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  1. Thank You . She died when Inwas in a comma from Co-vid I have pictures I will find them it was on the Couch when I woke up
  2. i love all of You My Brother’s i Found my Mothers Dead Body
  3. Thank You I have been away for a while I am glad u are Thinking about me I was in a comma for a while
  4. Trust me take it with a gray assault but i use to work at a hospital and all them dudes was r*etatds
  5. it would give you a good way to start a egg’s business . the girl one’s can make the egg’s ace the boy ones can find u Money with which i c an purchase Crow food
  6. yeah when did they teach them that .
  7. Its the Goverment so it will be like when they finally told us about the Alien’s we will know the truth but in 100 year’s because of the lobbyist
  8. lol how r u gonna steal a Crow dumass
  9. My moms Husband Monty worked Vendor Machines when he was in Gatesville . They were not allow to have rock’s So i do not see how that would work .
  10. It was probaby hard to use Vendor Machine’s back then . because of all the rocks a Coke is 4 Rock’s no way . To heavy for the Machine


    all of a sudden since I have been awake again I notice lot’s of Video’s where Crow’s are smart . And they can bring you money . They could not before
  12. My mom died after having the Vaccine .
  13. God damn man you can’t call them jews no more
  14. I had it for two year’s I got it from a Chinese Person Uncle Joe Biden need to close the border’s . They come to make us sick on porpoise and make us Communist , and they make all the battery’s so it isn’t good . I heard the goverment said it was made in a Lab there . Because Biden gave them the recipe .
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