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  1. I don't know why y'all are bitching. We have sucked shit through a straw inside our 10. Don't give Philly any life
  2. Same here. And I can not even quote anyone. The button is there but it just kicks be back to the top of the page. I can see the counter number of my notifications but I click on it and it shows nothing at all.
  3. Rams aren't doing anything they did not already do with Goff. McVey is the common denominator. Stafford didn't do shit in Detroit and now Goff isn't. Switch both of them and the Rams are doing what they have been doing this whole time which is win games. Are you already forgetting the 2018 season under Goff? They also got to the divisional round last year. You are acting like Stafford took over some shit team and instantly elevated them.
  4. Absolutely garbage defense by the Niners this whole drive. For one, zero pressure at all. A sack would really ruin the Packers chances. Playing soft and letting Adams find the soft spot every play.
  5. You god damn right that is what I am doing
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