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  1. WuLaw...One tiny pipe froze in our home and a 1" break in the copper line caused about $20k damage. Insurance will only cover $9k so far. :(. The first thing I thought of when the adjuster told me we would not be getting completely new flooring but all floors downstairs sanded and stained and we would have to move out for 2 week was "maybe WuLaw will rent me the box". I'm too old for sex tent lol.
  2. I predict the dart board theory that worked so well since March 2020 is about to come to a screeching halt. Hopefully it won't be a painful retreat and just a boring up a few points down a few points every day until the markets feel out whether or not this administration is going to throttle Corporations with lots of neckholds.
  3. Finally took the step and returned the cable boxes (1 wired and 1 Wifi). Also returned Modem. Bought Netgear Nighthawk C7800. Finally got it working with computers, phones, Ring, Nest, Rainbird and the biggest pain was the security camera. Unfortunately after I bought the Netgear I did not know the Xfpods were not compatible. The good news is the Netgear is so much more powerful it delivers to areas where pods were previously necessary. Some odds and ends. Problems with my Roku TV. Without the cable box from Xfinity it no longer receives Xfinity channels. The App will not work. T
  4. When you and I were in school (me 1950's) they asked us not to yell give'em hell lol. Those were the days. Students were in school for three months before flunking out but those were the days of open enrollment. Today we have lots of students that are too intellectual to get down in the gutter with us old folks who were here before Royal lol.
  5. Will the LHB come out of hiding and play The Eyes when Sark is introduced?
  6. THANKS to all. I hope my images load correctly. I currently have an Xfinity system whereby I can record on any TV and replay on any TV and have high speed internet. There are different boxes for different TV's. One is for a wired connection, one is for an internet connection, one is X1 box or the recording device and last is the tower or wifi. I don't know what the difference is between the first photo on the wired tv and the second photo on the wireless connect (Xi5-P) unless it is hard wired and wi fi. I also have three Xpods to extend wireless to downstairs. If I'm underst
  7. Do you use their Active Trader Pro? It use to work on my Mac, even after the update to Big Sur. It suddenly will no longer load on Mac and their "customer support, ha ha" can't help.
  8. We currently have four TV's that use boxes I rent from Comcast. Two TV's are hard wired and two are on WiFi. All four have capability to record. After two years I've decided I'd like to try and purchase a box and router but I'm not sure what I need. First, I only need to record on 2 tv's, not 4. One of those is "hard wired" and contains the main cable box and the other is WiFi with Roku. To replace just those two what do I need to purchase? Recommendations for router and modem? I currently have awesome WiFi speed from Xfinity. Will that be degraded by owning boxes rather than
  9. You mean they got him drunk to sign the deal?
  10. Napier at ULL has built a nice resume. Thinking about UH revenge. What did they offer their three hated rivals? 1 - Briles 2 - Sumlin 3 - Herman
  11. We get it dad. You're very proud of your son. Rightfully so
  12. Usually over in the first ten minutes.
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