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  1. Any ranking that doesn't have Bijan as the #1 player in the country is put together by a blind women's softball coach.
  2. Maybe Herman offered him an NFL position.
  3. Maybe we’ll hire someone better than Okam.
  4. Tom pulled the old Snyder-and-Switch.
  5. Herman must have accidentally dialed Jay Boulware and had his mouth full of food so that he couldn't lowball and insult Jay's mother.
  6. Aranda just learned firsthand that defense wins championships.
  7. You retain him and then make him cut his son before the first spring practice. If he obeys, then you know he'll be loyal on the battlefield.
  8. Frank Okam’s best trait is that I knew his name before the coaching search started.
  9. If CTJ and Sydney were in a band, the fans would love them because they would never play songs from the new album.
  10. If Hutzler, Coleman, and possibly Snyder can't field an elite special teams unit, then it's just not meant to be.
  11. He could always walk his ass down to Austin.
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