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  1. true, but he's even worse. This is to get the NAACP(K)* off their back. A publicity stunt to win back the 5% of the fan base who are upset at the faux racism. * National Association for the Advancement of Colin Kapernick.
  2. is this happening to appease the Al Sharpton types who have been using CK for political purposes?
  3. looks like him , with the gaunt expressionless bloodless face. Also complicating the Nazi comparison, he's Jewish.
  4. to blame Carter for the Soviet invasion and not to blame the actual Soviets - now that's rich.
  5. The Soviets had no justification to invade Afghanistan. Seems you are justifying that and ignoring the Afghan catastrophe. Carter did not "bring that war to pass", 100% of that blame is on the Soviets, US meddling in Afghan politics aside.
  6. the USSR invaded , murdered 1.5 million Afghan civilians, and the US rightfully helped the Afghan civilian militias to resist. I commend Carter for that effort and the continuation of the same project under Reagan.
  7. have to consider game conditions. Suppose Hurts had a twisted ankle and the OU kicker can't make anything greater than 30?
  8. Kick XP on first make first, miss second, lose 100% of the time (happens 6.7%) Miss first miss 2pt conversion (52.5%) - lose 100% (happens 93.3% x 52.5% = 49% ) make 2pt conversion (47.5%) go to overtime, lose 50% of the time (happens 44%) So if you kick the first XP you're winning 44% of the time and losing 56% of the time. ======= what about the scenario where they make the XP first and go for 2 on the 2nd TD? Is that 0.93333 x 0.475 ? This is what teams normally do.
  9. the damn OT needs to be 15 minutes with each team getting a possession.
  10. the savior of the bench, Kenneth Faried, has signed with a Chinese team.
  11. NowThis

    AP Top 25

    Baylor has a shot vs. OU. See recent history at Waco 2017, Baylor went 1-11 that year, the only win vs. 1-11 Kansas! Baylor lost at home to OU 49-41. 2015 Baylor a very good 10-3 , lost to 11-2 OU 44-34 2013 Baylor 11-2 beat an 11-2 OU team 41-12 ! Damn. UT hasn't beaten OU that bad since VY or ever maybe. 2011 Baylor 10-3 beat 10-3 OU 45-38
  12. needs to be replaced asap. Have no idea why he was drafted that high, nothing special about him + college injuries.
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