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  1. Good to know. I’d guess MLB players have been following social distancing guidelines quite a bit more but that does indicate a lower number than I would have thought. I assume colleges will be doing antibody test when or before players report, so we’ll hopefully find out soon. What’s your opinion on the reliability of the antibody tests? I’ve heard a lot of mixed stuff on their reliability.
  2. Well I don’t think he’s not not unlike Kelvontay, so I guess we aren’t in disagreement on this one.
  3. Yeah. He looks really freaking good in that video. If we get a Broughton that’s fully bought in and working his ass off like this, he and Collins are going to wreak havoc together and go very high in the draft.
  4. Only 123 more negs to go, people!
  5. Agree. I think Herman, Carrington, et. al. will work with him to do this. If we had a coaching staff that approached this issue differently, I’d be more worried about him not playing.
  6. You know what they say about aggy, idiocy is bliss.
  7. This is why I think he’ll end up playing. He’s mad and outraged about the state of the country right now, but it’s not like he provided a specific goal to achieve or a condition to come back. Plus, he talked about using his platform, but if he quits then he won’t have a platform anymore, so it doesn’t really make sense for him to quit based on the things he said in his own tweet. Once things calm down a bit, I’m sure people will talk to him more about this and explain that he’s only going to have a platform if he still plays, so he should focus on how to best use that platform instead of throw it away.
  8. I think he’s good enough to be a take. I just don’t think the staff will take him. They tend to be over-confident in what they already have on campus and they have to be careful about causing problems by bringing in another guy in a WR room with a lot of young guys who want playing time and one that almost fell apart last year and is still on shaky ground.
  9. Yeah, I don’t get why people are acting like he’s quitting for good. It’s a week after George Floyd was murdered and the whole country is protesting. Eagles is a 20 year old black man who’s justifiably angry with the system, and he’s trying to use his platform to do something even if he’s not expressing what he wants done clearly. Over time, his family, the coaching staff, Longhorns in the NFL, etc. will talk to him about how he needs to use his platform, not step down from it and harm himself and his career. I’ll be really surprised if he’s not playing this fall.
  10. Most of them probably already have antibodies for it. These guys have not been social distancing this whole time. You can find workout videos of HS, College, and NFL guys working out this whole time in close proximity to other players while using the same equipment. Coming back for organized football doesn’t make a big increase in their risk to get it, and UT is going to be open this fall, so them being in dorms, cafeteria, etc. is not a greater risk than the average student will be taking.
  11. Well, for one, we’re not that worried about the college players direct risk. Guys in that age group are not really taking much of a risk based on what we know at this time. The primary risk is spread in communities, which is why colleges have talked about taking measures to isolate players and test them often to see if they’re a risk for spread. Testing all the fans at every game before and after isn’t feasible, so you stop the risk of spread through social distancing. On top of that, college players aren’t just playing to “entertain predominantly white fans.” Many of them are building their career so they can play in the NFL and make millions. Other love the game and would want to play regardless. Most of these guys are already training in close proximity to other people right now anyways. I don’t think you’re going to find many cases of a CFB player who’s uncomfortable with the situation or refuses to play. I do agree, though, that requiring them to play with some increased risk factors and restrictions on their personal freedom while having rules in place that don’t allow them to receive full compensation is messed up and immoral, but we already knew that about the NCAA/college athletics, and I don’t think corona virus changes the equation that much.
  12. What would pushing the season back to October 1 even accomplished, though? How much would honestly change regarding seating capacity in less than 30 days? If California isn’t allowing gatherings of more than 30 people in August/July, is there any reason to think they will in September? It seems to me you either open on time with some places being at less than full capacity due to their state’s law or you push the whole thing to the spring in hopes of having all CFB teams with full stadiums for the whole season. These schools and the ADs need their full football revenue to operate, so I would understand that, but I don’t see the point in waiting til 10/1. That seems like an arbitrary date that wouldn’t accomplish anything. I struggle to believe the SEC and some other schools would be willing to wait even if there was going to be a vaccine ready by January 2021, but if there is significant progress on a vaccine come late July, it would definitely make sense to wait til the Spring if it could be ready by then.
  13. I doubt he’ll even miss a game, but even still, Shavers isn’t ready to come in and start at X. That’s the tough part about Shavers. He’s still raw and doesn’t have a whole lot of experience, but you only get him for two years. With being limited to just fall camp, Shavers will be hard pressed to make an impact this year, so you’re spending a signing spot and two years of a scholarship on a guy who can probably only contribute meaningfully for a year.
  14. Did he say he works in hydraulics? Read your text messages you motherfucking psycopath!
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