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  1. I loved it. It had flaws, but so do the rest. Seen it twice, will likely see it a third time.
  2. 2019 was a barren, barren year. 2020 better fucking rock.
  3. I bolted both my kids dressers (one IKEA, one not) to the wall when we got those things. They were both obviously unstable. Of course, I'm fucking paranoid about everything
  4. Thanks guys. That makes some sense. I used an iPhone as my main phone years ago until it died. And looking at my profile on the current iPhone, it still had my email, full name, etc. I've deleted all that stuff now.
  5. Ok, so some of you that know iOS better can maybe answer this. I mainly use an Android phone, but I have a second phone using a free line we had that is an iPhone. I used it to access email at my old firm that I was still consulting firm. They had all this security stuff required and I didn't want that stuff messing with my main business. Anyway, I have NEVER given that phone number out. I don't even know what it is. I do have an Apple ID that has all my info. So a couple weeks ago, a friend I haven't heard from in years texted me and it went to the iPhone. I asked him how he got that number and he never responded. He worked at Apple at one point, so I figured maybe he still does and was able to find it via the data they collect or something. Well a couple days ago, a guy I know from my daughter's cub scout pack texted me on that phone. I've checked the pack roster, the only numbers there are my regular cell phone and home phone. I only just noticed it because I basically never use that phone anymore (I still use it for tethering if my main line runs out of high speed data). He's out of town now, so I'll ask him when he gets back, but I'm freaked out. How the fuck did these guys find this number? I've now gone and deleted all my personal info out of my AppleID and turned Siri off for everything, but will that do it?
  6. So, I posted about this on another threat about a year ago, but my 7yo tested as ridiculously smart in most categories, but also borderline ADD. They said normally this wouldn't be an issue, but due to her intelligence, it is. Was recommended some ADHD coaching/therapy. Left this in charge of my soon to be ex and we ended up at a place call the Peak Performance Institute. They did a Quantitative EEG analysis that showed that basically her brain kind of misfires. I researched it some and this thing seems largely legit. The place that did her testing last year confirmed its legit. It was also suggested we do Heart Rate Variability Training. Again, original place said its a good idea. Sooooo, they don't take insurance. I've found one other place, Austin Biofeedback, that does this, but also doesn't take insurance. We can file after the fact with insurance (BCBS for us), but the insurance wants to pre-approve and they've dragged their heals. The new thing is they say they need something from Peak Performance Institute (which those people say they never have had to provide before). Total cost of the therapy if we can't get anything covered is between $10k and $17k. So, anyone do this before? I'm no doctor, but what they've said makes sense and I haven't found anyone calling total bullshit on it.
  7. There's some monks up in Upstate NY that train GSD for this exact purpose. It's expensive, but I've met one of these dogs with its family before. I've been around dogs my whole life, lots of GSD, and that dog, while not unfriendly or aggressive, was fucking intimidating. Whatever you decide to do, if you do get a big dog like that for protection, make sure you get it very, very well trained. It needs to respond to EVERYONE in the family.
  8. Because Americans are lazy and cost too much I do not like OU
  9. Working on a business venture that will have an immigration component for some employees. We got any immigration lawyers here who could provide me some insight to see if I should pursue this? Thanks I do not like OU
  10. Hopefully Fenves won't be a pantywaist about it I do not like OU
  11. On another note, for my actual reading, I'm on the second book of Sanderson's first Mistborn trilogy. The first book it took me a while to get into it. The last third or so if it, I really liked it. So I'm on book two, Well of Ascension. I'm about 1/3 through and it's enjoyable but once again, not loving it. I find the world interesting but I think the issue is that I don't feel any real attachment to most of the characters. In the first book, it was the same deal, with the exception of one or two. I do not like OU
  12. Thanks I'll put it on my list! I'm on Book 7 of Academy, Starhawk. I don't hate it but it's a bit weird for two reasons. First, instead of focusing on some specific event, like the other books, it's really just about how Hutch got started it seems. Second, it's a different narrator and I swear she makes every character sounds like they're willing. I do not like OU
  13. And you're wrong. After the years, we had as many holes or more in our depth chart as when he started and a team full of guys that had no idea if how to win or even an expectation of it. Literally, these guys had never experienced a winning college football season. That losing attitude is harder to fix than lack of talent. The guys Mack left at least had a winning attitude. I do not like OU
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