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  1. I use Skylight, but was much cheaper then they are now.
  2. Seems unlikely to me. Typical Fed cycle so far, bad news will be bad news. If the Fed starts cutting, well, you can look at the chart and see what happened last few times.
  3. Well, that is why trading is all about risk management. #1 job is protect your capital.
  4. Could work, have only had 5 back to back red days since March, but in hindsight for you, I would have bought more time in Vix. . In 2011, we sold off after the deal was announced. Could be a sell the news event as Treasury adds $1 trillion in t bill sales immediately after passage. But could be completely different as well, one headline and you could be golden.
  5. Good call, they are certainly acting like the old TSLA, they can put up a 5% day because they feel like it. Fundamentals non factor currently, as long as they say AI constantly.
  6. All of that out of the box, no apps or anything else needed. My dad has heart issues and got him one to keep track of it.
  7. Got the squeeze, I never "expect" anything in the market, but could get pretty ugly for a while.
  8. We could just continue the slow bleed down, but think we may have one squeeze before the bigger drop comes. Guess we will see.
  9. With September and October coming, seems very likely this is typical bear market rally. Selling probably starts earlier though, soon.
  10. They did leak a new rower coming soon.
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