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  1. Just wait until they file their claims for all of the oil and gas produced from 1860's until 1930's lol. Reparations.
  2. Was this a shot across the bow to the SEC? Is the B1G playing heavy handed in sync with Pac12?
  3. Not scientific opinion/proof. I just recall seeing negative social media posts regarding the Americans which I thought was great.
  4. @Wulaw Horn I'm not sure if this has been mentioned or if interested but I came across this today in the Chronicle. Membership based clubs to save money on nightly campground fees. Escapees RV 15-50% discounts at more than 800 commercial parks. For $44 annually, Passport America offers discounts about 50% offat more than 1800 campgrounds https://www.chron.com/life/article/The-right-way-to-take-an-RV-trip-15385113.php
  5. The Cider House Rules. Wasn't on Netflix and had to pay $4 on Prime. Worth it.
  6. I'm old enough to remember it was two longs and a short and you could listen in on your neighbors phone call
  7. At least the tantrums were out of doors and not within the confines of the motor home
  8. I thought it was a great series. But then I like The Americans too and it was highly criticized. Both are unrealistic. That's why I watch Netflix and not the news.
  9. I have to be optimistic while trying to be rationale. I think the huge spike in cases now will die down by August, just like it did in the NE after two months and we will kickoff on time. I have no idea if we will have 100%, 50%, 25% fans ins seats or no fans in seats.
  10. Good to hear. We flew into Pittsburgh a few years ago when we up to the game at WVU. Afterwards we drove to DC and the area was incredibly beautiful. Sounds like a great week.
  11. BevoSwag

    Its happening

    Are they sold out? :} Is that still going to be the few visitors we allow in to the lower left ?
  12. Only if $10k is included
  13. Ready to pull up anchor and move on? Next stop? If they see that Texas license plate you may need a passport to enter some "states" lol.
  14. You had mentioned earlier you had visited every state except two. Did you parents take you on some type of American venture similar to the one you are conducting for your family?
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