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  1. Got the squeeze, I never "expect" anything in the market, but could get pretty ugly for a while.
  2. We could just continue the slow bleed down, but think we may have one squeeze before the bigger drop comes. Guess we will see.
  3. With September and October coming, seems very likely this is typical bear market rally. Selling probably starts earlier though, soon.
  4. They did leak a new rower coming soon.
  5. Yeah, ignore this shit and just get ready for this massive inverse head and shoulders on the spyders.
  6. Buying TSLA under 800 usually works, and very well. That said, the Fed is going to get us back on track, or send us to the depths of hell on Wednesday.
  7. It might work, and I hope it does for you guys, but why even mess with it? If you expect it to go to zero, or have an extremely long multi decade time frame, sure, give it a shot. I just don't know why.
  8. He will be a better receiver in prison than he was in Jimbo's offense.
  9. Luicci thinks he is gone. F-ck him for domestic violence, but sad waste of talent.
  10. Well, Zelensky made Munich and Russia hasn't attacked, yet. See if he makes it back.
  11. Love selling puts on red days, what did you sell?
  12. Love Rebel, backed their kickstarter from the beginning. Halo has some keto bars, stuff like that also. Choc Zero is my goto if you want chocolate.
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