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  1. Seriously. Maybe I spoke too soon. Those rankings are pretty damn good.
  2. lulz. Those are terrible rankings. He tried way too hard to be a contrarian all the time.
  3. We already have a QB in the class. It’s pretty obvious Sark picked Murphy over Weigman, Klubnick, and Hoover. Ewers is probably the only guy they’d still take with Murphy in the fold. Hoover will likely get good enough offers that he wouldn’t be willing to be a second QB take.
  4. I’m sure they take his run D into account, but his problem is he’s not really an elite pass rusher. Guys going in the first round will not be coming off the field for run plays, and the run game has never been less important to teams than it is right now.
  5. Nope. It was an utterly moronic move regardless. You still have to know your team even if they were bad and poorly coached the year before. Yes. The last 4 years of football at the University of Texas.
  6. Yeah, his hudl was insane. His throwing motion looks weird, but it clearly works and he’s got a super quick release.
  7. That was a terrible contract the second it was signed. It’s not surprising at all they’re cutting him.
  8. Those are the ramblings of a mentally ill (or regarded) person. I guess he fits right in at gigem 247.
  9. Yeah, I don’t see any way that Ossai won’t be a productive NFL player for a long time, but he’s not an athletic freak and he doesn’t have that quick twitch a lot of teams want in their first round picks, so he may slide even though he’ll likely be better than guys picked ahead of him.
  10. I only watched a couple minutes of it, but I can confidently conclude he is good at playing QB. The two throws he had on the run around the 1 minute mark were pretty crazy. I was surprised by his throwing motion. It almost looks like he’s short arming the ball, but then he just throws darts all over the field so I guess it doesn’t matter.
  11. BR actually put together a really impressive group of scouts to grade prospects on a scale of 1-10 and put together the top 100. I’m on mobile so I can’t spoiler it, but I’ll post the link below. Cosmi is ranked 44th and Ossai 50th. They listed Ossai as the best run stopper of the edge defenders, which I think is correct. Cosmi will need to test really well and Ossai will need a really good 3 cone time to go in the first round. Ossai may also just have a team fall in love with his character and leadership and take him in the first. lhttps://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/29
  12. He’s gonna look so good in practice against those Herb Hand OLs. They’ll think they just signed the second coming of Lawrence Taylor.
  13. It’s gonna be fun having a QB battle to spice up the offseason. Can’t wait for wildly varying reports on how they’re performing. I fully expect FCB to push out an article saying not to discount Charles Wright in the competition. The smart money will be seeing what OB says about the QB battle and then going with the exact opposite.
  14. FIFY The guards would be our strength if they had a coach that made them play disciplined. Ramey would be a stud CBB player if he ever received real coaching. Instead, Shaka lets the guards waste a ton of possessions on his shitty, perimeter motion offense. This is total bullshit. All the guys on this team care and work hard. They’re being let down by their coach.
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