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  1. "Did I lose my way and end up at TexAgs?" Not a gloryhole to been seen in here, so the answer is no.
  2. Horns and KState in the finals and the nation will lose its mind.
  3. "And probably drop a dozen class rings along the way" Of course helpful and friendly gomers will show them the way from the parking lot to the maze.
  4. "This tweet was made for MrPhlegm. Too bad he’s in a Turkish prison." Playing "Hide the soap in the showers with the other prisoners"?
  5. That corn maze is perfect place for the gomers to play hide and seek with their livestock dates on Saturday night after a night of dancing at Dixie Chicken.
  6. The "E's" fell off the front and read of his atm sign.
  7. In-state acceptance rate for class of 2024 was 64%. South Austins mom has a lower acceptance rate.....advantage aggie.
  8. So the sea gomers have a new statue here in Galveston. It is two rings stacked atop each other. The rings have all the typical gomer BS on them as well as two dates. The first date on the first ring is 1966 when Galveston College opened. The second date is 1975 on the second ring when women and blacks were first admitted. How typical of these fighin farmers to steal the history and traditions of another school.
  9. "There is some delicious irony about A&M desperately needing tackles and a center and us having a surplus of absolute monsters like Cam. " No worries dumbo will turn the entire Oline into 1st round picks :).
  10. If moral victories won trophies the Hall Of Champions would need an addition.
  11. I would love to see the faces of those gomers who end up in jail, when they are allowed one phone call, who do they see beside the pay phone but a picture of Preston. I hope they make the phone number something the gomers can remember like 1800- Jizz- Jars?
  12. Rate them ladies all you want. Everyone of them is better than a gomer milkman.
  13. After seeing those "dancers" atop the dugout it kinda reminded me of an old book about UT. Anyone else remember that book......."Meat On The Hoof"?
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