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  1. Tell that to the kids sitting in cages and the parents who have yet to reunite with them.
  2. Religion tends be viewed through a more rigid lens than an entities like planned parenthood where people come and go and agendas change and evolve as they do.
  3. He concedes that it motivated Fallwell and Weyrich who were pretty much the founders of the religious right. After all, just a decade before the recognized beginning of the religious right, Falwell argued vehemently against MLK and others saying that clergy shouldn't be involved in national politics. Regardless of whether you buy his argument, substantive points can be made supporting Balmer's thesis just as French eloquently argued against it. You still have to admit that the idea that evangelicals were once neutral if not supportive of abortion seems wholly antithetical to anything most of us have grown up with. So that bit of news was a big revelation the first time I came across it. Here's the original work on the topic produced by the Dartmouth prof Randall Balmer. https://www.sas.upenn.edu/andrea-mitchell-center/sites/www.sas.upenn.edu.andrea-mitchell-center/files/Balmer - Historian's Pickaxe.pdf
  4. While there are a number of articles written by left leaning writers detailing my claim I figured they wouldn't be persuasive to someone who is conservative or neutral on the issue. So here's an article by noted conservative David French conceding that it was the initial organizing catalyst, but leaders realized that it alone wouldn't be a winning issue to galvanize a widespread movement so ultimately they develop a full pallet or organizing principles to appeal to a wider Christian audience. The word I used was catalyst which to me implies that it fueled the beginnings of the movement. https://frenchpress.thedispatch.com/p/fact-and-fiction-about-racism-and His contention is curious because that's the exact same thing the article he's disagreeing with (same article that @elfenixresponded to you with) claimed as well.
  5. Pretty much every southern state east of Texas follows this model. The segregation academies errrrr.... I mean private schools were the primary catalysts for the religious right's entrance into modern politics.
  6. Basically all the black people Sam Harris has on his show and there entire black roster for Quillette.
  7. I'm confused by you. For the most part I've always viewed you as a brotha who came to your conservative views from a black perspective ala Malcom X or the panthers or something along those lines. In other words, I've looked at you as someone who has a genuine concern for our people, but a fervent distrust of the government and their motives due to its racist history. I gathered that your strong independent streak where you'd rather they not bother us anymore and leave us be also framed your politics. This is the type of black conservationism I'm familiar with and probably makes up a significant % of black folks I know over 50. The performative bullshit that Pancho used to post on here with wasn't shaped in any serious manner by being a black man in America. Most black conservatives I know arrive at somewhat conventionally conservative beliefs but by unconventional means due to the black experiential framing that informs those beliefs. This is the category I've always put you in. (Contrary to popular belief there are plenty of conservative black folks who fit the above description, but simply can't tolerate the aggressively racist ass party [democrats' racism is decidedly less aggressive to most black folks] like what the republicans have put forth over the past 40 or 50 years) But when you go off ranting with this bullshit and this ridiculous ass construction that you know isn't true, it makes me wonder if partisanship has just gotten the better of you. There are so many anti-violence programs in and around every church or neighborhood group I've ever been in that I lose count. This notion that real life black people don't care about violence in our communities is so utterly preposterous that I can't believe that a real live black man, who knows better, would even pretend to feign that it's true. One of my brother's friends who was from right here in Houston was killed a few years back up in Chicago while she was literally walking back from an anti-violence meeting. Don't fall for the tripe that gets publicized, over the years there are orders of magnitude more people who have been putting in work on the anti-violence front than all of black lives matter put together times 10. And beyond that, crime in generationally (and purposefully) impoverished areas shouldn't be a surprise anyone. Fix the core issues and the crime will diminish significantly. Kicking the can down the road while preaching on the periphery about symptomatic issues rather than the lack options and something to alleviate the sheer desperation and trauma that is always present will get us nowhere .
  8. Talent + experience is the reason. I don't know exactly where I saw it, but there's some sort of talent vs experience matrix floating around the interwebs and the upcoming year's Texas team compares favorably with past NCAA champions. Of course we have other factors that make all of us doubt those prospects, but the mix of talent and experience are what the heightened expectations are based off of.
  9. Yep. the white European Spanish descent, while at times a factor, isn't near as impactful as their experience with Marxist/Socialist/Communist regimes. I see some of the same tendencies among many of my Venezuelan colleagues. They're ready to reject any hint of what they view as overly left wing sympathies out to half-court. And this is irrespective of how "white" they may or may not be.
  10. So at the end of year 4 Mahomes will have earned over $40MM more than what the next highest paid QB, Russell Wilson, will get over the course of his 4 yr contract.
  11. Yep super small signing bonus stretched out over 12 years makes this an easy ass contract to get out of. Obviously there's no way that the Chiefs will ever be the ones looking to tear it up.
  12. This is why he signed such a longterm deal. I bet the contract actually breaks down into a series of 3 or 4 year terms where both sides can move on without too much of a penalty.
  13. Yeah Jake is a 1000x more knowledgeable and thoughtful than Corby.
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