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  1. I just want shit to watch at night. Most of you know I’m 1000% Rangers, but being able to flip back & forth will be awesome. And the Rangers won’t start ‘til 8 most weeknights, I assume we’ll get hockey at 7?
  2. Ciuffo & Swihart aren’t on the 40, but I highly doubt Brett Martin plays this season so that’s an easy spot.
  3. Here’s a fucking random one. I would like to comfort Kari.
  4. How the fuck we gonna have a collision in a fucking intrasquad game?!
  5. Will be interesting to see who gets the last bench spot on the initial 30-man roster.
  6. What the fuck does that tattoo say?
  7. ss13

    Naked and Afraid

    Bulent is a dick, but the dude can survive. Hopefully we will never see dorkboy on TV again.
  8. Her boyfriend is with Bellator, she will have to follow.
  9. ss13

    2021 Texas Baseball

    Hell, the stupid fucking aggy that runs this site should start a thread.
  10. Believe that. Dana knows she sucks. https://www.bjpenn.com/mma-news/ufc/dana-white-reacts-to-paige-vanzants-submission-loss-at-ufc-251-she-should-definitely-test-free-agency/
  11. Southwest HS, I fucking swear.
  12. See you in Bellator, Paige.
  13. Go here after 9:00, then you can bypass sportsurge. http://crackstreams.com/ I won’t be by my laptop, so can’t do it for the thread.
  14. Damn, we have a poster’s mom in jail until Monday for less than that.
  15. ^ Yo, go check your PM on the other site.
  16. Eastern v. Sugarland on AT&T SportsNet (674 on Direct) now.
  17. This is good too, not HEB-specific though.
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