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  1. unfortunately these people like what hes doing, hes acting tough not weak like that stupid obama
  2. H-E-B announced last week that select grocery stores would start carrying heat-and-eat meals from a handful of restaurants across the state. The project started with Houston restaurants Underbelly and Cherry Block, and now includes Rosario’s Mexican Cafe Y Cantina and Max and Louie’s New York Diner in San Antonio. Starting this week, Fresa’s Chicken Al Carbon will be selling several popular menu items at half a dozen Austin H-E-Bs: Bee Cave/Loop 360, South Congress/Oltorf, Far West, 51st Street/Berkman, Hancock Center and Slaughter/Escarpment. Later this month, Ramen Tatsu-Ya and Picnik will roll out menu items available to buy in stores, too. All proceeds from the sales of these chef-prepared meals will go directly to the restaurants, according to H-E-B. According to the Express-News, Max & Louie’s was able to hire back about a dozen furloughed employees because of the new sales venture. https://www.austin360.com/foodanddining/20200406/h-e-b-to-sell-meals-from-austin-restaurants-like-ramen-tatsu-ya-fresas
  3. think we're finally seeing the delayed effects of social distancing
  4. He knows he can't do anything to stop this and hes fucked, hes desperate for some kind of miracle that will end the crisis. He can then say he was right all along or he can say well the scientists failed us as he stands above the rubble of the united states
  5. Someone convinced him its a bad idea to suggest medicine and so he was trying to back away from telling people to take it and he still fucks it up. "I'm not a doctor but I have common sense"
  6. jesus what a fucking cunt "he's not able to what hes supposed to do, hes not performed well" talking about the mayor of illinois
  7. 1) Tim Duncan 2) Manu 3) Manu 4) Manu 5) Manu 6) Manu 7) Manu 😎 Manu 9) Manu 10) Manu
  8. I never imagined I would long for the halcyon days of the president praising Nazis
  9. Again with the "What do you have to lose" thats a great soundbite. Vote for Trump "What do you have to lose"
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