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  1. LOL. Your wife likes the same shit as mine. House full of tables, some flooded, restored by her.
  2. Can someone tell me how all these batteries used by EV's are saving the planet? What happens in 2035? I'd imagine if 50% of America is plugged in charging by 2040 the electric supply will be just as damaging as fossil fuel. Preparing myself for incoming missile's but I ask in all honesty.
  3. BevoSwag


    Can you make it non stop from central Houston to central Dallas without charging in Corsicana? If you charge there, how long does it take?
  4. But it was so much fun watching them lose the games that mattered. Games like WF won't be missed. In fact this year ND pretty much has a cakewalk except for Miami.
  5. Terrific web site. Click on the waves and you will see what I mean.
  6. That's all you needed to say lol. šŸ˜šŸ˜
  7. Our former home in Houston that flooded badly (4+ feet inside for 14 days) in Harvey. We threw in the towel and sold in January 2018. It is under contract today. I have to laugh at the listing. The stupid agent said "bayou views" lol. Yeah, the bridge is under water and the property is inaccessible so I hope the new owner is looking at his options.
  8. According to radar this afternoon is still going to be very wet. Click2News radar shows heavy bands rolling through right up until supper time.
  9. The variance of rain in Greater Harris County is beyond wild. Along the coast ranging from 1-4 inches. Most everything I=45 (around Hobby) and north 1 - 3" Southwest Houston starting at 288 west were pounded overnight and into early morning with 11-13". I'm close to Galleria and we've only had around 8" in 24 hours.
  10. Ok. today I've sold out those losers I starting dabbling in so be warned. The market is probably going to rise 15% during the rest of September.
  11. Apparently the SEC interest in aggy is nil. This weekends matchup aggy vs Vandy couldn't even make the SEC Network. It is thrown down to something called SEC Network Alt
  12. Iā€™d much rather drive 90 miles north than watch a game two time zones away. And anyone who thinks the original PAC 8 schools would break apart shows how little they know about football in other areas besides Big 12. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Just glancing at the schedule it looks like Nebraska got some payback from the B1G for speaking up. Look at their schedule compared to tOSU. @tOSU Wisky Northwestern PSU IU IN Purdue Minnehaha
  14. Look at the positive. If Baylor lost to UH, which is 50/50 at best, the Big 12 would have a long hard road to climb to get away from the dumpster fires currently still burning on the KSU, KU and ISU campuses when it comes to football.
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