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  1. Ain't that the truth. One National championship in 50 years is fucking ridiculous for a program like ours.
  2. As I said before they have arguably been the best team in the conference over the last 2 years.
  3. You're basically describing at least 2 or 3 of Baylor's elite 8 runs.
  4. And if that's true, that nothing he does in the tournament matters, then that person is exhibiting more fidelity to their need to be right about Shaka being a sorry coach than what actually happens on the court.
  5. One of the major points of inflamed feelings during this entire controversy was when a bunch of players decided that they didn't want to sing while a single player did. So I'm not sure you're taking into consideration the actuality that this compromise was in fact made and then ignored from the very beginning. As a black person who doesn't find the EOT racist and doesn't consider the fact that it originated at a minstrel show a disqualifying fact, there was a way to approach this from the beginning to highlight this angle of defense. Unfortunately too many people have obscured this legiti
  6. This is a ridiculous take. Arguably the best team in the conference the past 2 years is coached by a guy who was routinely lambasted over his first 6 years for how atrocious a coach he was. Things don't have to remain constant because you want to be right on the internet.
  7. One of the great things to come out of Andrew Yang's presidential run is the discussion about what real live cash does for people as opposed to credits and allocations to buy specific items. You've highlighted some of the stress relievers real cash can deliver and how it helps people better plan for their future and moving out of poverty. It's interesting the arguments from the "I know how to better use my money crowd" doesn't consider that poor people might know something about how to use money to better themselves as well. We don't even have to look to other countries to see
  8. Yeah but some people take it to an extreme where being a contrarian is is really just their vanity project.
  9. The NFL isn't the windfall you're intimating unless you're a 1st round pick or get a 2nd round contract. Caden simply managing the 600k/yr he makes as a 4tth or 5th round pick for his inital 4 year contract isn't going to keep him from working the rest of his life if he doesn't get a 2nd contract.
  10. Kmele Foster is another person I disagree with, who from what I've seen makes good faith arguments. But too many black conservatives are basically Candace Owens, but with the ability to write pretty words. And despite putting them into the category in this specific case because of some of their comments on race Hughes and McWhorter wouldn't describe themselves as conservatives.
  11. When Coleman Hughes appeared on that initial 1776 commission I was disappointed in him. I believed he'd have a little more self-worth than to appear on a blatantly reactionary commission that offered absolutely 0 intellectual substance. UT prof John Butler, whom I know personally, is another person I was disappointed in as well.
  12. When I first came across him I admired his somewhat novel approach and willingness to be objective and not adhere to any particular dogma, especially coming from a person as young as him. But as often happens with some black "intellectuals" who begin their careers bouncing to the beat of a different drummer, he, like Loury, fell in love with the accolades from conservative circles that come being "different". And now he often dismisses clear data and has a tendency to not even engage with the substance a particular argument but instead offers trite and vapid critiques as a rebuttal. Thomas Cha
  13. Things like this are expected and part in parcel with what happens when politics become completely divorced from any type of philosophical underpinnings and are now almost solely tied to one's identity or being. It basically becomes a team sport. When Terrell Owens played for the 49ers I had an irrational hate for him as a kid when he danced on the star. But when he played for my Cowboys he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I've seen my republican friends make these same sort of illogical leaps numerous times over that last 5 to 10 years.
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