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  1. Yeah, definitely a top choice for bassists. How about the All-Douche Band? guitar: Jack White bass: Waters drums: Lars lead singer: pretty much pick one
  2. Can it be James Hetfield? That guys a giant douche. I thought about Hammett at first, but I feel there must be a higher level of douche. If it were for drummers, Lars would definitely be a first round pick. Hetfield, I dunno...seems to have brief moments of regular guy-ness.
  3. And Monte was giving free facebook shows during the the pandemic for months. Kind of a goofball, nerdy ADHD OCD guitar player, but not a douche.
  4. Joe is too quiet to be at that douche level. And I have never met him personally, but his people have been really good to me, just some nobody, with getting me photo passes to his shows and stuff.
  5. So who would be the fourth member of mount douchemore along with Joe, John and Jack White? Not sure there's another obvious one as those three. Dave Navarro, maybe?
  6. How many days until the Ranger are eliminated from playoff contention?
  7. Naw, as long as you don't hang around long. I had that great horned owl nest here last year and I would sneak by every week or so. But I would probably be an asshole to get my first barn owl shots.
  8. Those would go over great on the Birds Of Texas facebook group, as well as a lot of your bird photos.
  9. I remember way back when Joe was barely heard of, he was one of the most self-promoted guitar players in the planet. He had an advanced website when most players didn't even have websites. He seemed like he marketed his own way into the limelight. He is a really good player, and I love the stuff he did with Glenn Hughes in Black Country Communion where he showed a different side. Otherwise, he always seemed like kind of a douche and his solo gigs don't do much for me. Having said all that, he has a way better guitar collection than me and is a far better player by light years than I'll ev
  10. I would definitely rather see Joe than Jonny Lang.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/Mediocreguitarplayermagazine/
  12. Pretty much true, it has consistently gone that way. The only possible question is whether the 'rona might drag on much further, or if interest in the NFL has peaked already and might flatten out.
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