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  1. Oh hell yes. In fact, I'm kinda surprised it hasn't happened yet. Maybe Covid will be more of an excuse to keep Biden ensconced than letting him have an active public schedule. If we get to the point where these folks don't mind being a martyr, then we will see something. Probably to Harris as well.
  2. Larry Klayman thinks it's all fun and games until the Bearded Aryan Brotherhood 4th Division shows up en masse and asks who to go arrest or assassinate under the name of Trump.
  3. Yeah Matt, you go ahead and hide those transactions that were previously public. I'm sure the boys and girls of the FBI will surely be outsmarted by you, and never ever think of having the DOJ issue a subpoena for every transaction you made on that platform.
  4. Moderna. And the second shot fucked me over. I was fucking worthless (chills, fever, tired, headaches, lethargic, whatnot) for 2 full days afterwards.
  5. A decade ago, it was death panels. Now, spending money on Elder Care is just too much.
  6. The only hope you have of these folks losing interest is if either Trump tells them the GOP sucks and to move over to the Freedom Party, or if Trump disavows politics entirely, or Trump dies and political interest wanes. But in same vein...people like the article features....why do they want to stick around the GOP in the future? She ended the article by stating she will just tend to her garden, but that's gonna get old for someone who's had their finger on the pulse of SC GOP politics for 3 decades at least. She's not gonna become a Democrat, but she's marginalized in her own party. A
  7. https://www.thedailybeast.com/a-whole-bunch-of-crazy-inside-the-south-carolina-gops-maga-coup?ref=home?ref=home
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/07/us/politics/republicans-donations-trump.html
  9. Seen several recommendations already, but I'll chime in a bit. All of the top end places are great (and I've been to several) with minor differences between them. My personal rankings: -SW, especially if the weather is pleasant enough that you would want to sit lakeside. Chili rubbed ribeye for 2, medium rare is what the bride and I get there. -Bavettes at Park MGM is outstanding. Opened in 2019. -Old Homestead at Casears is a NYC import, and I enjoyed it. At the time they had on the menu doughnut bread pudding that was fantastic. -Prime is great, but the last time we w
  10. Because Dell gets a commission per PC to install it ahead of time, even if it never gets purchased.
  11. Pick whatever extreme position you want that involves human suffering to some degree. Maybe whatever you picked out has already happened in our country, or some other country. Doesn't matter what it is, or how horrifying it may be. Some GOP elected official will publicly stake out a position in favor of whatever scenario you just picked out, and do it with a straight face. If another GOP official spoke favorably of whatever you chose, others will follow along soon enough proclaiming whatever abhorrent position that is isn't enough, and we need do to more because the future of the coun
  12. Sadly, it's more genuine than many other news outlets. They have their niche, and do they ever know how to go for the jugular once they get on the scent.
  13. Things that used to stand for Americana: Earlier today: "You don't even know what the hell you're watching"
  14. But better than that....they actually piloted a show for Howard Stern in the late 80's. Not only that....when they cancelled Chase, they started negotiations with Stern a second time to create a new show in Chase's time slot.
  15. But it's more fun to watch Vanderpump Rules or go to Starbucks or hit up Chuy's.
  16. Exhibit Y, for Yahoo: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2021/04/yahoo-answers-to-end-as-trump-fans-see-plot-to-silence-conservatives/?comments=1
  17. Hey, did you all know Fox now has a late night show that launched last night? It's their attempt at comedy/talk show/whatnot. No, I'm serious. The first night did not go so well. https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/greg-gutfeld-fox-news-late-night-1234943301/
  18. #35 have TP sticking out of his ass? Hell, even he got a steal.
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