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  1. Sounds like a story you tell children to scare them. "Tonight it's the story of Vincent Karma and the bad children..."
  2. I know right? Imagine hiring Stoops or Riley lol.
  3. There's zero evidence of that.
  4. It was probably designed to solely elicit responses.
  5. You should be prepared for chaos even if there's no bad weather coming. It's called being a functional adult.
  6. Fans and coaches do not select the conferences. Presidents and boards do. And they select for financial reason and academic association. The idea that a school like Nebraska would leave for football reasons is beyond absurd. Just stop.
  7. I may have reached that level of maturity where a woman's kindness is more erotic than anything physical. Ugh.
  8. He might actually be a really great troll.
  9. What value are the refs going to add on most plays? How many controversial moments are there really?
  10. I completely forgot about this game. Having to wait two weeks is really stupid.
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