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  1. When sark is finished with his current contract, the gomers will still be paying dumbo. Have a great weekend one and all.
  2. This early in the game ranking do not really mean that much. I swear the experts use a dartboard and try to fleece folks early for their 9.95.
  3. "Yeah but they had the decency to not form a marching band about it "
  4. Has AT and T been hiring gomers recently? Asking for a friend
  5. "Sure he didn't know, sure he didn't..."
  6. "Is this thread implying Cordova was the one responsible for the peanut incident?' But I love peanuts.
  7. Say what you will but another poster I sure miss who would bring me a laugh every time............................"SpiderAG".
  8. Favorite song of the sea gomers......................."Blow The Man Down"
  9. "He’s been a Texas lean for a long time. If they’ve been getting their hopes up, I’m curious what drove that?" I suspect chin pubes had something to do with it?
  10. "I believe it was you that once said the fake navy guys look like New York City sanitation street workers from the early 1900s. "
  11. "I can't speak to those other products, but that tush cush is some high quality lube. Your partner will thank you next time you are heading towards the back door." Sorry no, a few of us are still heterosexual..
  12. "Can’t seem to take a good shit? " I suggest a trip to Taco Bell instead
  13. Escaping from the Dixie Chicken no doubt
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