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  1. Brothahorn thinks he’s not a victim just because he says so. The entire premise of being a victim is the idea that you didn't ”choose” your circumstance, it was forced upon you. George Floyd could have been a conservative/independent for all you know, but yet here we are. He’s dead. Another point, most black people are surprisingly conservative. The only thing Dems have to offer POC is the idea that they will protect us from racists. This is why you tend to see black people vote Dem, but typically for the most conservative democrat on the ballot. In laymen's terms: You can talk shit about the Democratic party all you want, Hell I encourage it, but don't act like the shit that continues to happen to black people in this country is based on some bitchass notion that we’re a bunch of crybabies and not ACTUALLY based on the very real oppression that has existed for centuries.
  2. 1. If Russia isn't in the middle of a civil war due to American interference and espionage by the end of Biden's first term then we fucking failed. I want revenge on and at the highest levels. 2. Anti-Conruption laws. Bring back the voting rights act. 2. Decriminalize marijuana on the federal level. 3. Move national security/essential manufacturing back to America. At the very least move it out of China.
  3. All jokes aside, look at what this asshole has done to our country. These people are more susceptible to death due to the virus and Trump has divided our country so bad that they’re risking death to harm and protest each other. Shits bad y’all.
  4. Y’all do realize that Trump tweeted that racist video to distract from the Russian bounty news right?
  5. This might be true, but @Gengs1 point still stands. Dems won’t go as hard on this as the Republicans did on Benghazi.
  6. I appreciate the fact that they hate Trump but I’m dumb enough to think we support the same ideologies.
  7. I really can’t stand this administration....fucking traitors. all of em.
  8. It just amazes me that of all the smart and capable people we have in this nation we still found a way to elect the worst among us as our leader. Who do I blame for this shit?
  9. Lmao we really put this idiot in charge of our entire country...holy shit.
  10. We’re going to have to drag this motherfucker out of our White House aren’t we?
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