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  1. I have one credit card over 10 yrs old. Credit score pretty solid. Looking to take out a mortgage in the next year. Any guidance/recommendations on a card to start with? I’m leaning toward the Chase with the smaller annual fee. A domestic trip this coming year is all I’m considering. Maybe Mexico City or Vancouver. I’ve heard both ways on getting a new CC near to a mortgage. What says Surly?
  2. We went there for dinner after this freaking amazing magic show at a nearby hotel. Anyway, solid food for a chain.
  3. I humbly request yall describe all your WB orders. The pics are great too, keep em coming. I started seeing a dietician a while back to avoid the beetus and she’s got me eating carrots and whatnot. So I am living vicariously thru this thread. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for the advice and feedback, Kenny. Pos rep coming your way when I can give more.
  5. You said what I was trying to say, only you said it better and clearer. I will add that while this may explain why 1) tackling isn’t as good as it used to be overall and is thus 2) more difficult to teach, some teams manage solid tackling. In this case, I will add that scheme is related to technique—because Orlando does not currently have a coherent scheme with roles/rules that carryover game to game, the guys are less confident and comfortable. Part of OU’s growth, for instance, is a consistent scheme that allows them to play with aggression (contrasted last year with Mike Stoops’s scheme, which was coherent but unsound and didn’t put them in position to be physical).
  6. The traditional tackle, or what I was taught 20 years ago, isn’t necessarily best practice anymore, I don’t believe. With Carroll and the Seahawks, we know they introduced the rugby-style tackling. And the last two years, Texas had some of the better tackling in the Big 12. I don’t really have a point except to say that “breaking down” doesn’t really work anymore, especially as offenses design ways to get shifty fast dudes in space. You have to be aggressive. Breaking down in the open field just gives guys a two-way go, which is a death sentence. But as an alternative—again, whatever is being taught to the defense isn’t working this year. I will add, though, that the DBs have often avoided missed tackles this year by also taking bad angles, which is good of them.
  7. He has said he doesn’t have inside/exact knowledge of how they’re teaching. He bases it on the [entirely reasonable] inference from the rash of identical DB stinger/shoulder/arm injuries. And a tweet from PJ Locke this season saying they were taught to launch like a missile. So Scip is right, however he’s arriving at his conclusions—whatever they’re being taught ain’t working.
  8. Glad it turned out ok. Why did he give his phone to sponsor? To avoid calling dealers, or to avoid other compulsions one might find on the internet? I’m not 100% sure on the reason. I got the explanation from my parents, who talked with him directly. From what they said, it’s most likely about internet compulsions but of course it could be about contact to his old world, too. Whatever the reason, I interpreted giving the phone to his sponsor as a good thing. It sounds like several of you agree. Because the phone is the only way we keep in touch (live hundreds of miles away) I was thinking of writing him a good ol’ letter. Maybe include a drawing from his niece, my preschool daughter.
  9. Literally ten minutes after I posted this, brother called my mom. He’s fine—just decided to give his phone to his sponsor for the time being—doesn’t want one for now. Relieved! Thanks anyway.
  10. So I’m kind of desperate and am running out of ideas, but so far am not panicking. I’m looking for suggestions. I’m not sure how much info to give publicly here. I can give more in PM if somebody needs it for advice. My brother is a recovering addict and lives in a Dallas suburb. I am 95% certain he moved into an Oxford house in late August. My parents last saw and talked to him on Sunday. But no response to phone calls or texts since then. (We called him to ask about the tornado.) It’s not uncommon for him to lose cell service for a bit b/c of non-payment. He also hasn’t responded to Facebook messages. I called the Oxford house today, but the guy who answered said he moved in Oct 1 and my bro had not lived there in that time. I’ve spoken today with the one friend of his, also in AA, whose number I had. He FB messaged my brother yesterday but hadn’t heard back. We don’t know where he works, his sponsor’s last name (first name John), or anything else I can think of to help contact him. We do have car info. He has relapsed several times before. I know that the two most likely scenarios are 1) he just hasn’t paid his phone bill 2) he relapsed and doesn’t want to talk to us (or some combo of these.) Any ideas for how to contact him? Am I too worried? I live in another state so that may complicate things some. Thank you in advance.
  11. Ahh, Jones, OK. Nice place /s Colors are green and white. And no, they do not suck at football.
  12. The jalapeño cheddar sausage at Black’s is awesome
  13. Every time I come across this topic on Reddit, people rave about Costco’s house branded Kirkland stuff. Everything from food to socks to golf balls. What says the Surly commenterati?
  14. Oh yeah, one more thing—I agree, John’s is the spot for pizza for you and the fam.
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