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  1. I can not really see down their but I can put a picture
  2. Ido'nt know what kine of Egg's they are but they are jucy also are any of you doctor's because I was scratchen at my in-seam and their was lot's of blood on my finger and now their is a black hole on my ballsac
  3. I got a new ad vertizement it is Arby Got The Meat's Chad Got The Egg's
  4. Yeah lol some body Fucken in their for sure I put out meat's for them at night but their hiden during the Day times
  5. You're eredtion is you're owned business gaylord
  6. Bitch I went to a collage suck my retnum
  7. Hello I know I have not had egg's for sell for a while I havenet had any but more I have cum across and now I am ready to offer you egg's I have started a egg's farm so I have plenty so if u want some for Thankgivings our CHRIST-mes our Kwanza HMU and I can get you all the egg's u want they are jucy
  8. why do'nt you eat my dangle string bean
  9. Hello i know u haven't herd from me in quiet some times but anywa's me and Carl had a badass idea and that was too build a Hot Tub well we got our hole all dug and Carl come back with some bag's of QuickCreat anyways Long Story's Short he threw a bag of QuickCreat on my crotch and it crush one of my nut's . Well it is swole like a cantalope and there is some juice coming out so I went to the Care Clinic at the CVS and this Persean lady tole me I need to go to the Hospital and they might have too cut it off well my question is if one is for pee and one is for cum how do I know witch one is witch
  10. This was my regular anes the 2econd anes only poops out yellow jueice and some time blood
  11. Well anyways what starter this was me and Carl was tryna figure out if you stick a big enough pipe in you're Anes and fart is it silent . We have not found a proper pipe do you know what size for a anes
  12. listen dick ball's nobody ask you why don't u go fuck ur mom oh wait I already did I'm the anes
  13. Also base ball is fagety all these homo's standen around in butt tight pant's if you like base ball you also like man's ball's
  14. they are going too have too prey extra hard on Sunday
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