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  1. I would have won money betting that Cam would revert from fantasy SuperCam circa 2018 to reality Cam 2021.
  2. Terence Steele was placed on the covid list and won't play on Thursday. Probably not a big dropoff, if any, maybe an improvement with Collins starting. But Collins only played three snaps vs the Raiders with Tyron healthy on the left side. Dallas certainly can't afford any injuries at tackle.
  3. What they need now is a blu ray release with a running commentary track with Paul and Ringo.
  4. I think you meant rubbing salt in old wounds.
  5. I'm still stuck with DirectTV because streaming here is just not viable for regular viewing and can't get any kind of cable. I wouldn't mind paying the price as much if there was content, but every previously useful network has pretty much gone to crapola. I just have pretty basic stuff now, but I gotta have a decent share of sports options and Turner Classic. There's free preview premium stuff going on now, but there's nothing on it I really want to watch. Still, fuck AT&T for screwing up so much formerly decent stuff. Their customer service is horrendous.
  6. It cracks me up how they keep recycling clips of early era hot and fit Lily, as if nobody would notice.
  7. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Yet I have a couple of Beatlemaniac friends that were really disappointed, said they had a hard time getting through it. Now I'm wondering if the watched the original Let It Be movie by mistake. I don't know when I will watch it. I wish they would announce a hard copy media release. I may have to just wait...or if nothing else stoop to nefarious means in order to get a copy.
  8. In my olds era now I tend to want a Strat to be like a classic Strat, Tele like a Tele. If I want humbuckers i grab something with a more classic humbucker heritage.
  9. True, I used to put Seymour Duncan Hot Rails in my Strats. Lots of good options out there.
  10. I can't say for certain since I haven't bought a Strat that was made in the last several years, but I believe that at least the Mexico Fenders are all made with routes that will fit humbuckers underneath the pickguard. Just checked Musiciansfriend and they have some Players series strats on sale for $700. I always liked the look of the blue burst, a few differnet colors. GC likely has the same deal. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/fender-player-stratocaster-hss-plus-top-maple-fingerboard-limited-edition-electric-guitar
  11. https://slickdeals.net/f/15423868-fender-limited-edition-player-stratocaster-or-telecaster-electric-guitars-lake-placid-blue-549-each-free-s-h-at-adorama?src=SiteSearchV2Algo1 https://www.adorama.com/fe0144570002.html?sdtid=15423868&emailprice=t&sterm=QpNXNswcSxyIUUqUip0cnwyTUkG2GzQVLwawXM0&utm_source=rflaid62905
  12. If I used wireless buds for working I would have to buy a new pair every week for losing one.
  13. You could always buy the Adorama Strat and a pickguard with a humbucker slot.
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