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  1. Truth. I didn't really discover this team until the Milwaukee series. They're such a fun team to watch.
  2. Whatever it was it sucks that we're finally getting a state of the art arena and he's not here to enjoy the fruits of his labor.
  3. The OL is missing 2 starters who should eventually come back. Not sure why the OL is the position group that has you downgrading season. There are a shitload of other options to base that opinion on, but IMO Oline is 3rd to only WRs and DL in terms of which is best situated at this point in the season.
  4. Troy is definitely getting paid. Klatt and Jones may have initially not charged anything as they were raising their profile. Jones in particular wasn't even working for the broadcast version of CBS when he first started his visits. Shit, he may have still been doing radio in Austin when he started his weekly stint with the Musers.
  5. Interesting stat: Dak is 4-1 in his career when throwing for 400+. Historically throwing for 400+ is a losing stat because it often happens in games like yesterday when you're playing from behind for most of the game. For comparison Romo was 0-5 in 400+ yard games. I actually think this is more of an example of how much the league has changed in just the last 6 years as opposed to anything Dak is doing differently than Romo. A QB is more apt to throw for 400+ yards in the natural course of today's game compared to before when that type of effort usually came in a desperate attempt to get back in the game. Basically more games today are played like that Peyton vs Romo match up back in the day when they both went over 400+ yards.
  6. People think Dak is way more athletic than he actually is. He ran like a 4.8 forty at the combine which puts him behind QBs like David Carr, Justin Herbert, Carsen Wentz, & Mitch Trubisky, and in the range of guys like Kirk Cousins. Yeah he’s sturdy and seems to be smart about quickly getting north when scrambling, but he really ain't the runner people make him out to be.
  7. He picked up a big 3rd &14 first down with his feet in a clutch situation in the playoff win over Seattle a few years back. I wanna say he had 1 or 2 against Green Bay in the playoffs as well.
  8. That's an interesting take considering the prevailing criticism of Dak has always been that he's too careful with the ball and is overly risk averse. His INT totals during his career are 4, 13, 8, 11, and 0 respectively over the course of his 4 years and 2 gm career.
  9. I haven't rewatched the game to confirm, but Junior Miller mentioned in the post game that when the ball was initially kicked one of the Atlanta players waved his teammates back as if to say "let it go". The player who did this just so happened to have gone to Yale. Football players in these odd or atypical situations tend to listen to the "smart guy" in the room. And a podcast I listen to mentioned that Atlanta called a timeout after Zuerlein first placed the ball on the ground without a tee. What was said during the timeout? No one will admit it, but I can just about guarantee you they told the team not to touch the ball thinking it wouldn't go 10 yards.
  10. Thats fair, claiming he was directly responsible for losing the game is what drew me offside.
  11. By that premise all stats that take place in a loss are by definition empty. If that's the case this binary designation of empty or what "useful??" stats is fucking dumb and meaningless. I'll ask you the same question in reverse. Why is it so difficult for you to give this guy any credit without trying to make some diminishing or qualifying point about his play?
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