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  1. "Intake testing process" seems like more of a Josh Hamilton era thing.
  2. Schedule should keep the Rangers mathematically in playoff contention until mid August.
  3. It's one of those "how the hell is this guy famous?" type deals.
  4. Lots of reviewers complain about the intonation issue with bridge length, but hard to beat for the money.
  5. I'm not sure the same complainers would think "Americans" is any less racist.
  6. BTW, this is on ESPN2 now. Fry's kid has a good voice. He doesn't sound that much like his Dad and doesn't seem to be trying to, which I give him a lot of credit for.
  7. These are from a couple of weeks ago, driving to a birding spot with limited walking. My knees are a lot better now, but catching up on fence work and dealing with the heat and lack of bird action is still stomping a mudhole in my photo activity.
  8. Maybe ESPN should switch to music full time.
  9. I'm not sure he would want a narrow neck. Probably better for short fingers, but not for fat fingers. Lots of small-handed people are great guitar players. From my own experience, fat fingertips pose a greater challenge.
  10. Tough one. I would probably bring back Jim Morrison, just so I could kill him off again.
  11. Progressive's loser sign spinner guy makes me almost yearn for Flo.
  12. What two trees do they mate to produce hybrid wood offspring?
  13. Come to think of it, I don't think I have a white one, either.
  14. I've seen a few people on fecebook posting pics of their red, white and blue guitars together. It made me realize the glaring weakness in my guitar pron game. Of my 20-something guitars I don't have a single blue one, and blue is my favorite color.
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