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  1. Just go independent, let blow u go to the PAC where they belong, and let the rest of the shit12 crumble into an inferior version of the AAC, shitty officiating and all. It's not competence with the refs. It's the same turds every year, a bunch of losers from bumfuck places like Lubbock.
  2. I'm more worried about our piss poor offensive effort. Like 10 times went 3 and out is an absolute fucking joke.
  3. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Fuck Baylor Fuck Matt Rhule Fuck blow U too
  4. I was wrong, I guess no big12 teams gonna make the playoffs. Sweet!
  5. Fuck you fuck me fuck everybody
  6. This is my vote. This league is a clown show he fits right in
  7. Nice pop from the guy on the sideline out of bounds
  8. Comeback mode for blow U
  9. You look at Charlie Brewers over there and it just scares you to death
  10. I've never seen that garment for sale anywhere. He must have them custom made. Yeah I don't think they make hoodie short sleeve or smocks with the rape logo
  11. Lulz and you can get away with PI sweet
  12. Clean diesel. Change the world. Or just scam the emissions testing and sell dirty diesel cars that don't actually meet emissions. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a15339250/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-vw-diesel-emissions-scandal/
  13. Hate to tell ya, there's something worse bro. Semiholes. Tomahawks. Texas state - tier bros.
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