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  1. Last night my daughter said her generation is going to be called Generation Zoom aka “Zoomers” because they are all using that tool for school etc.
  2. Can I post a pic of a nurse with big tits? Like this? Maybe she lives in Austin.
  3. It's been a challenge with my oldest. Our compromise is that we allow they to go.do.an outdoors activity like hike wild basin or enchanted rock. If they eat they have to bring their own food and they can't be in a car with another person other than family. Same sex groups only to minimize the risk of them getting too close. If those rules arent followed then they cant join. They have had a lot of picnics at zilker, played sand volleyball, or have gone on hikes. I'm sure we will get criticized here, but I feel it's a fair compromise.
  4. I saw what you did there. #BobbyWomack
  5. Man. Went to HEB. Had to wait in line for an hour - still no fucking paper towels. I wish trump would throw me some.
  6. Mother fucking zombies. I just lost a perfect alligator skin.
  7. Mountian Dew... or Crab Juice?
  8. First of all take care of yourself. Secondly. Post more.
  9. I took it as he stole a part of a painting for the corporate logo. Perhaps it’s a copyright case?
  10. Do any of them have boyfriends/girlfriends? We almost had a full on nuclear war when I banned the 15 year old from seeing her boyfriend because he runs around with his friends and his parents don’t care.
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