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  1. I like Joey and was hoping I could root for him in the playoffs for another team. But fuck the Yankees. He'll probably hit .340 and break all kinds of records now.
  2. I want me some relic'ed golf clubs that look like they were played by Jack Nicklaus.
  3. Distribution of the few decent things I would watch is a total shitshow.
  4. The Big 8 was a shit conference. OU and Nebraska at their peak and a bunch of doormats, most of the time. it should have been the other way around, SWC absorbing part of the 8. But the cheating scandals by so many schools doomed them.
  5. If the NFL cared about safety they wouldn't have extended the season with a pandemic still lurking. They care about money and messaging, even when it's total bullshit.
  6. Fecals still have time to pull out yet another offseason win.
  7. Definitely the most credible and convincing theory to a Cowboys path to Superbowl so far.
  8. Camp out in downtown Austin, I hear it's real popular these days.
  9. You can get a good rig well under that price range. Pick a Nikon or Canon body that you like, then get one of a few models of long zoom lenses that have become really popular for birding photograph that range around 150mm-600, by Nikon, Sigma or Tamron. All good lenses and pretty close in price. I'm a Nikon guy and I often use a D7500 with the Nikon 200-500mm zoom. That combo would run a shade over 2 grand and will do just fine for a long time. The Sigma and Tamron lenses are a bit cheaper. If you want to spend a little less you can get a factory refurb camera body, but I would probably recommend a brand new lens. I normally use a D500 which is a bit higher end camera, faster frame rate and a bit more advanced AF, but I haven't been using it because I have taken tons of sports and wildlife photos with it and it needs some attention, dust spots I haven't been able to blow off and controls are a bit sticky. I also have a more expensive lighter weight 500mm lens I use a lot, but the 200-500 will do just about as well in most cases and you also have the shorter range to work with, it's just a good bit heavier to carry around.
  10. A couple of decades at least, as far as the major labels doing it. I seem to remember the first Fender "custom shop" vintaged strats somewhere in the 90s. Looked like they took a fork to them and poked them a bunch of times.
  11. aggy would certainly resist giving up their traditional conference rival, South Carolina.
  12. Only thing I know for sure, regardless of what happens, is fuck aggy.
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