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  1. Oh I don't at all. But I am just saying, any woman who says this wouldn't be comfortable fucking on their period, even if I am. So then their mouth will be just fine.
  2. She isn't bleeding from that mouth, though....
  3. Dude is a certified bad ass!! He sure showed them
  4. We ate those all the time growing up.
  5. I enjoy playing fantasy football for the shit talking with our group. But bringing up your fantasy team outside of your league is the worst. I promise you no one gives a fuck about your team or what you need to win. And how your team is doing. I see this all over the place.
  6. I get weed. It's natural and from the Earth (as long as it has not been cut with other chemicals) and you get a feeling from it. I don't smoke weed but I do get it. But I absolutely do not get cigarettes. I mean the reason they do it so often is because they are dependent and addicted. But what drew them to a nasty ass cigarette in the first place?
  7. I see the Niners are just one game over .500 for the decade yet went to 2 Super Bowls and 2 other NFC title game appearances. Meanwhile Dallas didn't do jack shit. And lmao at the AFC East
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