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  1. Calvin Johnson's head coach while at Georgia Tech was Chan Gailey; not Paul Johnson.
  2. I can't fathom having to work in an open-plan office and try to post on Surly from my desktop computer. You should quit your current shitty job and get a big-boy position with an office and a door everything.
  3. Can we trade him for an outstanding coach who’s a decent recruiter? Congratulations, you've hired:
  4. C:> cd C:\Users\Machinator C:\Users\Machinator> ColdTurkey.exe
  5. https://247sports.com/Player/Jalen-Catalon-46035848/
  6. Fetal alcohol syndrome is not a joke, guys.
  7. Dajon me Daj me on I'll be gone in a day or two.
  8. Some people call him the gangster of love
  9. Or maybe it's because Jamison has been our best, most consistent corner this year?
  10. Honestly, my biggest gripe with this formation is that it puts Joseph Ossai ~13 yards away from the Quarterback. That means that even if he got a free, straight-line run at the passer, it would take him 1.6 (or so) seconds to get there.
  11. Also, for those who are interested in the historical evolution (and flat-circleness) of football, generally. Here's a snapshot of USC running a Bear front defense a long time ago: Look familiar?
  12. Haven't watched as much Bama this year, as they've played few "good" games. But they ran the Tite front almost every down last year.
  13. Here are some examples, you dumbass piece of shit. Any more response on our CB play the last few weeks?
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