE authority. They haven't really explained Incite yet.
  8. Hotels that don't issue refunds for cancellations. Go fuck yourselves.
  9. If you want to conserve resources you raise the price. Not limit how many units people can buy. But there's too many "price gouging is evil" dipshits out there.
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