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  1. You don’t know what I’m implying? Democratic states suddenly open up for business the week 46 is inaugurated? You know exactly what I’m implying. My earlier gold would be saying we should be locking down air space way before we did.
  2. I do remember. I also remember places that were closed up for business suddenly relaxing indoor dining& bar restrictions after 1/20. Like DC, Minnesota, Illinois, etc But now that there’s been 150k deaths in 2.5 months, we need to be following the science. And we seem to be doing the opposite. This disease is as deadly as its ever been. Why is Cali, MN, NY etc allowing fans into games?! They just killed meemaw
  3. My wife not snapping the passenger seat window visor back into the little clip leaving it bouncing
  4. Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to hit your hazards if you’re getting pulled over. At least you’re acknowledging the cops are behind you and you’re going to drive to a parking lot or under lights for everybody’s safety. Pepper spray someone directly to the face who’s clearly not drugged up or threatening is uncalled for. No ifs, ands or buts. Every good cop just face palmed the shit out of themselves after watching that
  5. Politics aside, I had a great vacation in Florida these last few weeks and didnt once think I was getting the B1.1.7. If you want to talk about maskless-pick on Georgia.
  6. Yep. But also just eating in a restaurant for the first time in a year can break a big barrier to getting back to normal for some.
  7. Agriculture gets subsidies. Therefore, agriculture is subject to government control. The government is the people. Therefore, agriculture is subject to the control of the people. The people have seized the means of agricultural production. Great, now you've gone and done it... What it he grows his own crop?
  8. The new BK one is shit. It has a “spicy” sauce mixed with I think Mayo. Soggy mess if you don’t eat right away and the spicy sauce has no taste. Chicken is better than what their older spicy chicken was but that bar was set pretty low. Saved you a trip
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