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  1. A lot of people aren't going to like the stuff they're saying about Shaka's offense in that podcast. And dude had their efficiency numbers wrong from last year.
  2. They're a year apart though.
  3. I was gonna include Perryman's numbers in my post, but I thought better of it. He was good for that era, but we'd yell for him to stop shooting if he were playing today.
  4. Yeah, one of my issues with employing analytics driven strategy in college basketball is that many of the conclusions drawn for higher skilled NBA players isn't necessarily true for college players. And I don't necessarily think there's a sufficient enough dataset for college play to really suss out overriding areas of inefficiencies. Maybe there's some mapping done that I'm not aware of, but with such a large disparity in talent across the board what can it really tell us about individual teams? NBA arenas are setup with numerous cameras all around the arena mapping out every player and every situation that takes place throughout a game. Then thre data collected is fed into computers and logged forever. Nothing like that could ever hope to exist for college basketball.
  5. Where has he said he wouldn’t play in a backup role? And why do people still, 3 fucking years later, still get so hot and bothered by him?
  6. Like I said, I enjoyed him with Russillo. They sort of had a Ticket-like, guy talk thing going on when they were together. It could be true that he's playing, but the character he's playing is doing him a disservice. I've yet to hear him make cogent argument on his show with Mckelroy.
  7. We've actually been fairly good during Shaka's tenure in the turnover department. It's the lack of rebounding that has always been his Achilles heel. Poor shot selection has been a reoccurring issue over the past 2 seasons.
  8. @LTtxfanForgot you posted about Goldsberry early in this thread.
  9. You ain't lying. For a guy who I used to generally like Danny on ESPN, listening to him closely in the morning next to Greg Mckelroy it's obvious why he was let go. I guess I didn't pay as close attention as I do now, but he routinely argues against himself or makes a point and gets stumped by the simplest Mckelroy counter. Dude is dumb as fuck.
  10. I loved reading his stuff on Grantland so when I found out he was teaching at UT I was elated. I'm actually fairly certain that Shaka has already met with him behind the scenes. Part of the reason Shaka has gotten such a pass at UT for his mediocrity is because the administration and many on the faculty love him. He regularly engages with faculty and hangs out with them socially. Add all that in to Shaka's zealotry for analytics and the fact that both he and Goldsberry are the same age, there's probably a 99% chance he's discussed things with him behind the scenes.
  11. Along those same lines I've always wondered if Shaka has ever enlisted the help or even feedback from Dr. Kirk Goldsberry.
  12. An Athletic article I read the other day implied that the NCAA already knew about Penny helping Wiseman move and cleared him way back in May. Im not sure what made them change their mind and suddenly deem him ineligible.
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