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  1. There was a death in our family, and my house is the hub for everyone in town. Woke up this morning and there were six boxes from the donut store and I went to get a donut and every box had either kolaches or pigs in a blanket or those those breakfast ham sandwiches. Not a damn donut in any of the six boxes.
  2. Nebraska and OU don't need to be in the same conference to play every year.
  3. I have a foot fetish, so that's kinda sexy.
  4. I thought those 80s style Lincoln Town Cars were limousines, so when I saw a family (or old person) who drove one I was in awe.
  5. I was thinking The Wonder Years, but there was something unique about that show that I don't think could be captured again.
  6. I always pictured David Duchovny when I read the Da Vinci Code.
  7. It's still absurd that there's no limit on neg rep. How much one can give, giving to the same poster, etc.
  8. Of course Surly has check out clerk white knights.
  9. Just watched Gaffigan's new two parter, Pale Tourist. It's funny if you're a Gaffigan fan, although the Canada one was funnier than the Spain one.
  10. PilotsError


    It had an opportunity to be one of the top tier shows, but pussying out when his sister was on the other side of the curtains collapsed the show.
  11. That is not the face of someone who is enjoying her decisions she's made in life.
  12. You can still walk up and pay, choose a seat there. Reserved seats are phenomenal.
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