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  1. Now? Not sure when anyone had to worry about the Blazers since 1999/2000.
  2. Yep. HP would be a nobody compared to those teams you listed and many others. They did move up and got their ass handed to them and them moved back down.
  3. Agreed. Luka is becoming a golden boy for the national media. Rightfully so but you will get so many stats like this which are silly.
  4. Lmao. ESPN is the worst with this shit. Usually to prop up their golden boys.
  5. Whomever wins the East this year will be a quick out. Unless one of them can make a run like the Giants did. But I seriously doubt it. Hell even the wild card teams we would face would be better than us. The NFC is fucking deep this year.
  6. I do not credit for finding him initially. Someone found his feed some years ago. Can't remember who or how they knew him but yes, he's hilarious.
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