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  1. Is the BBA version around? I haven't even looked.
  2. Yeah I think I read that here. It also seems to be my best option to stumble upon some Blanton's and is the only place I've ever seen Eagle Rare. Just have to be there at the right time I guess.
  3. What were his thoughts on the cops using civilians as human shields the other day? Just protecting and serving?
  4. Wandered into Total Wine to see if they happened to have anything sitting out up front. Blanton's Limit 1, no bottles left...damn just missed it. Eagle Rare Limit 1, four bottles left...nice I'll take one. Buffalo Trace Limit 1, one bottle left...WTF? I saw where they do that in Austin, but it's sitting on shelves all over town around here.
  5. Not sure what happened to this thread.
  6. Free Google spy on your personal conversations inside your home device for anyone with Google Fi. Ordered mine today.
  7. Love this beer and glad it's available in four packs now. The BBA stout was also great.
  8. What's good from Oddside? My weirdo Uncle sent me some pics of some he picked up and I saw it at Central Market, but didn't get any. His reviews are of the imo variety.
  9. Almost seems like her life would be easier had she not made poor decisions. Nah.
  10. I get mixed up, but doesn't she have multiple kids with multiple baby daddys?
  11. I read, or someone posted here, a while back that Ballast Point was really struggling. Just sits on shelves. I haven't bought any in forever. I know it's super overpriced.
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