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  1. I've read (forgot the link) the thought might be that due to Trump's "friendship" to Kobach, he is just choosing not to get involved in this election. We all know Trump has no friends, however. Just whoever can provide him whatever he needs at any given moment. And it's possible that Marshall hasn't sucked Trump's cock publicly yet. And there's this, which is much more plausible: https://www.kansascity.com/news/local/news-columns-blogs/the-buzz/article244615742.html
  2. The real issue with this election won't be poll watchers, but poll workers. Most are elderly, and you can imagine those folks having second thoughts about volunteering during our age of Covid.
  3. https://oversight.house.gov/news/press-releases/oversight-subcommittee-investigation-reveals-how-trump-administration-deprived
  4. Yes. One of the more important issues of 2020. https://tulsaworld.com/news/local/government-and-politics/state-rep-sean-roberts-threatens-tax-penalties-if-oklahoma-city-thunder-kneel-during-national-anthem/article_5aba0669-1ff0-5ccd-9aeb-af147fe53c50.html
  5. Trump's not talked about it...yet....but it's already happening. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/18/us/Voting-republicans-trump.html History keeps repeating itself.
  6. Even if the US were.....the very people that this would be aimed at helping (#MAGA) would be the most vocal about how this is the worst idea ever. Since the GOP is openly grumbling about costs 4 months prior to a presumed Presidential change, you know what kind of hell they are going to raise if Biden does actually get to move into the Oval next January.
  7. I'm down with it, but how many people are going to owe taxes next April vs getting a refund (or relatively breaking even). Not trying to spur debate on withholding, people using a refund as a "savings account" of some kind, and whatnot. But people who are expecting a refund next April probably gonna be surprised.
  8. RE: Kodak getting a shitpot full of money to reinvent themselves in the Age of Covid, and who benefited financially: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/31/business/kodak-ceo-stock-options.html
  9. "Home state". Yeah, I know this fucker is now a "resident" o Florida, but 4 years ago, he would have never dreamed of moving his residency from NYC.
  10. *****Non mtb talk***** I've got a problem: *****carry on gents*****
  11. Quoting myself, because it didn't take long. She's running for John Lewis' seat in Georgia:
  12. Quoting myself, because it didn't take long. She's running for John Lewis' seat in Georgia:
  13. Shit, the deniers wouldn't believe it. They (Q) would jump in how it was a conspiracy and Gohmert was murdered in some fashion, and "blamed' on Covid.
  14. It won't collapse, but it will be pretty lean for a while. Once society is clean, then people/conventions/whatnot will be clamoring to get back.
  15. https://www.thedailybeast.com/north-carolina-deluge-of-absentee-ballot-requests-shows-why-trumps-terrified-of-mail-in-voting?ref=home?ref=home
  16. TL; DR. I and girlfriend probably should have died. 17 years old. Driving my truck with girl friend. We had just left a convenience store, bought slurpees. Two lane highway, with shoulders, flat ground. Around noon, August, no rain. Truck has no seatbelts. I'm following a semi towing a grain trailer. I pull out to pass. As I get to the front of the semi, there's a pickup in front of the semi, maybe 25-30 yards ahead. Driving pretty slow. I'm doing 60 or so, and figure I'll just pass this truck as well. We come up on an intersection, not marked. Dashed line in middle of highway, still a passing zone. No oncoming traffic. Just as I'm about to pass the pickup, he turns left for the intersection. No turn lights (or brake lights that I recall). I swerve onto the shoulder, but his left front contacts my passenger door of my truck. Truck goes sideways....towards a ravine, maybe 6-8 feet deep. I don't know how many times my truck rolled. All I do remember after the contact and truck turning sideways was ground coming up towards the windshield. Truck comes to a stop upright and I'm blacked out. I start to come to, and all I can feel is the seat is wet. My initial thoughts were blood. The cab of the truck is pushed down close to my head, and I look to the right, and the cab is torn off. The girl with me (Holly) I can't find. I immediately panic. I feel something on my feet...it's Holly. Somehow, she was thrown into the floor of the truck, her torso on the transmission tunnel, and her head over the brake pedal. She's moving around. Maybe 20-30 seconds pass, and she's asking if we are ok. I smell gas. Driver's door will not open, but the back glass is gone. Holly is struggling to get out of floor, and she's bleeding from her head. I climb out of seat, then crawl through where the back glass was. I get into the bed of the truck, and it starts to hit me exactly how bad the crash was. Gas smell strong, and I'm scared truck is going to blow up or something. I tell Holly she needs to get out, and she struggles to get up into seat. I help her out. Cars are stopping by now to check on us. We are just shocked. Time passes. Highway Patrol comes by, the other truck in the accident is there (he could drive his truck, that's how little the damage was to him). It didn't seem like much time, but it probably was around an hour or more, taking the reports, getting a wrecker, that sort of thing. Ambulance has shown up as well, and are looking at the two of us. Other than the scrapes we both had (I'm wearing shorts, and the tops of my thighs have burns on them from the steering wheel) we both are fine. Holly had a concussion; I probably did as well. Wrecker driver shows up. I know him and he asks if he should take the truck to my dad's business. I tell him sure, and we go off in the ambulance to the hospital. My parent's or Holly's still have not been contacted by this point; the first my dad knew of the truck was seeing it towed in front of his shop. He ran out, and the wrecker driver assured him we were both fine and probably at the hospital by now. Oh, and the wet seat that caused me to think there was blood? Slurpees, poured out everywhere. I got the ticket. Passing at an intersection. That was marked as a passing zone.
  17. She posted it. She fits right in. https://www.thedailybeast.com/stella-immanuel-trumps-new-covid-doctor-believes-in-alien-dna-demon-sperm-and-hydroxychloroquine?ref=home
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