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  1. Nobody should hate Strong nor Mack, frankly I claim that all this talk of "stealing" is more disturbing than anything they ever did it takes two to tango and they were offered that salary in part for recruiting reasons (imagine the negative recruiting if your coach is considering the program as a stepping stone), same with the Earl quote, you would think it was Mack literally stabbing him in the back the way some people here reacted to it. In the end this virulent overreaction is counter productive, objectively asses the coaches and make cold empirical decisions based on qualified candidates out there, the idea that you have to turn the fanbase into a violent mob in order to fire a coach is the way you end up in a death spiral like Aggie, Tennessee and Nebraska is in right now. If you can't upgrade then don't fire the coach, no matter how much he is "stealing" OU and OSU identified coaching talent and continued their process, not saying there is no luck involved but intelligence helps you minimize the randomness.
  2. I do not promote asshole culture, and this thing hurts us all in the long run beyond fucking football. If he wants to instill toughness, then lead by example, also be smart about it, not just spout asshole bullshit to the media that other assholes identify with, agree, clap to, and vote for. BTW I am not personally accusing you of anything
  3. Why wait Cassandra? Cause it is a useless gesture.
  4. I still cant believe how anybody could have been fooled by Strong so completely in 2014, I wanted him gone by week 2 and got a negrep ban because people are emotionally blind and unstable. One day I should just change my name to Cassandra.
  5. The NCAA is likely investigating A&M people need to stop with the wild conspiracy theories and cynical rants that undermine the only judge left to police cheating. Arguments for: A) Marchiol left a turd bomb, and now that he is no longer looking for a waiver since he is in FCS land his testimony looks more valid. B) Investigations take time and are done outside the public eye. Arguments against: A) They are spending all their resources investigating the basketball scandal B) A&M might actually stop cheating so no new evidence is found C) They lose the stomach to do anything after the Missouri fuckup. In the end, it will be the evidence or lack of thereof that might save A&M, not mentorship or friendship. The NCAA is on life support and trying to justify their fat paychecks.
  6. If OU disregards Texas it is because of the stupid system, what if we lost to a rival 50% of the time but the committee, polls, media ignored it every time and gave you a mulligan? THAT is Alabama and OU right now.
  7. I have not changed. I did not give up, and frankly googled his name multiple times hoping for the best because A) I would not find the info here B) ultimately human beings make emotional decisions, specially kids. What I did not like was the fuckup. Not this bizarre industry.
  8. The difference is I am not a fly in the wall that fucks up.
  9. This is so silly, they make proclamations based on 50/50 calls, but have no dignity to keep an open tally sheet. They almost fucked up a transfer, but who knows if you also were partially responsible for Bru keeping an open mind these past 2 weeks. It's a fucking mess and the truth is not known. However I will proclaim what is factual and objective. EJ tried to claim credit on a scoop but failed to keep a lid on it. It is for that failure for which he should be punished. Not for the past but for the future.
  10. Windows now has Ubuntu bash. But I am certain it is still a kiddie pool.
  11. Now now no need to bring me up in little spats here and there. We are all idiots in the end for caring, no need to feel bad about it.
  12. I like Okie st. and root for them every single time they play OU. Go ahead and make another non sequitur "I am so macho" comment
  13. We were never able to play them in a championship game (except last year), how hard is it to understand? Trying super hard to not be aggy, is kinda like being one.
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