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  1. Lowest death count for a day since March 24 That sucks about the broadway guy... I’ve never heard of him but kept tabs on him since the Coronavirus sub would always post update articles. Poor dude never caught a break and had some serious issues leading up to his death
  2. I’ve been to Myrtle beach a few times and its 90% Ohio license plates that aren’t SC plates, and we know how popular Ohioans are on here
  3. And the suitcase will remain in your closet and or bedroom until November when it’s time for holiday cleaning
  4. So the Epstein doc was 50 shades of fucked up
  5. You’re right. It’s just something to look at. I do think alot of cases went undetected tho
  6. Hmm, even though I’ve said it’s serious?
  7. It’s not my ideal scenario because college football is meant for fall..but March madness+ conference championships or college football playoff games on the same day would make up for 2020
  8. Very underestimated meme. Becoming one of my favorites
  9. When your family blood lines are 100% pure bad ass, you survive anything.
  10. That first one was pretty boring. Does it get better?
  11. So what are we looking at in nutshell? Leveling/down: Houston/corpus Still going up: Dallas/Austin/SA?
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