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  1. Also, malt liquor comes in 40 oz. Ponder that!
  2. Why's the dude on the right making the white power sign?
  3. And there are YouTube channels devoted to "gurus" duping these poor schmucks and keeping them on the hook.
  4. I'm fascinated in the gullibility of man, people will believe anything. These are the same type of people that believe that buying Iraqi dinars will make them multi-millionaires when it's "revalued"...any day now.
  5. And (s)he smells of elderberries
  6. He was suspended during his redshirt year and therefore wasn't going to play anyway. I think that's what NOMAAA is saying.
  7. Hell, if you know what that is, it is past your bedtime.
  8. sorry about your dad threesheets
  9. Ralphie definitely sounded amped up; I felt a little uncomfortable.
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