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  1. I'm still shopping for a solid Tremolo pedal. Can't seem to make up my mind. I've considered everything from the cheapass behriger and Dano Tuna Melt to the TC Pipeline, which is about the most I would think about spending for this effect. Cheap is good, but I want a quality pedal, no ciicking sounds. I'm not going to gig and it probably won't move much, but I want something that will hold up. Regardless of whether I will buy it or not, this demo cover of Julia at the beginning of this is pretty awesome. Seems like a good value for a pedal, but I don't like the top side jack in and output for the pedalboard.
  2. Live At AUTF's Apartment I'd tune in for that.
  3. I don't know if Canon has the same thing in its custom picture settings, but what the feck is "clarity" supposed to do, if anything? Yeah, maybe I need to make my pics look foggier.
  4. Of all the commercials with the just OK theme, this is probably the least shitty one.
  5. Dr. Pepper tailgate commercial does not suck, well executed. "She uses propane!" "It tastes the same to me." "What?!?"
  6. Bullet is better than Affinity, imo, because of the string-through body setup. The price of the Bullet is one of the best values ever.
  7. I really love the Squier Bullet Telecaster I keep handy for impromptu jamming, and it can be had for $129 ish at musiciansfriend or GC. They even have a girly red one available. Then you can put some money into a decent amp.
  8. I tried flipping the plate on one of my Donner pedals, but it made the rubber mash against the electronic parts inside, so that was a no-go.
  9. I've been wanting a decent Tremolo pedal to add to it all, but I can't make up my mind and pick one and get it.
  10. My power supply is an old Boss PS5 with rubber base, but so far it's sticking. I just don't try to move it much. I have a couple of other Boss pedals stashed away that I might use at some point. I kinda like the small form pedals, though.
  11. Mostly little poors pedals, Donner, Mooer, mostly with rubber or foam rubber bases. Even my EHX pedals have rubber feet on them that sit up higher than the hunk of velcro would, making them essentially unstickable.
  12. DougO

    Echo in the Canyon

    A serious Beach Boys documentary is way past due. It would be an epic undertaking, but it's amazing that a serious filmmaker hasn't taken it on the way it really should be done, there's so much material there to explore both musically and just the total weirdness that permeates the entire story of the whole band through the ages. The Endless Harmony doc was a decent stab at it back in the previous millennium, but it still just scratches the surface.
  13. I just thought the personal stories they chose kinda sucked.
  14. i finally bought a store-bought pedalboard, but it's just been a pain in the ass so far. Velcro stuff doesn't stick to the pedals, shit just falls off while I'm trying to figure out where stuff where it needs to be. Now I have more space than ever taken up by loose pedals and pedal related crapola.
  15. Yes. These are "limited edition" because they stopped making Lake Placid blue one of their regular colors and replaced it with something very similar, plus one or two other minor details. Players Series replaced the MIM Standard a year or two ago.
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