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  1. As a pure baseline, here are some good starting points, using one of those would cause of surly to get immediately eager whenever the posts Lest we forget satya’s rich Indian heritage... This one has some real photoshop potential @Katfid54 ideas?
  2. This is going to be absolutely incredible. I think Surly, as a collective whole, needs to start preparing avatar ideas now, and gifs/memes that already exist may not even be good enough. We need to put our best men on this. @TreatyOak @RamjetFDO @Sejjr @Thujone
  3. Obviously the NBA’s out. His comments about recruiting were complaining about other programs cheating and generally finding recruiting to be a pain in the ass, so he’d still have to deal with that at Texas. I agree CDC needs to ask him, no matter what. I was just pointing out that it may no go anywhere, because it’s not a given Beilein wants to return to college.
  4. I think it’s as simple as 247 actually watches film while Rivals goes primarily off of the measurables and reps from their own camps.
  5. Looks like 247 dropped him from 100th in the nation to 169th. Reason for the change was they changed his player grade from a 93 to a 92.
  6. I haven’t heard it, but there’s absolutely no reason for him to say anything publicly other than that he believes Herman is the guy, and he’ll have a long leash here. Anything else would really undercut our recruiting and player retention efforts and would only hurt the program with no benefit coming from it. I wouldn’t put any significance on his comments. He said nice things in Shaka’s defense just a couple weeks ago and people freaked out about that, yet it’s looking more and more like Shaka will he fired by the day.
  7. He might as well have just tagged McCutchin in the tweet.
  8. I don’t think it really matters what order he does his OVs in, and I’m doubtful we get him regardless, but there could be worse things than aggy going first with an LSU OV right after. Hopefully he at least holds off committing until he’s done his LSU OV and LSU spends a good bit of the OV shitting on their new little brother. We’ve seen this before with UT, but when a an elite prospect has a clear leader, all the other schools that will get visits negative recruiting the leader and it may open up the door for us.
  9. I guess we might need to add takes his spot in Bama’s class to the list.
  10. I think the real question is whether Beilein wants be a college HC again at age 67. He had a lot of negative things to say about other college programs recruiting dirty and the grind that he found college coaching to be. A big part of why he went to the NBA was that he’d get to focus more on just coaching and not all the other stuff that comes with being a college coach. So it’s not clear whether he’s going to want to jump back into all that less than a year later. Maybe he still wants to coach and his stint in the NBA made him realize the grass isn’t always greener, so he re-commits to college coaching, but it’s also possible he decides he’s done with both college and NBA coaching.
  11. Translation: We know my kid’s not going to Texas, but we live in Austin and need a convenient excuse to get people off our backs.
  12. What are your thoughts on Miller? I haven’t been real impressed with him, but we keep seeing reports Hand likes him. I’m hoping he’s a guy we’re trying to keep warm if other options fall through, not someone in our first 5 takes.
  13. He had a huge drop in 247 today. What are your thoughts on him? He certainly doesn’t seem like a prospect that’s worth using a second roster spot on his brother.
  14. Those are big jumps for them, as well. I’m not sure I see #30 for Johnson. He’s good, but I’m not sure he has the measurables for a 5* RB. Either way, I hope we land him as RB1 this class.
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