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  1. This isn't a rivalry. Never has been.
  2. This entire conference needs to be fired into the sun. Texas included.
  3. Iowa is playing in the B10CG to answer your question, flatdawgs.
  4. Good for you. You just seem especially loquacious tonight. Granted it's been a great day of football.
  5. Over/under how many drinks Nicole has had. Going 6.5.
  6. Hey maybe cover #18. Just a thought.
  7. I now have more faith in the pokes.
  8. I know it's tied but I think I have less faith in the pokes now than I do before the game started.
  9. The more of these I see the more amazing it is to me how osu beat them by like 30 in 2011.
  10. This would be ugly if okie jr. could get home on a sack.
  11. Oh Jesus. Already not making crucial plays.
  12. Ah - right. Wonder if they can give Michigan a decent game.
  13. Was wondering - does that put Minny in the B10CG?
  14. Y'all got fucked that year, too. Just not by this team.
  15. When has anything ever worked out well for their program?
  16. Alright pokes. Fuck around and win one.
  17. Georgia better not Georgia this thing up.
  18. True. They need to beat UGA too.
  19. Gotta ice the 2p conversion.
  20. I'm not sure kids should be allowed to watch what Georgia would do to this OU team.
  21. What a playoff that would be. But Bama is still winning this.
  22. Dog - check this out - earlier in the game this dude BROKE HIS FUCKIN LEG.
  23. What a fucking catch.
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