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  1. EASILY the best TOTM. Side note—a new location just opened up near me, and those jokers had the unmitigated gall to open WITHOUT having the TOTM ready to serve. Gonna get a strongly worded yelp review for sure.
  2. I liked that “Strawberry Cheese-Quake” one they had...I think you can still get strawberries and cheesecake together. And the fruit makes it healthy
  3. I’m gonna channel my inner type 2 diabetic here, but the solution to this is order extra topping/candy. Or to make sure they actually do give extra, order a combo of your toppings, say Oreo AND Reese’s.
  4. Freddy’s is good. I don’t need some big slab of meatloaf disguised as a burger. The thin patties with the melted cheese and that jalapeño fry sauce, yeah buddy. I’ll clog my arteries with a Freddy’s burger any day.
  5. Kerry Cooks is terribad. The sooner 9.95 guys would openly trash him on radio. He was bad at recruiting and talent eval. He was considered a Stoops comfort hire and would be an awful sign if hired. Just look at the Tech DBs this year!!!! Anyway, lots have said the same thing and I am just piling on. Have we ever flown a banner against a position coach?
  6. Kerry Cooks?!?! DO NOT WANT That dude was a mainstay on Mike Stoops’s staff at OU, he recruited all those 5’9 165 lb that LJH and later Josh Jacobs steamrolled
  7. I’d like to know which OKC station hated on the guy Kaelen (who does a good job in general and seems like a genuinely nice dude). My money is on the afternoon drive time guys on 107.7
  8. Sydney got the receipts for me, thank you sir
  9. Here’s the deal with Akina: he doesn’t teach zone. At all. In fact, won’t teach it. This was ten years ago, but he and Muschamp fell out a bit in 2010 because Akina had his DB fiefdom and wouldn’t change to work with the front 7. But a lot can change in 10 years. Of course, he can teach the hell out of man. And Ash’s system is based in quarters/press man, so it could work.
  10. Almost certainly QBs. Or linebackers
  11. According to OKC sports radio (consider the source), it’s “sich”, rhymes with “stitch”...or, you know, “bitch”, as in what we will do the first time he calls a bubble screen
  12. Fair...what about OC? McMurphy we assume Tom fed...anyway, not a big deal. Solid hire however we found out about it.
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