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  1. How cool would an app be and have America vote for like 30 seconds after the dunk? Then get the average precise number and that’s the guys score.
  2. Could be an all timer for the wives thread
  3. It’s only shitty because you’re being called an inconsiderable asshole in it. Same situation here
  4. Or in my wife’s Amazon cart: $6,498.58
  5. Gordon says he’s done. The dunk contest needs some new judging. No more former players. Get some thick skinned dudes who aren’t afraid to deduct a point after missing the first attempt.
  6. i cant stop watching it he pretty much catches it blindly because hes already started his 360
  7. Catching it one handed, off the backboard with all momentum away from the ball while doing a 360? thats as close to NBA jam as Ive ever seen in this.. and he made it look flawless through the air. Smoothest dunk ever.
  8. It was. That was nba jam razzle dazzle
  9. Gotta have a 9 in there... weve seen that one
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