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  1. Can y'all tell that big of a difference from the Xbox One to the Series s/x?? or hell, even between the series s and x?? Debating if i want a new one or not and which one to get if i do. Pretty much will only get one so i can play the new GTAO E&E version that's supposed to drop sometime this year.
  2. Love that guitar but yes, i wouldn't look cool one damn bit playing that one. Pretty sure he won that guitar at the first guitar competition he ever entered. At least that's the story i heard.
  3. I never get tired of watching him play. Damn he was good. My fingers will never be able to move that fast lol
  4. Thanks man. I'm sure it also didn't hurt that his dad was a catcher growing up too
  5. Any news of Hagen Smith out of Bullard who's a freshman at Arkansas this year? Still can't believe he past up being drafted but his grandad (mom side) is from up that way and i'm sure had him watching everything piggy growing up. I went to school with his uncle and my brother lived next to the grandparents when he lived in Bullard. Anyway, enough of that, just wondering if anyone has heard or can give a link to his progress with the team.
  6. As long as 2022 doesn't end the same way. Still get frustrated thinking about that shit.
  7. I bet @Hank Scorpio agrees with this.
  8. John Winger- Ugh!! I thought that was a dog"
  9. Unfortunately i'm in Longview. But thanks for the offer.
  10. So would that hinder or help someone with smaller hands? Seems like would help.
  11. What's wrong with thin necks?
  12. This kind of makes my broke ass want a CV 70’s
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