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  1. Ha! Tell me how JB is doing in the limited time he is interacting with the media.
  2. That’s not the point. The Dem establishment knows that Joe will massively fail on live tv. They need someone safe not a grenade with hair plugs and the pin is pulled.
  3. Get ready for the “Draft Andrew Cuomo” bandwagon to start gaining steam. Just by seeing what anvil Joe is doing in controlled settings, imagine him live on a stage with Trump or even with journalists. He’s a placeholder and nothing else.
  4. Bernie needs to stay in because the way JB is looking in these soft ball interviews the wheels may be starting to wobble on the wagon. Also watch the draft Andrew Cuomo bandwagon start to gain momentum.
  5. What is your definition of a recovery? Back to what the employment, stock market, inflation was in Jan 2020?
  6. Right on queue you show up to make thetexashammer’s point. Bravo.
  7. I bet there are a lot of democrats that work for those entities.
  8. [Bradley Cooper]. That’s not gonna happen [/Bradley Cooper]
  9. Representative Republic. Big difference.
  10. Everyone Keeps saying that. I just don’t see it. Too much walk away money for SS
  11. We’ll go and we’ll repeat as Champs and CDC won’t have balls to pull the much needed trigger on the Shaka experiment.
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