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  1. I don't understand your reply. I tried to post in politics but Surly doesn't recognize me as from way back in the early Big 12 days on Horns Fans. I can't post there.
  2. I'd like to hear how the shelter in place and the airlines no longer flying in the atmosphere could or would reduce global warming.
  3. This is 100% inaccurate. Broyles had assurances Texas and aggy would join the Hogs in bolting. Broyles was sick of playing before empty stadiums at Baylor, Rice, TCU and SMU (only exception was cheating years). The rumblings in the Texas Legislature that they would never allow UT and aggy to follow the Hogs ended the plan. It hasn't been a total failure. They still get a ton of money, expanded their stadium from 40k to 70k. Their share of SEC money is larger than any Big 12 teams share of money.
  4. What's really cool is having a big supper at one of the nice restaurants and then taking the boat to the stadium. We did that several years ago when LSU played UW.
  5. That's one more then I can give, unfortunately. What gives here? Yeah it says I registered yesterday but the fact is I've been around since the days of the original Big12 boards.
  6. Did you see them Saturday? They appeared to be nearly all Asian and had fearsome instruments like violins and cellos lol. Highly talented no doubt and entertaining.
  7. Every large NCAA sporting event Forum has the same complaint over and over and it is never addressed by the AD. Get rid of the loud music and let the band play. Why is this so damned difficult to understand? I'm told it is for the team and not the fans but I seriously doubt they are waiting for their "favorite number" to be played. At least have the guts to tell everyone why they refuse to address the situation.
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