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  1. The saga between the two is not over. Myles doubled down on the racial accusation with his interview with ESPN after being reinstated by the NFL. Mason and his attorney is threatening legal action and saying it is 100% false. Myles Garrett on ESPN: Rudolph's attorney Rudolph's response
  2. Yeah but they have the best turdition in baseball!!!
  3. Halfway into season 3 and Diane Chambers makes an appearance. Totally forgot she and Frasier dated during Cheers and she left him at the altar. I think that's when his personality morphed from very tame into the personality he has now. I think?
  4. Stupid sip! Self proclaimed best turditions is all that matters. Not actual winning on the field. Whoop!!!
  5. This was how I came to discover the show when I was still in high school. It was always on late nights about 11pm. This was about the time I would be getting ready for bed in those days. Perfect show to relax to and get ready to sleep. So much greatness in this show that could not appreciated by the teenager version of myself.
  6. Define 'deserve'. The guy in Philly who has taken a total of 4 snaps in the playoffs and his team actually played better with his backup on the sidelines got $32million a year. Dak is better than Wentz. $27mill and less isn't getting you shit for a QB any longer. Do y'all understand how a market works? It isn't what you think someone deserves or not. Guess what? Shit costs more these days in the past. Across the board. NFL isn't immune to that. Surly members do not set the market price. If middle of the road QBs are getting $32 a year, then the price starts there for Dak. And in a couple of years, Dak's salary won't mean shit. Seeing as the cap continues to rise and all the contracts after his will be bigger. And his percentage against the cap will rise.
  7. That is why I said 'back then'. Watching this show in the mid 90s, I had no idea this was a character from Cheers. I always heard of the show and the popular theme song but as a teen, never saw the show and the characters, But speaking of spin offs, was there any spin offs of Frasier?
  8. Forgot about this one woman from POF. First meetup was a beej in the parking lot of Home Depot in Mesquite at like 2am. Second meet up was like 1am in the parking lot of a Walmart in Arlington after Rangers opening day 2017. Good times.
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