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  1. That's why i asked Dude, what in the holy fuck is that?!?!
  2. It's cute that you count anything as a easy win for this Texas team.
  3. Yeah i hear she's very............ dedicated i guess you could say, at protecting her late fathers image. Seems petty to me but that wasn't my dad.
  4. So apparently the Lee family is suing Tarantino for slander and something else? Good luck with that i guess.
  5. So it's the bad side of the turnpike?
  6. Do some of y’all just copy and paste quotes from last years game threads?? Deja Vu in here
  7. I know Jay Wright is a Philadelphia man, but you have to try. And try really really hard.
  8. Maybe somebody from Minnesota is keeping Drew out?
  9. Could tell her you got Chlamydia from riding a tractor. Not sure that works for herpes though.
  10. I'm gonna guess you reminded her of him though.
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