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  1. The best part of that clip is right after the shot goes in and the Nevada players run in all different directions as they try to figure out where to celebrate.
  2. This happened years ago in my old neighborhood. Homeowners Association put them in without a vote or notification and the city made them remove them so we got to pay for them twice. I no longer live in a place with a HA.
  3. Enjoy it while you can. When they were little I won all the time, but now, if I manage to win a race I celebrate like it's the 2006 Rose Bowl.
  4. Felix

    2024 NCAA Baseball

    I played softball against a guy who had a full prosthetic from damned hear his hip. I just thought he had a minor limp until his leg fell off after a close play at first base. First and only time I saw a game delayed while a guy put his leg back on. Saw him score from second base once on a single. Dude wasn't a great player but the leg didn't seem to slow him down much.
  5. The Tommy Lee Jones/Texas cheerleader one. Totally forgot the other one existed.
  6. Man of the House. It's not great, but it still makes me laugh and entertains me.
  7. Yeah I was thinking "what an asshole" until I saw the building was owned by the Moonies. Once I saw that, it turned to "Good for him!". Fuck that cult.
  8. Saw almost this exact thing happen in Korea. We were road marching through a small town and down a steep, winding street to a river bypass (couldn't use the bridge due to weight limit) and my buddy was driving 50 meters or so in front of me. Transmission, which functions as the brakes on a tank, got too hot and decided it didn't want to engage, so he slewed around a curve on this narrow village street and rolled right over a Hyundai parked on the side of the road. Only got it with the right track but didn't slow him down at all. Eventually he was able to turn on a side street going back up the hill to stop. That guy got a new car on Uncle Sam. Luckily he wasn't in it. Talking about lunatic drivers. We were on your way to a training area and not 2 miles out of the gate at Camp Casey and the road narrowed from 3 lanes to 2. Company of 14 tanks with support vehicles tooling along at 20 mph with lunatic civilian drivers all trying to get past us before the right lane ended. Last guy cut it a little too close and got the drivers side of his car into the track. Track peeled it open like a sardine can and pulled the driver into the sprocket. Cut him in half before the TC could tell the driver to stop the tank. Ugly scene. I didn't see it happen just the aftermath. Never knew a human body had so much blood before that. The thing that still sticks in my mind 30 years later is waiting for the police to show up and other Koreans are running over and grabbing loose money from the blood pool and running off. I guess he had some cash in his pockets.
  9. The only time I dared drive while I was in Korea was in my tank.
  10. Lions keep looking at each other like "Is this guy serious?" "Seriously, what's his deal?"
  11. I took the test in San Antonio when I got out of the Army in '92. Did well but wasn't selected. In retrospect, I'm very happy about that.
  12. I wish we could get some of these soft ass fouls OU gets. DAMN! Weaver!
  13. Stabilized turret. Point the gun at the target and no matter what the rest of the vehicle does, the gun still points at the target. Same as the M1s. Training is important but shooting on the move is pretty easy with the modern computers.
  14. Felix

    Top Gun 2

    This wouldn't be very believable since Kelly McGillis was past childbearing age in TG.
  15. Yes and I hear it's fabulous.
  16. Disu did the same rope-a-dope when he got called for his 3rd. Should have been a travel
  17. I reffed football and basketball for a few years. I know it's hard. I also know that competence comes second to politics and the good ol' boy network in advancing. That's why I have very little respect for most of them
  18. Games like this is why I get so frustrated watching NCAA hoops. These officials are clowns.
  19. The two weeks I worked in fast food was way worse than the two summers I worked as a plumbers laborer.
  20. You guys never fail and I applaud you. nineliveslost = B- tbone_ = A because I'm a tranditionalist
  21. Yeah I hate it when that happens.
  22. Probably not the answer you're looking for but I work in healthcare IT and work with radiology and cardio imaging, and we found that if we didn't do confirmations a few days prior to appointments our no-show rate was insane. I'm talking 50% or greater. It played hell with staffing, revenue, and satisfaction numbers. Once we implemented a program to reach out by phone or electronically our no show rates dropped below 10%. So, in short, it's because if we don't remind people they don't show up and have to be rescheduled and the clinical staff sits around getting paid to do nothing half the day.
  23. Mine are all homebodies and introverts. I think the oldest was around 14 when left for a night, but she had younger sisters. My parents and brother live within 1/4 mile of my house so they had someone to call if needed but they never did. I think 13-14 if they aren't idiots and you have a phone tracker on them.
  24. He can answer for himself but I believe he drives for Amazon so I assume it's at each delivery.
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