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  1. Oh man. It's gonna really suck for them when we "drop a clunker" right in the middle of their fucking chest this year.
  2. Carl thinks Mike Roach's wife is a THOT. Disregard his opinion.
  3. oh shit. that cheerio in #8 might be enough to summon CTJ.
  4. This measurement is all fucked up. You're not accounting for the differential in additional height that result from the fact that they're both trampling the weak during the picture. The only way the sister stayed in the frame is that she's actually mid-hurdle of a corpse.
  5. He's not gonna play center for us. But he is gonna need to be ready to man a tackle position next year.
  6. Also Moorer. Makes sense. PMo loved onion moonshine.
  7. This is pretty dumb. If you're a LT in pass pro and a DL gets into your pads, you're fucked.
  8. Which strength coach of ours was the one that made the guys go dig a bunch of holes in a juvenile detention camp to see if they could find a buried treasure?
  9. Can't wait to get Carl's VelJohnson all up in my Reginald after we sign Fields.
  10. Oh shit. They're already to the torn achilles portion of Bennie Wylie's tenure there? Blown pectorals are coming down the pipe next.
  11. MIssed opportunity to tell us to get to the "Choppaphai"
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