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  1. I get pissed all the time at things the previous owners screwed up on my house.
  2. Owning the Libs has become a badge of honor. I'm not even what most would consider liberal and I can still see how unbelievably pathetic that stance is. Grown adults acting like children.
  3. It's impossible for me to comprehend how stupid you have to be to read tweets like this and think 'hell yeah, that's my guy! MAGA 2020!'
  4. Yeah looks to be what? 400 lbs? More?
  5. You could be a decent human being and attempt to help them up while also being disgusted at the situation.
  6. Can someone explain to me why anyone thinks it's necessary for someone outside to wear one? I guess if you're in a crowded area, but otherwise?
  7. The war on squirrels and the Karens protecting them rages on.
  8. Do you have dependents? We were phased out of the $1200, but got a partial dependent payment. No clue how they calculated it.
  9. Follows the current trend I guess. The new Bimmer grilles are laughably huge.
  10. Not sure. The grill is a bit large.
  11. I like the direction Genesis is going. The new SUV looks nice for a Mom mobile also.
  12. That's a lot for me considering I don't strive to be a great big fat person.
  13. Bought a case at the beginning of shelter in place and downed it in a couple days. Always hits the spot.
  14. Thanks for that image. Really appreciate it.
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