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  1. I have no doubt y'all crossed paths. Dad graduated from Travis in '62 and his brother in '64. They lived on Harwood Place just off Travis Heights. My Grandfather was APD so they couldn't get too out of control but they got into plenty of mischief.
  2. You probably ran into my Dad and his hoodlum Travis Heights friends. I've heard more Pig Stand stories over the years than I could possibly remember.
  3. I enjoyed it. I'm not sure why a Terminator movie has to be taken so seriously. It's a movie about time traveling killer robots. It's not as good as the first two, sure, but it's still a pretty good action movie.
  4. I saw it Sunday and it was good. The characters they focused on were critical to the action and while there was a little video game feel to some of the combat, for the most part it looked damned good and the pacing was excellent I thought. Looks fantastic on the big screen and it doesn't pull any punches about the true cost of war. Hollywood never gets strafing right so that's a little annoying but it was intense and nice to look at for sure.
  5. Correct. Special events are exempt.
  6. I just wanted to pimp this. Just in "beta" testing now but I was able to sign up and so far I've seen 4 movies in the week and a half I've had it. I have to see 3 movies a month to pay for it. The hard part is not spending $30 on food and beverages every time you go. I also got a companion pass and the hardest part is my wife and daughters fighting over who gets to go with me. I suspect I'll end up seeing some movies I don't care to see just to take them but I don't feel too bad about that.
  7. Appreciate all the responses. Good point about going into the city, but I think she's going to have a hard time with her husband. He's a grade A shit head, so she needs the best she can get that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. She's going to be the custodial parent for their two girls and I wouldn't be surprised if she has to fight tooth and nail to get paid on any child support that ordered. She's also caring for her mother who has dementia so that's just a nice extra kick in the gut. I wish she was in Austin and could use hornian.
  8. I doubt she cares if it's a local guy. She's just trying figure out how to start at this point.
  9. You don't want. Trust me. Sent from my SM-T813 using Tapatalk
  10. A friend needs a rec. She's not loaded but the real estate is complicated due to in law issues. I trust Surly for these things.
  11. That reminds me of the joke in the Army about the towels. Issued towel, OD green, waterproof, one each.
  12. Bill Miller has great fried chicken. BBQ not so much but the chicken is excellent.
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