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  1. Not hard to negative recruit veer and shoot’s ability to get you ready for the NFL. If I were Riley, I’d cast a lot of doubt on the benefit of wasting 2 years in that system.
  2. Of course they do. Lots of smart guys on here, just ask them.
  3. I don't know who it is with certainty, but Campbell is the correct assumption. And with that assumption, holy fuck, what an OL class.
  4. Brian Kelly is losing the PR war, but I bet he fields good teams. And we'll be like, oh right he's an asshole but wins everywhere he coaches.
  5. For sure on titles and money. I wasn't thinking you'd include calling plays in "by any means necessary."
  6. I would not let Bo Davis call the defense to keep him if that's what this hypothetical offer is. HIs recruiting is lights out, and we'd have to find a stud to replace him.
  7. That's wild. Outside of QB, it seems like an unsustainable way to build a roster.
  8. I think we can all agree that we want Stewart, but I think we can also all agree that the universe wants Stewart at Jackson State.
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