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  1. if u have Dollar's go to a Bank they are required by Law to change them off U ask
  2. U could buy a bunch of Sackofwega dollars and melt the Gold off and make jewrely and sell it
  3. First he was O J was declare Innocent the glove did not fit judge had to let him go so i suggest you check your fact's bitch
  4. How quick do U need money I know this one Dude that makes a shit ton of $$ driving Illegal's to Oklahoma and then when he drop's them off he also rob's them
  5. Are You a good swimmer if so You can go to a Pool and go to the deep end and act like your drownding but when the Lifeguard swim's out to save You make it so He can not get you and then when He start's to drowned You can be like I'll save Him and then save Him and you can sue the Pool in Court for Mental Distress
  6. what ever you do do not sell oil's You will not make any money . you will however sloter coot only all the Oil's Chic's are obetse
  7. You could start Face Book but for Animal's but it would need to have some way for them to type with there paws
  8. me and My Boys is all way's out hustlin and coming up with Idea's for Turn Key Operation's and well . You can have this one for free . First u put a ad in the paper that say's I WILL BUY YOU'RE PON TICKETS and put you're Phone # . Then u wait for Them to call . And u buy there Pon tickets for cheap . Then u go and buy there stuff from the Pon Shop . And then u sell it in Face Book
  9. one time i found this Golden Pen on the floor and I told this Chic name Britany what would u do for it . And she said Let me ask Her friend and then she said We will both Blow u . But I only had one Golden Pen so only Britany got one . I got too touch her friend but t hole to but turn out they had to go to church so I did't cum but they both knew about it because they We're both there when it happen
  10. There is a Law pass by Greg Abbot that said u can shoot them if They come in your Property
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