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  1. Yes. I think they changed it to lower the backup on westbound westlake drive.
  2. Correct. served on a neighborhood board with her. She is awful
  3. Bitch where were you when I was walkin?
  4. Is it time to put blastfurnance 2023 to rest?
  5. I’m going to hell. I laughed at this.
  6. Fuck that. At this point I’m down for the T shirt
  7. Got a question for you RE people - I need to replace my roof, and I plan to sell in 12 months, assuming (and this is a big if) rates drop a bit. I got 2 quotes - 16K for asphalt shingle and 37K for metal. About 1/5 of the houses in the neighborhood have a metal roof. Understanding that we don't have to sell but are looking to downsize potentially, would we potentially be able to set a 21K higher selling price if we put in a metal roof? Is the potential return worth the extra cost?
  8. I’ve been watching this project on 360 for the last few months and I’m legit impressed at how these guys can do road work in this shit.
  9. I bet we get to 75 this year. Count on 30 in august (with one outlier to fuck everything up) and maybe 10 more through the end of September. But that could be conservative.
  10. 19 consecutive days of 100+ degree heat. Record in 27 consecutive days in 2011. If it’s going to be this hot for this long we better start breaking some damn records.
  11. I finished but didn’t beat melania until I used the bleed build. Couldn’t beat her with the sorceress I built.
  12. Yes. For several days. We had to turn on the AC in fucking December.
  13. Not arguing, completely agree. That said I hope we don’t get this again….. This picture of the bastrop fire still shocks me
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