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  1. The Colts would’ve been the perfect team to go all in on Rodgers if they hadn’t already made that shitty Wentz trade.
  2. Both were outside the top 80 in yards per rush given up last year. Flood’s gonna make Sportcenter an hour long Bijan highlight reel in Week 1.
  3. Pretty much this. Just about any coach who’s worth a damn has come into a blue blood and made the team look immediately improved. Saban might be one of the few exceptions, but Bama was a mess and he ran a Stone Age offense at the time, which didn’t help with a quick turnaround. If this coaching staff is good, barring truly horrible injury luck, we should be looking at an absolute minimum of 9-3 and should expect 10 regular season wins. Going 8-4 with this roster would be on par with Herman’s 6-6 showing his first season.
  4. I will be extremely disappointed if greggym doesn’t have “Trust the Corchez!” written on his gravestone.
  5. Yep. Shaka is fucking awful and he did a huge disservice to GB and cost him a lot of money. The whole discussion around GB last year was absurd. IT was arguing we should keep Shaka so we could get GB when he was never going to the type of one and done to carry a team or overcome Shaka’s coaching. And then you had GB saying he would only go to Texas if Shaka was the coach, which was dumb beyond comprehension. The whole thing made it feel like I was taking crazy pills. I’ll never understand the pull Shaka has over some recruits when it’s obvious he’s not a good coach, but I’m beyond g
  6. I’m not saying it changes our prospects of landing him. We just need to kill it with OL recruiting this cycle and waiting that long for one of the key pieces will be a pain.
  7. Got dam. Adding Brown would be crazy. This staff can recruit!
  8. Ugh. I really don’t want to have a 5 star OL we have supposedly been the favorite for the entire process wait until January to commit. We’ve endured way too many missed on elite OL over the years.
  9. Have fun blitzing from 30 yards out and being asked to hold the edge against Offensive Tackles!
  10. That is extremely unlikely, especially with the transfers we brought in.
  11. I’m not sure if he’s competed in track since, but google tells me he ran a 10.55 as a sophomore.
  12. Riacharson played ILB at NMSU. He has decent length and looked good blitzing off the edge, so he could potentially play edge, but I certainly wouldn’t expect him there over ILB. Blackwell is also an ILB. I also don’t think Banks and PG have anything to do with each other. PG would be a guy who’s ready to play now. Banks would need 1-2 years. He’d be more like the second ILB to go with Blackwell in the 21 class.
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