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  1. That's because there's a typo. Replace part with par so the sentence reads "[The] only government on par with SEC type corruption relative to the rules binding them is in Albany." In other words, when you compare the level at which they violate the law relative to the legal burdens placed on them, the SEC looks worse than any government besides Albany. But also why the fuck are you bumping a comment that will be celebrating its second birthday in a week you dweeb?
  2. Message board posters know very little about football and even less about o-line play. That’s why we post here instead of coaching
  3. Longhorn picks off Sooner on national television. You love to see it
  4. The roster has probably no value and any value that it does have probably appreciated the message. Most of the talent there deep down recognizes that they are carrying the weight for free-riders who can’t play. The idea of Deion fixing that with fairy dust is alluring and probably will convince them to stay. Outside of the QB room which Deion probably fucked
  5. Love seeing Cam Rising and JQJ killing it. Proud of my predictions for Rising's success on the old forums. My rankings for that class were Justin Fields-Trevor Lawrence-Tanner McKee-JT Daniels-Cam Rising iirc.
  6. We kinda had to throw given that our median ypc felt like 1.5 for large parts of the game. We needed to keep them honest but couldn't take the top off of them and make the safeties stay back or make short range passes to put receivers in space that would allow them to house it if they beat their man due to safety cheating. whether it was Sark's play calls or Quinn Ewers not liking what he saw on potential short range passes, I can't say. There were chances to make those passes, whether they were intentionally viewed as later reads in his progression because of Sark or was just a misread by Ewers is something we just don't know.
  7. Yeah but he was and a true 1.000 at that for a reason. To quote Jim Harbaugh, if a worm had lasers, birds would be afraid of them. On a serious note, Quinn has showed flashes of brilliance, seems to have trouble with one particular type of defense (3-3-5 flyover/drop 8s) and has excelled at times and has shown rare decisiveness and the ability to thread the intermediate throw in tight windows few other QBs have shown the willingness or ability to do. I think that given an offseason with Sark (are we seriously trying to pretend the man who has probably the best active resume for QB development or at the very least top 5, has somehow lucked into all of them?) that a lot of these issues can and will be fixed. If the man couldn't handle any defenses, got abused whether in man or zone, whether it was an all-out blitz or drop 8, and didn't show the flashes he did, I could understand giving him the Card treatment. But that simply isn't the case.
  8. This and with Brohm at Purdue it was all but a foregone conclusion that he’d go there, tbh it was a miracle he ever committed to us in the first place. Look up the Brohms at Trinity in KY
  9. I was going to say I can't wait to see how BWG spins being ranked 2nd in the preseason KenPom and top 15 in the preseason AP poll as bad, but it turns out that he sees the writing on the wall and wants to quit before having to write praise for Chris Beard. And I say this as someone who agrees with his take about Arterio being under punished
  10. Kelee Ringo. What a recruitment saga that was.
  11. Nope. Never saw it as a full member from the day I joined from Shaggy to now EDIT: Oh I think I used to have legacy group permissions since my join date was March 2018
  12. You think viewers need to be scared of a resistance to flow?
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