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  1. I did not try the sauce. No need for it.
  2. So many don't see what's right in front of them until it's too late. Most of my family and friends included.
  3. Why the fuck are there Christmas decorations in Lowe's on September 19th? Yeah yeah I know this argument is tired, but this seems even more absurd than usual.
  4. I'd be getting an annoyed look from my wife if I'd had a few and then cracked one of those. Probably right as the kids needed to be put to bed.
  5. I don't go hunting often, but I have two bottles of ER at MSRP and have never even seen W12.
  6. That's such a chicken shit move.
  7. Dozier's was pretty damn good today. Before anyone asks, the LaCroix is my wife's (no pics).
  8. Say more about the slip in quality, specifically on Sub-Zero as this is relevant to my interests.
  9. Not really DIY because I didn't DIY it, but thought I'd post a sneak peek at the metal roof deadshank's guys just finished on my patio. They also fixed the POS framing that I didn't think could be fixed. I'll post more once they get the gutters up. Big thanks to ROFL BOX for putting me into contact with deadshank on this thread. Amazing what can be done when you use a carpenter instead of a handyman.
  10. I like the Blue Star ranges specifically for the open burners. Also have tons of color options if that's your thing.
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