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  1. might be.. i viewed this vid of Young vs. Clemson and it was actually Left Tackle #79 Jackson Carman ( only a FR ironically from Ohio!) doing the bulk of the work vs. Young. Anchrum #73 only had him for a few plays when Young lined up on the other side.
  2. Hurts plays his last game in Alabama. That Clemson OL Anchrum did a very good job vs. Chase Young. Anchrum might go high.
  3. the Youtube guy is Shawn Woods, a really creepy looking guy, but has practical videos. He says everything is the "best ever trap" so be careful. The best is the bucket and trap plank where they drown. Here is a clever one from 500 years ago
  4. thanks for that... found this one. The women are not exactly the same.
  5. really looks statuesque here. Movie quality pose.
  6. Bernie lied about the Warren thing, easily guilty by his prolific defensive statements. Trying to discourage Liz from running, back in 2018, but no one died when Bernie lied.
  7. Harden almost did a Vanderbilt from the arc. I'm sure CP3 is so happy tonight. Damn 41-20 in Q4 is just unacceptable. 3 more years of this guys and Houston won't be relevant until 2030.
  8. and the Big12 was 1-5 in bowls, so the exotic stuff failed.
  9. what are their main draft needs?
  10. Mahomes is what Kyler Murray was in high school, big time comebacks.
  11. Honey Badger has an aura of can't lose, even though SF is a more talented team. Hard to say. Will be rooting for KC.
  12. Rodgers, Brees, Brady... it's been a great ride
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