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  1. Looks like Spain’s starting to curve.. 5085 reported today. Down 1800 from the day before
  2. Sports is the big one Return to everyday life Eating out (doing dishes every other day is getting old) Go to parks with kids
  3. No shit. The fuck did joe do to go out like that
  4. This draft I feel is going to be a welcome sense of normalcy and morale. Also it’s gonna have an 80s/90s feel to it which is going to be awesome if they do it with war rooms/ phone calls to the headquarters with the pick. Hopefully no schefters getting tipped on picks so he can tweet them out
  5. Fuck he had some good ones. John Deere green and new way to light up an old flame are 2 of my all time faves.
  6. America: we’re gonna get owned India: hold my beer
  7. Today I was told by my 4 yr old that she’s no longer our daughter so I told her we’re going to go drop her off at a random persons house. Quickly changed her tune Glad to see at 5 they don’t grow out of it
  8. Closing in on worldometers GMT reset. In terms of deaths, almost down 300 from yesterday Also down ~1300 new cases Not a good day for Illinois +700 from yesterday Ny, Louisiana and Washington St recorded less cases by at least over 100. Hopefully mitigation numbers will help even more
  9. Excavatooooooooooor excavatoooooooor hey dirt see ya later! One thing about blippi vs other YouTube kid show “stars”.... he doesn’t have a 7 year old screaming into the camera
  10. Hopefully Italy is starting its plateau. The graph has angled to the right a tick..which is good
  11. Nj is more ny than a majority of ny. And no other area in the country is even close to the density than that particular region
  12. Let’s not forget, and I know weve talked about this on here already, is what’s a true COVID death or what’s a true heart disease, diabetes whatever death? Who knows how many who died yesterday had 1 foot in the grave that just so happened to contract covid. In a normal world we would never have heard about these deaths because they don’t have a daily death count we’re now accustomed to. As where we stand as a world, we’re at a death total of 30k people. On paper it’s a lot. In reality it’s still only 2/3 of my home town in central Minnesota in the entire world
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