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  1. The last minute felt like a college football game with all the stoppages. Fix this shit.
  2. And don't forget, all this was setup by PG going full Ben Simmons at the line. Hell all he had to do was hit 1 and this would go into OT.
  3. Lmao Clippers. How the fuck do you let that happen.
  4. Suns still have one last chance.
  5. Lmao Paul George. Fucking choke job right there.
  6. Clippers just coming down jacking up 3s every possession.
  7. This is nothing but Cuban putting yes men around him while he is heavily involved. Sounds extremely familiar to another owner we have in the DFW...Cuban used Dirk last week as a PR move after those stories broke. What is the point of hiring a firm to seek out the replacements if you just hire within? Or it was just all a dog and pony show.
  8. Or is Luka that ball dominant because his supporting cast is fucking terrible? I would go with that. Take away every team in the league's best player and compare the rest of the roster. Dallas' has to be well into the bottom. They were easily the worst of playoff teams. The fact he has that high of usage and got his team into the playoffs speaks volumes of his talent level at this age. In the West that is. He faced a much more talented Clippers team both playoff appearances. I am not one who thinks Luka is some god and doesn't warrant any criticism. But his biggest criticisms are how much of a
  9. This type of stuff became an epidemic in Dallas over the last year. They would take over intersections and do this type of stuff. Cops usually nowhere to be seen. They would do this on the highways as well and stop those down. The fireworks seem to be a new addition.
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