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  1. Bucs have zero answer on defense. Can't get shit going on offense. Rams getting the ball to start the 2nd half. This shit is getting dicey for Tampa.
  2. Must be nice to have a DL like the Rams. They are giving Brady zero time. Every yard they gain is hard. Bucs are getting very little pressure on Stafford and their yards are coming so easy.
  3. Lol. Yeah I totally overracted after that 1st drive. GB sucked shit through a straw since that opening drive.
  4. To be fair, he usually waits until the next round to play like this.
  5. Wow. Surprised Rodgers did not do what he usually does on that drive. Can Jimmy G really win this??
  6. Imagine if SF even got FGs on those previous long drives. But I imagine Rodgers will now turn into a robot and drive them down for the game winning score.
  7. Too busy fantasizing about deepthroating Rodger's dick after the game.
  8. Another long drive for SF with no points lmao
  9. Hell no. NFL is wayyyyy too good for that rule. College should adopt the 2 feet in bounds rule and leave the one foot for high school.
  10. Worse than 3 pts in 45min? Jimmy G is a trainwreck. Any QB with a pulse could make this a dangerous team. He's the main reason they blew the Super Bowl to KC.
  11. Packers can sleepwalk to a win. Their opening drive TD will hold up as the game winner.
  12. Add up that previous drive to end the 1st half. Was a good long drive. Add this one, too. That is a long time to hold the ball and only get 3pts.
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