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  1. I'll stop making fun of Bill Ackman for being a clown when he gives me the return I ought to have gotten for PSTH merging with Stripe to take them public instead of his regarded attempt to buy a stake in UMG that blew up in his face.
  2. I'm saying this as a 27 year old who never saw a world in which Ed Hardy was cool so imo the question is whether you're too young to be wearing it not too old
  3. Señor Lampkin was truly the peak of recruiting nonsense. There are things so much more insane in terms of crime and shenanigans, but nothing quite as through the looking glass as failing school to get out of UT and to go to OU
  4. https://xkcd.com/1172/ Hovering over the image shows the alt-text that perfectly sums this up
  5. With that p-value I do not believe we can reject the null hypothesis of it not being rigged
  6. I'm in Oslo rn and I need Baker to move up his commitment for before I sleep
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