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  1. I finally put the Wilkinson Gibson style tulip tuning keys on my $50 90s Epiphone Les Paul Jr P90 and strung it up. It sure plays good, except for a slightly worn low E slot in the nut that makes it buzz a bit when played open. No biggie. I dig it.
  2. I"ve been kinda wondering if this were pretty much an ideal time to hit some pawn shops for deals. Nice one!
  3. Aren't they already down to about $60 per year with the first "please come back" offer? Mine, that came with the newer car, is going to run out soon. I never listen to it. The only thing it was good for was sports, if you could find the damn channel while driving and not kill anyone. I would consider about $20 per year, but even then probably wouldn't be worth it. I wish they wouldn't waste space and resources in cars. Surely, something much better will come before too long.
  4. Stream Nikon online photography courses for free during the month of April. https://www.nikonevents.com/us/live/nikon-school-online/ I may check out the music video making course if my shitty internet can stream it properly, and finally have a clue about proper DSLR video.
  5. It isn't a debate. It never was. It's just goofball message board fodder, regardless of ones opinion of Dak's value. It just is what it is.
  6. Some birds from the last couple of weeks. Birding has been really slow this month with the weird weather and weird stuff going on. Still gotta get outside once in a while.
  7. And from what I saw I really don't think Hollywood has a firm grasp on what a supporting actor is.
  8. I caught the last hour or so last night. It was better than I would expect, not being a fan of Tarantino movies of the last 20 years or so. Then I caught it again from the beginning and I was pretty bored, sorta faded out for most of it. Seems like it could have been a good 90 minute flick.
  9. They may not even play double-digit games this season. You never know.
  10. The 5-2 sounds awesome. Could be especially handy for playing through a Vox amp.
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