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  1. Because it's way more effective when it comes from inside your own house. The Ds could do it but it would just be brushed off. The media is you g a good job amplifing the Lincoln project because it is from.repubs.
  2. It will take a month or so - if they dont do anything by then you are going to start seeing evictions, missed revolving debt payments, auto defaults. You name it. But they still have a few weeks before the effects are truly felt
  3. I front loaded and played with your mom last night.
  4. I get your point. But I know 2 out of 3 of those exist. Albeit they are called Rutgers and SUNY
  5. Sucks for the players too. Eats up a year of eligibility.
  6. This is the line if thought I received my from trumper friends this am. They need to gaslight the deaths away asap..
  7. And some of y'all.were worried that he was going to course correct.... It's Trump. He can't help himself
  8. Nice little Robert E Lee dog whistle in the back.
  9. This guy on YouTube has some great videos explaining various features and the related historical context. https://www.youtube.com/c/StrangeManChannel
  10. I love that you do this. I was a pharm rep for about a year out of college and fucking quit. What a whore of a job. All they are are walking billboards. It's not fucking sales.
  11. I hear that this is the workaround for TEA on campus rules that most districts around here will implement. On campus Karens are going to be pissed
  12. I dont think he even has children. He is just here to be his usual unpleasant self.
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