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  1. Joel Klatt and Gus Johnson is the perfect broadcast combo.
  2. I’ll say this, we may only have one more season of Coburn before he’s playing on Sundays. Sucks that he had to redshirt last year.
  3. It’s a signal to Trump that he can make his life even more of a living hell than it already is if he thinks of treating him like he treated previous White House employees.
  4. It's no strawman, we're slightly better than Aggy - maybe - and that to you is better than hiring a coach that's won championships at every major job he's had.
  5. Lol wtf are you talking about? In this alternate universe that you're speaking of, is CJ not injured. Does he also run a 4.5? Because neither is true in our current reality.
  6. Exactly. Some of these motherfuckers are just satisfied with being better than Aggy, not necessarily being as good as Bama or tOSU.
  7. I'm officially off my fucking "Texas has high standards" high horse, because clearly between Tom and Charlie Strong we don't.
  8. Ain’t nobody losing to no damn tcu
  9. Shits getting spooky out here. She apparently has Putin’s backing and after watching the debate the other night I’m starting to think it’s true. Not to mention Hillary just came out and out right attacked her for it. Not a Hillary fan, but she was right about Trump. What say y’all?
  10. You do realize we played twice last year, right?
  11. This team basically as good/bad as it was last year. Meaning, it'll probably be in the 15-11 range in rankings all year. We'll see. I know Baylor, TCU, and ISU will give Texas their best shot this year. Those aren't guaranteed wins with this staff.
  12. You sound like a pussy. Do you not see the dropped passes and terrible tackling. Do you know we lead the nation in missed tackles? But yeah, sure, refs.
  13. I don't understand how any Texas fan can hate Leinart. Dude always speaks highly of Texas and Vince.
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