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  1. BREAKING: A grim milestone, Texas has reached 200,000 coronavirus cases, 17 days after reaching 100,000, a number that took four months to hit.
  2. nice subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/TrumpCriticizesTrump/
  3. how the fuck bryant reeves gonna be your favorite player?
  4. Meh who's the last 5 star QB to be any good at their first school
  5. If we ever play football again he should be good
  6. Theres no defining generation X move because the defining traits of the generation are lack of ambition and a lack of direction because there was no defining cultural touchstone. They were overshadowed by the generation that preceded them and the one that followed
  7. Again those are all written by Boomers trying to define Gen X, there's a reason the film of the 80's were largely rejected by the 90's filmmakers and they looked more to the 70's for inspiration in style and theme.
  8. Hopefully it draws more inspiration from the original 2 fallout stories and less from the ridiculous open world side quests
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