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  1. Nice of the store to credit it, but you still need to contact Chase and get a new card, that one is compromised.
  2. Fox may have had the worst golf broadcasts that I have ever seen. The only thing they did right was they had coverage all day, but they were terrible. Going back to NBC is great news for golf fans.
  3. Have you also signed out of your account on messages app on the Mac?
  4. Leave the app closed on your MacBook, on your iPhone, go to settings, messages, Text Message forwarding, and deselect your MacBook.
  5. This looks great, how it will work in the real world is the question. Guessing Bootcamp is dead on future Macs.
  6. WWDC about to kickoff online, will be interesting to see what Apple does with iOS 14, or iPhone OS 14, new rumored name for iOS. Not expecting much, think it will be cleaning up the mess of iOS 13. https://www.apple.com/apple-events/event-stream/
  7. Nope, that is most up to date from TMC, was updated yesterday with Saturdays stats, so guess it will be updated today with yesterday's, etc. Not sure what time they update it.
  8. This is still the first wave, but shit things are trending bad.
  9. Sounds like Victory is looking to look at other options, which disappoints me.
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