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  1. Hi Regard, Can you read the last part of the penultimate sentence? Go fuck yourself, Todd
  2. And Tennessee is garbage while we held ranked KSt to 60 yards on the second half once everyone was healthy and not as rusty. Your point?
  3. This. Hell a if Ingram doesn't have butter fingers we probably beat LSU after going for two on the final score and call Herman a genius for going for it on 4th. Fact of the matter is most of us here are clueless and judge based on the results we see not on the soundness of the decision and the process behind it.
  4. 777 is lucky...please come back my fair robot. Machinator, you're the only one who can save us!
  5. If you want to be depressed (and realize I'm correct) go watch TCU again. Watch Barber's circus catch against Owens in coverage. That was a bad pass that gets picked off by any of our top 5 or 6 safeties. That's the most obvious example but there are 3 or 4 others that I just stared at mouth agape as a blitzer is a half second late for a sack before Duggan throws a prayer that any of our two deep would have picked off by instead is caught for 20+ yards and a first. The one major issue Orlando needs to take care of his linebackers inability to keep contain of a running QB. If he can't coach up the talent to do that he should be fired.
  6. They've been broken and injured. Even when they've played they've been like 60%. Bad luck that I don't blame them for.
  7. Imo y'all are way too reactionary. Orlando is staying any tbh a lot of the blitzes y'all had problems with forced passes that should have been intercepted but weren't because we had a walk on RB and a third string true freshman as the main safeties. The changes that need to be made are fire Meh, Warehime, and Meekins and hire a new WR coach, a new TE coach, and another defensive coach for either one part of the DL or for LBs. Ideally we get a rainmaker at TE to do what Drayton was supposed to do and get Samples back at WR to help us with Byrd and the rest of Dallas.
  8. Watch Herman's reaction dumb fuck. He is fine with it and tells some dude moping to shut the fuck up. He probably made it happen so he could appease his team and keep the locker room bought in during a difficult time AND also get the scenario he wanted.
  9. Sshh incoming any second now due to this post.
  10. What a great day for him. 20 points in a great showing.
  11. First episode was amazing. McAvoy was incredible as expected. Coulter's casting seems brilliant. Lyra also seems very well cast. Cinematography is brilliant of course and it seems they are committed to exploring the themes in the ways that made the books good in the first place. Hype.
  12. How much do you want to bet on this? You willing to put 500 dollars on a 1:10 bet that he doesn't get fired since you are so confident he will? That's a free 500 for you if you are as confident as you say are and 5000 for me when you're invariably wrong.
  13. Lol https://247sports.com/Player/Ethan-Pouncey-46079307/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B4SfomLFp5j/?igshid=iw6uyjadftz9
  14. You sound like an old who believes the political shit he reads on Facebook. To be honest you really should just be disconnected from the internet. If you think there's any reason to believe this is true you're a moron.
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