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  1. Skimming through it I found 50 pages of legal boilerplate , health insurance junk, and ads for linens. Please find the door or we can neg you through it, Mr. Ghost.
  2. It was one moron at Vandegrift. Who cares? They couldn't get his Dad to agree (hell his Dad was surprised his kid was tough enough to play) and the Vandegrift guy basically had no argument.
  3. I don't like some of the choices for impeachment manager but without a doubt Hakeem Jeffries came in as one of the best choices and has shown why today and will continue to do so.
  4. Hell,, even if you aren't you'll last more than enough build a nest egg.
  5. Do you mean DEFCON 1 or are you saying they used to think everything was perfect and now they're a little scared about transfers?
  6. Yup. The correct answer is in this day and age spending money and draft picks on RBs is silly. Get cheap guys that can run hard and have done decent agility and pay them pennies, buy great lines and let the other pieces fall into place with the remaining money you have. That's how you build a roster and I laugh at teams like the Cowboys or the Giants spend first picks and 30 million dollar contacts for RBS.
  7. So we got a pedophile/statutory rape supporter in Dersh and Rapelor leader Ken Starr as two of the major guys in this impeachment defense. Any Republicans here willing to disavow Rapelor or are y'all basically aggy now?
  8. This sounds like a coach doing a solid for a kid of another coach to get him some clout (please hire him Nebraska) and like he won't be hired *knock on wood *. Anwar is now the mouthpiece.
  9. Please send McGuire and Okam to Texas and tell Snyder to pound sand. He's coasting on daddy's name.
  10. Unclear if he is top candidate. We're safe...for now.
  11. Presumably it is us, Clemson, Bama,?,?, and now Georgia?
  12. That's why it was so stupid that Barry Sanders wasn't voted #1. How did they put so many players above him. Imo 1,2,3 should have been Barry, Bo, and Vince. But apparently according to esteemed committee of septuagenarians ESPN more elite played before integration thank nowadays and nobody who played this century is worth a damn. Have Tebow and Earl round out the top 5 and you have a good list.
  13. And his one good year is the best in history. Now I'm probably over exaggerating when I say top 10 but still he played some monstrous defenses and destroyed them all like they were our defense against Kansas
  14. Best single season for a QB I've ever seen. Obliterated a ridiculously tough schedule. Could have put up 49 on Clemson's D. Destroyed Bama. Put up over 500 yards on Auburn. Another 40 burger on Florida. Another 40 burger on us back before we decided it would be best to jump off a cliff. Set record after record. Vince has the best game of any QB though imo in terms of legacy. Hyped as one man against what was supposed to be the greatest team ever and he won. He was in-Vince-ible. He won what anyone with a brain will accept as the greatest game of all time. When this list is redone in 25 years or whenever they get bored next Vince will be in the top 10 as will Burrow once the anti-recency bias wears off (please tell me more about how Roger Staubach was the best QB of all time).
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