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  1. Jimbo talked shit about EJ Manuel to NFL teams
  2. MS going HAM this generation https://kotaku.com/microsoft-buys-bethesda-parent-zenimax-media-for-7-5-b-1845127153
  3. I'm not a racist but those blacks really need to appreciate what the whites have allowed then to do more
  4. At this point Covid-19 has been the best thing to happen in 2020
  5. 49% of Republican voters identify as Trump supports. He has a 99.99999% approval rating among those voters. A Republican cannot win an election by going against Trump
  6. He's not gonna say anything, he'll smirk like a stupid bitch and do it.
  7. This is a moment in history. Future historians will write about this when they try to explain the end of the republic
  8. And if Collins loses? She'll vote to confirm during the lame duck session.
  9. Is that possible? I'm just asking. Those things were previously governed by decorum and ethics, so what do you think?
  10. That was a response to a hypothetical question posed to her before RBG died. We'll see what happens now
  11. Mitch will try to ram someone thru Trump will say vote for me or the liberals will ruin America by putting AOC on the bench. When he loses the election then he'll ram in Don Jr
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