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  1. I had another cheese pun ready to go, but I camembert it.
  2. I wish CTJ would diagnose my neuroses. I'd like to know if he thinks I'm emmental case.
  3. Should've called him the Big Cheese, imo
  4. I made that bad stroke pun a few pages ago and thought it slipped under the radar. But after seeing all the negs, I guess I couldnt get it pasteurize.
  5. Cant wait for the Wescott takes that Herman interviewed but couldnt land another vaunted coach, but Helton closed the deal.
  6. I thought his middle name started with a K?
  7. Calling James Hale "borderline retarded" is a huge insult to borderline retarded people.
  8. Timothy Leary's dead. I said Jerry Callo.
  9. Kind of reminds me of the first chapter of The Sound and the Fury.
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