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  1. Tbh I agree if they can't go at least 10-2 after spending 75 million on a coach they should just quit football. Doesn't get easier for them ever than this.
  2. Are you serious? Stingley and it isn't even close. Dude is the best high school corner in a decade probably.
  3. Any chance we could kick out WVU and Iowa State/Kansas State for Cal and Stanford? WVU is too far east for the Pac 12 schools we're adding and given a choice I'm taking them instead. We could also kick out the other of Iowa State/Kansas State for Colorado. Most of the schools in the Big XII should be G5 schools imo so it would be to get rid of the shitters. Also Cal and Stanford are Olympic sports elites along with the SoCal schools and us so that would be great.
  4. Except for the fact that he has won literally every single bowl game he has been in as a head coach. Given time the dude is nails. Self-scouting and scouting other teams is among the things he is best at. The issue isn't scouting or game planning given time. It's absolutely regarded position coaches, all of whom are gone.
  5. I like that the Texas Takeover guy jokingly asks if their response will be that he is #1 in their hearts and then they unironically respond with that and see no issue with it.
  6. Other than the Omeire, Card, and Bijan take I think he's mostly fine . College RBs can still do special things and make huge differences. This isn't the NFL when you really shouldn't be paying a dime more than necessary. 5 star RBs change games. Card has a lot of potential but that will take time and he isn't sure enough of a thing to be #1. And Omeire looked better his senior season than expected but he isn't CJ. The lack of quality WRs outside of Dixon will be damaging. We need to get Tarik Black from Michigan. Good kid who can ball in a real offense. Thankfully we have Jake Smith and Brennan Eagles already, plus with Bijan coming in we could move Whittington to WR.
  7. Uh slant to Duv was nothing but reliable. Tbh of Roach doesn't jump offsides we're 9-4. Don't Cover 0 blitz on 3rd and 17 and we're 10-3 with a marquee win. OU we admittedly got manhandled despite what the score says, TCU was embarrassingly poor coaching, and the Baylor game was just bad.
  8. Why does it seem every aggy is an insurance salesman.
  9. Skimming through it I found 50 pages of legal boilerplate , health insurance junk, and ads for linens. Please find the door or we can neg you through it, Mr. Ghost.
  10. It was one moron at Vandegrift. Who cares? They couldn't get his Dad to agree (hell his Dad was surprised his kid was tough enough to play) and the Vandegrift guy basically had no argument.
  11. I don't like some of the choices for impeachment manager but without a doubt Hakeem Jeffries came in as one of the best choices and has shown why today and will continue to do so.
  12. Hell,, even if you aren't you'll last more than enough build a nest egg.
  13. Do you mean DEFCON 1 or are you saying they used to think everything was perfect and now they're a little scared about transfers?
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