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  1. Lol, addition by subtraction stupid sip.
  2. Austin Thomas leaving aggy for Baylor.
  3. Great, so a "reporter" should call him by that? Just an example of them giving everyone a nickname, even if it isn't what they go by.
  4. Think he had to enroll by Tuesday for Spring, but they should make a way and not waste his scholarship for next year. Instead they will do something stupid.
  5. Yep, the finally listened and went with great battery life over thinness.
  6. My guess is that Crownover enrolls tomorrow and they will take Hubbard or Jackson if they can get either of them, think they have no chance with Evans. Crownover makes zero sense to bring in unless they bring him in for the spring as a warm body, he does them no good as a blue shirt or coming in the fall.
  7. Those are probably the last two guys who will ever enter a ring to fight.
  8. That seems high ad he was a 2 star out of high school last year, and didn't really have a good year in Juco either.
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