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  1. Some of you act like there's another league with coaches that no one has heard of, and only a "real" coaching search would uncover these never before known coaches. We know everyone, and if your criteria is sustained head coaching success at a P5, then there's like two realistic candidates.
  2. lol problem child. you're a dimwit if you don't think agents are paying for shit for Texas players.
  3. The average age of his viewer is 57. College kids watch him by the hundreds.
  4. Zach Lowe talked about the Spurs on his podcast today. He's also surprised certain lineups aren't being played. He thinks they should trade DD, or at least explore it.
  5. I can't think of one 18 year old that gives a fuck about Jimmy Fallon.
  6. What was in that trailer that was supposed to get me interested?
  7. That story will get more clicks than some X's and O's bullshit.
  8. No one on this board knows why Stoops quit.
  9. No one here is predicting Texas in the ccg.
  10. This is my first time watching Mitch Trubisky. Good God is he bad. His WRs must hate him.
  11. Rockets fans are talking about getting LMA over in their thread.
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