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  1. Yeah Josh staying is bad for us/TV very good for the other 4 mens finalists.
  2. Sounds like rent is your best bet. And you can certainly hire a mgmt company but no real reason to, no need to give away 10% of your money. Find good tenants and it shouldn't be too hard to cash checks and fix the occasional problem.
  3. UTPhil2006

    Most Meals With

    Would have to be my mom by a landslide. Dad wasn't around, sister is 8 years younger, grandparents lived too far away
  4. What would be the point of that? CT needed a skull.
  5. None of the girls wanted to face her in a final.. so now that she's gone they don't have to block her from going in
  6. I’m guessing the security breach is a girl (Theresa?) coming back
  7. We do but few and far between just because a lot of the time there are better vehicles for what people are looking to do. I'd need to know current rate, how many years you have left, what you're looking to accomplish and whatnot to give you a more accurate diagnosis. You can use the email above or PM so that you're not putting your business out there and I can get you a solid answer
  8. Definitely don’t do that. Just a normal cash out refi should be sufficient. Shoot me a PM or email and I’ll take care of you. Pdubord@prodigymbo.com
  9. I think it's 25% right now limited to season ticket holders
  10. 4 game sweep of BYU coming up.
  11. I wonder if the builder raised it in relation to the rising of lumber pricing
  12. Boring reunion as well. Good riddance to this season
  13. They new guy has to be Rookie Bastard right?
  14. In addition to the above explanation takes a good bit to prepare the field again
  15. No practices in 8 days straight into a top 10 matchup will do that
  16. Devin at 13 is too low. Hate him or not he gets shit done.
  17. Why would he not if they are sponsors of his?
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