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  1. Holy shit you weren’t joking. He went full aggy in there. He racked up like -200 rep in less than an hour. Truly impressive.
  2. This may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on here or shaggy, and your horrible copy/paste job is the icing on the cake. Bravo.
  3. Someone else brought it up earlier, but what do they mean by contract tracing and what authority is enforcing it? I’m assuming they’re meaning that a player who’s been exposed to another person who tested positive is required to isolate for a certain number of days, which is not what contract tracing means at all but that seems to be how they’re using the term. I’ve definitely talked to friends who had a doctor tell them to isolate for 14 days after exposure, regardless of whether they test negative, but I don’t think I’ve seen or heard that be strictly enforced by a jurisdictional authority.
  4. Relax and stop taking your repressed anger at your aggy wife out on @jordanaggie
  5. Yeah, this shit is getting worse and worse. I still think a lot will change if the OL plays well this year, but UTEP wasn’t exactly a pitcher full of kool aid on that front. I wish I could say expecting, but I’m really just hoping for a big improvement in OL play against Tech. HBU threw for 567 yards on Tech but only rushed for 26 yards on less than 2 YPC. Not sure if that means Tech’s run defense is actually any good, but I do expect we’ll roll out another pass-heavy attack on them next week. Maybe Yurcich upping the offenses overall production could help flop the script, but if Hand is going to be this bad in recruiting moving forward, then he’s gonna have to do a hell of a job coaching up our current OL. Hand is approaching the point of no return at light speed, though as we know with Herman, that may mean he stays on for 3 more years.
  6. I keep forgetting Thornton is a 2021 recruit. Adding him would be absolutely huge and would really change how we view this year’s WR class, plus with how we look on offense and LSU’s potential struggles, the Earle flip possibility is starting to feel a little more real. I’d pretty much written off much hope for the 2021 WR class, but all of a sudden we have some life in two top 100 recruitments. That would be about as big of a 180 at a position as I can remember, until Hand flips the Brocks and Donovan Jackson, of course.
  7. I’d honestly rather shoot myself than try to read that whole thing. This is classic Ian Boyd. He just writes the most boring words imaginable going in an endless loop. If we leave a CB alone on the boundary, other teams will attack that, and if we take the safety off the slot fade to help on the boundary, then teams will attack the slot fade. No shit, dude. There’s no such thing as a perfect coverage, which is why teams disguise and mix up coverages and make coverage decisions based on opposing personnel, so obviously we’ll handle coverages differently against Tech than UTEP. He really is the epitome of missing the forest for the trees.
  8. Don’t forget had a big sophomore year, leading to a high early rating and has been fading ever since.
  9. Ah, so now we’re looking at this year’s polls, in which case you would agree that saying a team that’s currently #9 in the country isn’t nationally relevant would be a stupid thing to say, right?
  10. Unsurprisingly based on your username, you don’t seem to know the definition of the word relevant. Unless of course you mean relevant as in relevant to this year’s playoff conversation, in which case the last ten years’ records are wholly irrelevant to that conversation, and then you still come off sounding extremely stupid.
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