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  1. FM 1626 exit. It was less than a mile from Crumley's Store that had the giant Christmas light display year round. Crumley's is now a Planet K and the Adam's Extract property is almost completely built out with various things.
  2. Look at the bones Man!
  3. Bank error in your favor. Collect $50
  4. My grandparents lived in Elgin (Texas) and my grandfather had a small place in Type between Elgin and Taylor. It was about 40 acres if I recall with an old two story house on it. The house was a dream for little kids. It was pretty run down but still safe. No running water, outhouse, and a beautiful old in ground cistern that collected rain water. We'd pull buckets of cool water out and keep them in the house for drinking and washing. No body lived on the property but someone was there just about every day so it was maintained. It had 2 stock tanks and a big old barn with a hayloft. He and my uncle had a few head of cattle, some chickens, and there were occasions where there were hogs and goats too. Most of my fondest childhood memories were of riding out there in my grandfather's truck, if the weather was nice in the back, and just fucking around out there. We'd help a little with feeding the live stock or whatever but mostly we just fished the tanks, wandered the property and played. Great dove and rabbit hunting during the seasons. It was surrounded on all sides by fields of maize and we'd sit on those tanks at sunset and wait for the birds to come to water. I think about those times at least once a week. God I miss that old man.
  5. It depends. Is your name Kerpal? And did the dog need an operation?
  6. Felix

    Bidet Meta Threas

    I used to warn visitors about the bidet, but it turns out it's funnier if you just let them come out of the bathroom with a big wet spot on their shirt and a sheepish look on their face.
  7. I'm in actual mourning right now. I should be pretending to work while I really think about watching basketball all day today right now. Then later on I would be pretending to work while I actually watched basketball all day long. It really hit me last night. Stupid virus.
  8. It was one of y'alls chicken. That's why I had to leave and I had both.
  9. Just curious what makes them tactical?
  10. Your chicken was really good. Unfortunately I had to leave before getting any of the brisket. I'm still sad.
  11. Apparently I left too early. Shout out to Secondhand Smokers for getting 6th out of 157 entries in Brisket!
  12. Wrong! Everybody knows one knee equals two feet!
  13. Your beer will go flat from the vibration so that's not as big a selling point. Make sure you can steer with one hand so you can hold your beer.
  14. Dr. Hyde is another good one. She did my scope in 2012 and I've been good since. I'm not spring chicken either. I had a similar issue to you. Turned out to be torn cartilage on the medial side of my knee. She clipped it and I was solid after a month or so of rehab.
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