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  1. Also they charge me with Shop Lifting not Theft . But it can't be shop Lifting if it isnt for Sell
  2. Hey well I dont know if you heard already but we been having some Family trouble's . I have recently been Detain and Arrested by the Police for shop lifting at the United . But this is bull shit for several reasons here let me explain to you why this is bull shit. 1 .First off I had only been in the bathroom not the rest of the Store 2. Second off what I allegably only stole was the toilet paper that was already in that bathroom . 3. Its bullshit first if all because it can't be stealing because they put it out their for everybody to use as they need . There is no Posted Notice that there is a limit 4 Second what if A Person has some kind of emergency because of an exceptional size turd or their is a ton of gravy or some other Medical Issue that is not available to be said because of Hippa . It is a right to keep that a secret So do I have a good Case they wan't me too Please but I dont know what that is . I have too go to Court tomorrow

    A Joke

    we thought my mom's got the Chinavirus but turn out she got a bad carton of gold crest's . got a coupon and didn't have too send them back so now she has double thanks Donald Trump

    A Joke

    too be honest me and Carl got our own place a walago and too tell u the truth that mother fucker smell . Not the Normal black smell but something different like grape? Anyway yeah we just been chillin like usual tryna keep this noodle wet u know what I mean lol

    A Joke

    This guy goes to doctor the doctor says you have Aides the doctor writes him instructions drink a quart of prune juice eat 4 x lax cook a pot of pinto beans. The guy says will that cure me of Aides he says no but it will give you a good understanding of why God gave you a asshole!!!!
  6. That sucks because if they have a nother Olympics in four years they will spend alot of time on Memorials and shit and fewer time on weird sport's they have in other Places. The Opening Ceremony gonna be long as my dong
  7. Many of my oil's are Food Grade and can be used in this manner provided you are Biblical marry
  8. Hello I am an Oil's Sellsmen please visit http://www.legitimatebusinessenterpise.biz/
  9. Me and Carl and Carl Dad we borrowed a backho from ABR and we dug up a Bunker today we have about 100 bags of QuickCrete getting delivered to make walls . But we do'nt know how to make a roof yet
  10. Back in the Day's of Yoar the kid's would have been picking wheats or whatever and that's less dangerous than school because you can't get sick picking wheats only run over by a combine
  11. Really it would probaly be better if it was Kid's dying from it because they don't really have lifes they have to live yet just school
  12. It's it just Asiens getting this Sickness or is it every body . I have a roll of duck tape and some plastic drop cloths to put around my windows in case a emergency
  13. I can not really see down their but I can put a picture
  14. Ido'nt know what kine of Egg's they are but they are jucy also are any of you doctor's because I was scratchen at my in-seam and their was lot's of blood on my finger and now their is a black hole on my ballsac
  15. I got a new ad vertizement it is Arby Got The Meat's Chad Got The Egg's
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