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  1. Cousin Virgil episode always gets to me. I relate to a lot of that.
  2. The move that ruined both the music and TV industries in one fell swoop.
  3. Oh yeah, I bet they were.
  4. As I explained back then, yes, he did back in his very early days, but switched way back. He has since coached in 4-3 systems, but not as the DC with his own scheme. Prior to those jobs, his run of success as a DC had pretty much faded badly.
  5. i brought this up after Nolan was named DC and suggested the Cowboys were likely to commit the same blunder as the big flounder did, by scrapping the old d and transitioning to a predominantly 3-4 style that would take years to stock up with the right players. It was not a popular observation, but seems like a correct one.
  6. I got some of this today and started munching on it. It's really good. It's very similar to the Queso Muenster, but without the spicy outside edge.
  7. The Mexican style cheeses at my store are between the packaged grated cheeses and the sliced cheeses, up on a higher shelf. They're sort of separated from the other block cheeses. They're all kind of jammed in their together so they don't all show up real well. I had to dig around a bit to find the Menonita.
  8. My hope for the D is that the Vikings continue to suck at a level that gets Mike Zimmer fired so the Cowboys can bring him in as next year's DC.
  9. Even more massive considering the Cowboys are generally one of the biggest NFL ratings winners.
  10. It was both lucky and well played by the Cowboys. I don't think the kicker meant it to be quite that shallow a kick, it took a good roll when it looked like it might not get 10 yards. But that's the nature of onssides kicks. The odds are always against the kicking team and it takes a favorable bounce or roll or a bad handle to work. The rule changes made the ideal way to get one change, but teams are adapting and trying different methods. That's just good football.
  11. Doesn't seem worth harping on to me. The big issue should be, "how could you you possibly blow a three TD lead...again...when McCarthy was doing his damnedest to help you not do that?
  12. It was wedged between a bunch of rusty saw blades and they had to chain it to a car to drag it out of the flooded basement.
  13. My wannabe bass player non-guitar playing buddy has a blue MIM strat he got long ago. At some point it got some cleaning chemicals on it or something from somewhere, made the finish bubble up in a most unnatural and unappealing way. He's had it hanging in a store on consignment for a good while, but ain't nobody gonna buy that shit for a price worth selling it for. He has thought about letting the local guitar building guy relic it out, it's the kind of shit he does. I told him he should just take some fine sandpaper to it and buff the top coat off until the gloss and the bubbling is gone, it would probably look way cool.
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