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  1. You have some good ideas in there. I want to bring back Samples, but it’s need to be at WR, not TE. He’s young and has never coached TEs before. I agree that Beck needs to either move to WRs coach or be replaced by a real OC. But Any list of must be replaced coaches that doesn’t have Orlando first is dead wrong. Not only has he done a terrible job as DC, but his position unit is the worst, and he’s a terrible recruiter. There’s no reason to keep him, and his incompetence hurts the team way more than Mehringer or Warehime. I definitely wouldn’t have Ash as a defensive hire, either. Ash is more of the same. Under qualified coach with a subpar resume that’s one of Herman’s buddies. He wouldn’t be much, if any, improvement from our current staff.
  2. Translation: I want my offense to face Todd Orlando defenses for as long as possible.
  3. This is incredible. It seems like built the program should say baked the cake instead, though.
  4. Dear God, that is so bad. I mean, I absolutely believe it, it’s just so bad. Is there anywhere we can see what Herman’s past numbers have been? I’d be surprised if he’s been a net negative. This year seems like it’s been much worse coaching than usual from him. JFC.
  5. KSU with 23 all first team academic guys. What a bunch of nerds! Maybe you dorks should’ve spent more time playing football instead of school so you wouldn’t get your ass kicked (by 3 points) by us!* *Really would’ve been nice to beat ISU so I could make fun of them too, but calling a team that beat you a bunch of nerds is just depressing.
  6. Yeah, I’m not defending the part about Herman saying our season is like Baylor’s. We’re 3-3 in one score games and actually played a quality opponent, so our record is indicative of our performance more or less. Baylor’s combination of schedule and luck is an absolute outlier and inflates their record by about 2 - 3 games. But even if we had the same record as Baylor right now, Rhule would still be massively out coaching Herman when you look at talent levels of the programs, both now and when they took over.
  7. Herman’s comment is bullshit and Rhule is coaching circles around him, but Baylor’s record is inflated by being 5-1 in one score games and them not playing a single decent OOC team. Their performance has been more like an 8-2 or 7-3 team and if they played an OOC opponent like LSU, they’d be 6-4 or 7-3.
  8. Is this a joke? He’s a UT legacy who’s avoided committing to the program for two years, and the program’s never looked worse under Herman than it does right now. it’s extremely easy to see Collins going elsewhere.
  9. Lulz. This isn’t true at all. My comments about it were directly in response to posters saying the 3 tite scheme itself could never work.
  10. You can say that again! Using 2005 as the standard for whether our team has talent is quite the moving of the goalposts. And if we went from bottom third in the nation in defense to top third, we’d be like 9-1 or 10-0 right now, so yeah, most problems solved right there.
  11. 2016 was a good class on NSD. Then it was hit by a bunch of attrition due to late desperation commits by Chuck. Then it was hit by attrition again due to Chuck being so bad he had to be fired after year three. After all the dust settled, the 2016 class wasn’t very good. We’re feeling the effects of 2 classes that were probably about 25th based on guys who actually stayed around comprising basically all of our upperclassmen. The sad part is, even still, we have a better roster than most teams on our schedule, if we could just not get our-coached we’d be 8-2.
  12. Your stupid is showing again. The 3 tite is a sound defensive scheme. Orlando’s coaching of it is unsound. It’s not a difficult distinction to comprehend.
  13. This is flat out stupid. poor coaching in unsound systems will always obscure talent. We have a ton of talent on this team, but it’s a combination of poor coaching and most of our best talent being young. Cosmi and Duvernay are both top 3 round guys. Guys like Sterns and Foster would be early round picks if they were coached well in a system that had any coherency. Smith and Whittington have NFL athleticism if they can get coached up during their time here. Ossai, Coburn, Jamison, Green, Ojomo are all candidates.
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