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  1. It’s a beautiful fucking day in Austin right now, my god.
  2. My sources tell me that Okam is under consideration for the Texas DT coaching position.
  3. Are we really going to stop and explain the concept of “best case scenario” to Lobo?
  4. No way he's leaving central Texas.
  5. Facts. And he developed them like a mf'er too. There was a stretch under Giles where we had nothing but studs at DE.
  6. I absolutely expect them to beat a Joe Burrow-less LSU team. I also expect the Horns to beat OU, but I expect that every year.
  7. I expect us to not suck. I'll figure out exactly what that means as the season progresses.
  8. His Moms might beat his ass is what might happen.
  9. January 13th at 7pm CST on ESPN. Leaning LSU at the moment, but I expect a straight up heavyweight fight.
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