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  1. Good old Reggie. Let's see if this sounds familiar. 1. Aggy hypes him as A better QB than VY and Heisman front runner. 2. Almost lost to Barrak Nealy at Southwest Texas. 3. Goes to overtime with Baylor thanks to a 25 yard Todd Pegram Field goal, with :56 left in regulation to send it to overtime. (these were some terrible Baylor squads) 4. Captains the Aggy squad to a *Frantastic 5-5 before their match up with the eventual national champions. 5. Gets hurt for last two games. (see benched in favor of redshirt freshman Stephen McGee) The only QB they have had that did not go through this same exact circus in the last 20 years has been Manzheil. *Fran was their last dream boat. " HEY!! Look at agger people. we has too much monies. We's Buyin' you're corch Alabamer"
  2. I stole a xanie from my dog. Everything is going to be alright.
  3. About a year is safe for most large dogs. But a vet visit to make sure is never a bad idea. Protective instinct is different in most breeds. A fila for example, they have been known to show agression to outsiders as early as 5 months.
  4. I miss fatties annual visit before they beat Texas.
  5. There you go. That is the phrase that my dog vocabulary lacks. Bite work training. I don't want or need that. I want a good buddy who understands his place in the home as a confident family member. I appreciate your responses and lack of fila brasilero recommendations. Once i settle on a pup i will maybe start a thread to show him off.
  6. Thats the point in a GS to me. While naturally defensive and protective, it is not a bite first type of dog like the dogo, Malinois, etc etc. I don't want that type of dog. I want a family dog with protective instinct and confidence. But not a killing machine. A family member first. Regardless, training will be done. The effort that went into my bird dog and fat sleepy hound will go into the GS. However, I do think we will stop shy of full blown PPD. Again I want an imposing figure who is disciplined and well mannered but willing to defend his family. As an after thought to your previous post in this thread. I have seen a couple Dutch Shepherds and never knew what they were. Have always thought they were a really cool dog. But wasn't sure about their temperament. But I am going to look more into them.
  7. That's exactly why I was leaning towards the giant and doberman but mostly the giant. My wife was a surgery tech in a specialty vet clinic. Doing spinals, joint and bone repairs, etc etc. She is now a geologist, but harbors feelings that GSD's have more than their fair share of hip and health problems. That is truly the only reason they have been crossed off of the list.
  8. The number of people who reccomend such things in a serious manner are numerous. I will pass. Have known 2 chows. Mean mean animals. Both of them.
  9. I have considered an Airedale. Id like something a bit larger and less "terrier" but they are fine dogs. I am also considering a Doberman. But there is something about the GIant Schnauzer that I like a lot. Maybe its because you dont see them every day. Caucasian shepherds, akitas, filas etc are a bit much dog. At least in respect to aggression. I prefer history over mythology. German dog named Arminius will do well. It will most certainly end up in a 100lbs dog being called "mini"
  10. I put my kid on a card from my credit union with a 400 dollar max in both of out names. She was 14. She is 20 now and has credit score over 700. She was always responsible with it. And if she hadnt been, she would have lost that privilege. Also, the 400 dollar max keeps the damage they can do to an absolute minimum. Last year when she went to buy a mew car she was able to do it on her own with a 4.9% interest rate. Yes do it.
  11. I too was 11 or 12 at the time. Hated that dog and still know his name 30 years later. Spike. But spike was the result of poor dog ownership. A socialization issue.
  12. I have only interacted with one giant. But he was a highly trained dog that was almost to the point in his training where he was going to be deployed to a prison for riot control purposes. The only other schnauzer I have been around was a standard who left me with a scar on my right leg. He was an asshole. I have seen giants in person and they seem very pleasant and sharp.
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