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  1. Orangebloods isn't much better although there are probably a few more diverging opinions than what shows up on Texags.
  2. Didn't he implement those travel restriction the exact same day he issued Visa restrictions on places like Nigeria and other African countries? For all we know the China travel restriction was just cover for the African Visa restrictions.
  3. The juxtaposition of David Begnaud's 2 tweets (press conference detailing how the Fed is allocating the supply to then have private companies distribute things to the highest bidder next to Lieutenant General Honoré's description of how things are typically handled) is fucking infuriating.
  4. If we're seriously looking at taking on grad transfers Febres, Liddell, and Hepa would probably be the candidates to transfer out.
  5. From the jump we all wondered what illegality took place. Turns out there wasn’t anything. Trumped up bullshit.
  6. Chico struggled in college because he enjoyed it waaaay too much. They didn't call him the mayor of Austin for nothing. Dude loved to have a good time and gained a lot of bad weight during college years as a result. Still consider him a friend til this day.
  7. This is what im hoping for. Shaka needs to go out doing the thing that got him the job in the first place. With 13 scholarships, all filled with guys who deserve playing time, he should go balls to the wall for 40 minutes a game. That sort of frenetic, breakneck pace naturally engenders effort that can manifest in improved rebounding and other areas where his teams have been faulty.
  8. Kenpom Defensive efficiency rankings 2018-2019: 26 2019-2020: 24
  9. While our defensive efficiency was better than the season before, the no help defense was frustrating to watch at times.
  10. Remind me again, which overpriced free agents has he paid for in the past 4 years? Stephen has been a miser since he gained full control of things. The lack of impact free agents and the constant contract misadventures has made that clear as day
  11. Which means we should've been making up the difference in premium free agents. Most teams take advantage of a cheap QB, but not us.
  12. We resigned several dudes to big contracts during that 4 year term. The biggest difference is the lack of aggression in free agency and perhaps the way we structure the contracts (ie less bonus money), but I'd have to dig deeper to see whether that plays a part. I imagine Romo's dead money played a factor as well, but not $130+ million worth.
  13. Holistically the NBA has never been more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. The overall movement and lack of isolation of today's game (which is pretty much true every team outside of Houston) makes for a much better product than what you saw from say the early to mid 90s til around 2010. But to each their own.
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