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  1. This makes me very concerned for democracy.
  2. They are an awesome startup success story for Austin. Who cares about the brand but huge for Austin startup community.
  3. just went this week. top of mountain is good. they have done enough work on bottom of mountain so you can ski all the way down. outside some freak warm weather and pray for some good snow then I think you will be in for a great trip.
  4. Inflation keeps falling. I bet partly that China is exporting deflation but expect this is to continue all of 2024. Team transitory!
  5. I ignored my portfolio all of 2022 and 2023. I am way up and glad that I didn't touch my investments for close to two years. Buy index and hold for the win.
  6. beto was a terrible campaigner who only excited the MILFs and die hard liberals.
  7. yeah, we had a week in December that was awesome then about two-ish weeks in January. I made it up three times during good conditions. Problem is that it warms up so much. Bad weather days are not just bad but not able to ski imo.
  8. I am mostly shocked that Russia hasn't imploded.
  9. Drove up to Whistler only to drive right back. What a disaster. The weather was perfect when I booked a place but a day before turned warm and rainy. SUCKS. Hopefully, I can get a few more weekdays.
  10. File under stupid shit husbands do... wife and I have been fighting non-stop for three weeks both of us are tired and exhausted so don't have time to resolve the issue I emphasized that we are both really sick, lack sleep, and generally stressed because of work/ life. No one did a wrong, but we need to prioritize our own health so we are less shitty to each other Tonight: She APOLOGIZED and THANKED me for caring about her and offered unlimited services Me, "I appreciate that you recognize you were a complete bitch the whole time" Me, "....................................I fucked up" Wife walks away Guess I can expect no services tonight.
  11. Sending positive vibes. Been close to ~2.5+ years sober from alcohol. I don't count the days but definitely abused alcohol to manage stress from work and life. Want to mostly pile on there is a wide range of ways to be sober that isn't AA strict. No shade to those who do and have been to plenty AA meetings myself. I got to a point that I just no longer needed that support and found healthier ways to cope. Kudos to all in this thread and prayers for those still working towards their recovery.
  12. Depends how aggressive you are willing to be. Most to least aggressive. It is unsecure debt and the banks have loss reserve for this reason put all CC debt in wife's name; divorce then let her declare bankruptcy (you can declare bankruptcy without this but this protects your credit score) stop paying CC debt, they will come to the table eventually. people are obsessed with credit scores but if you already own your home then who cares that it take a hit for a few years. negotiate like if CC companies won't reduce amounts/ payments then threaten to file for bankruptcy HELOC
  13. Own a house in Austin that we rent out plus somewhat manage my parent's rentals based in San Antonio for 7 total houses. With low interest rates, it can make a lot of sense. If my austin house wasn't such a steal interest rate wise as started as primary residence for years, I would not be a landlord. I self managed and have property management co on a few houses. It is all hit our miss. I have not found any consistency in property managers or renters. All properties are around 4/3 single family houses that go middle income. We have tried social good based rentals and also trying to price as high as possible. None of it matters in assessing the tenant so basically just cycle through tenants until you get good ones then treat them well by not trying to over index in rent increases. I am sure you can eek out a few nominal % improvements with strong property management but think most returns are based on type of asset you buy, pricing, and cost of capital. This excludes grossly mismanagement.
  14. most voters don't care about int'l conflict imo. as will and has been about the economy and their pocket book
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