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  1. Ramey has a lot to learn. All the stuff @Goo Punch used to say about J'Covan is really true of Ramey only he doesn't have the talent to make you forget. He blames others for his mistakes, plays unnecessarily reckless, and has an irrational confidence that rarely pays off.
  2. We have decent parts on this team. If somehow the next coach can convince GB to come to town we're gonna win 25+ games.
  3. Preseason reports all stated that he was an impressive defender. And tonight he looks like a prime plus defender. Another coach is gonna have this team in the sweet 16.
  4. Maybe it's something that can be taught, but Ramey needs to learn how to change his pace and speed of play. He seems like he should know how to use a herky jerky style like a J'Covan Brown but he always gets himself into horrible situations where there's nothing he can do but turn it over.
  5. That's all Ramey ever plays. Dude sucks.
  6. I guarantee you Ramey won't play much under the next coach. He doesn't play with enough guile or savvy to make up for his lack of athleticism.
  7. Baker's play tonight is an indictment on Shaka and his inability to use the season to develop his roster. Just like Kai was a revelation earlier in the season and Donovan Williams in the middle of the season, Baker's play tonight is about his inability to gain confidence and get into a rhythm of play throughout the season.
  8. Much of it seems like a Cavs specific problem.
  9. 2 of his 3 "redshirts" were transfers who had to sit out their transfer years (Osetkowski & Mitrou-Long). The other redshirt is Cunningham, who many don't and didn't view as a high major prospect. Baylor's Matthew Mayer played on the same high school team as both Cunningham and Baker and looks to be a much better prospect than the both of them.
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