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  1. Felix

    Bidet Meta Threas

    I used to warn visitors about the bidet, but it turns out it's funnier if you just let them come out of the bathroom with a big wet spot on their shirt and a sheepish look on their face.
  2. I'm in actual mourning right now. I should be pretending to work while I really think about watching basketball all day today right now. Then later on I would be pretending to work while I actually watched basketball all day long. It really hit me last night. Stupid virus.
  3. It was one of y'alls chicken. That's why I had to leave and I had both.
  4. Just curious what makes them tactical?
  5. Your chicken was really good. Unfortunately I had to leave before getting any of the brisket. I'm still sad.
  6. Apparently I left too early. Shout out to Secondhand Smokers for getting 6th out of 157 entries in Brisket!
  7. Wrong! Everybody knows one knee equals two feet!
  8. Your beer will go flat from the vibration so that's not as big a selling point. Make sure you can steer with one hand so you can hold your beer.
  9. Dr. Hyde is another good one. She did my scope in 2012 and I've been good since. I'm not spring chicken either. I had a similar issue to you. Turned out to be torn cartilage on the medial side of my knee. She clipped it and I was solid after a month or so of rehab.
  10. I remember watching Baa Baa Black Sheep as a kid. I remember in one episode one of the guys accidentally shot down one of the other guys in the squadron. Later they showed his plane and he had an American flag under the canopy where they put their kills. Still cracks me up to this day.
  11. Felix

    Bidet Meta Threas

    Installed my Bio Bidet USPA 6800 Luxury Bidet Seat yesterday. I've had the Lux cheapies for a while and they are fine but this is the shit! On sale this month at Costco for $199 (normally $369) while supplies last. Between the oscillating stream and the dryer, my butt hole is feeling quite pampered. My wife is skeptical but I think the warm water stream will bring her around. She wasn't a fan of the cold water on the cheap ones. I never had a problem with it. I also think the adjustable pressure will be a sell for her, but I really don't give a shit. This is my baby all the way.
  12. Oscar? He's got a lot of wiener.
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