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  1. Shit that was close! Australia comes in third lol
  2. I faintly remember a second heavy duty battery for ego mowers was north of a few hundred if you want another on standby. I have Kentucky blue grass on my yard, like 145Lx85w, basic square lot. The only time I wasn’t able to make it through was in the morning once when the lawn was real Dewey. I either used too much self propel or the blades were working extra hard to cut through the wet heavy grass that morning. If you don’t self propel, you can buy yourself extra charge, but it’s handy on some inclines and it’s 90 degrees out Monkey doughnut brings up an excellent point about electric motors…they fold like a cheap blouse and can stick them up against the wall for next time. That’s real slick. And they’re quiet(er) than your average gas mower if you want to mow in that “asshole neighbor on a Saturday morning “ time slot
  3. That’s a double edged sword….what could said for Sam could also be said for herp but for 2 totally different reasons
  4. Let’s not forget she also bejeweled the GOAT on her leotard. https://images.app.goo.gl/K95mDcwx254udLAz9 In a meme era where one GOATS themselves, they better try to follow through with it and not bow out because of mental issues. Like one said a month from now, we’re not going to care. But this is a what she’ll probably be remembered for. Especially if she can’t compete in individuals Individual Olympic GOATS like Phelps and Ussain Bolt always came through when the bright lights were on and the world watching.
  5. I think my ego mower is powerful…but if it’s cutting through heavy thick grass full of dew in the morning, it might work harder and you won’t get through the job. I can cut through very tall weeds on the other side of my fence pretty easily but the mower may overwork more
  6. I drove through Gainesville on I75 a few months ago so ask me anything.
  7. I bought a EGO mower from Home Depot last year. For my yard without any leaves to deal with, it’s slick just having to pop a fully charged battery in and go. Love not having to deal with gas, oil, pull strings. Ryobi battery powered weed eater is what I use for trimming. If you have thick grass or lots of leaves, may need to invest in another battery to swap out
  8. Be thankful you didn’t need to mask up when it was flirting with record temps of 95 in late March. Everywhere. Can’t wait to go back without the mask. Thinking about going again in March. That place was awesome. My wife made a45 min family video collage a few days ago. Watching it gives me the urge more and more. It’s fun being a kid again haha
  9. An all white alliance based just on their skin nicknamed the blizzard would burn CBS to the ground
  10. That’s what it was. I mean yea they should be riding ROTR for spending that kind of cheddar.
  11. Ah. Perks of being one of the highest paid talking heads on tv. I was reading something about ROTR tours were now getting to ride the ride without having to do the lottery. Those tours were like 3-7 grand for 4 hours depending how much of a baller you were. Sweet jorts
  12. Our only shot is if Russ Tyler and his boys can get to Tokyo to teach them how to play like the real team USA.
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