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  1. Okie State

    G'Day Holden

    Doesn't bode well for replacement parts availability.
  2. For anyone who changes their own oil. https://www.pennzoil.com/en_us/promotions/22-days-pennzoil-400-2020.html#iframe=L2RpeS9PMTkxMF8xL2luZGV4LmNmbQ
  3. The registration stickers aren't bad compared to the old inspection stickers that would disintegrate when you tried to remove them. A little rubbing alcohol removes the glue.
  4. This is probably true, but our resident Dodger fan has transformed from one of the better posters on the board to being on the same level as Helobious. I actually felt bad for fans of the other teams until they took the holier-than-thou stance acting like this is some sort of crime against humanity. I'm far from a die-hard Astro fan, but I have followed and rooted for them over the past few years because they were fun to watch. My personal opinion is that the entire scheme was bullshit and absolutely taints what was otherwise a great moment for this city during a very difficult time. That's the worst part of it to me because that really was a special moment. Nothing can be done at this point though. What's done is done. I honestly don't know what people want or expect to happen.
  5. Too late to contribute to hers for 2019. Only option is HSA at this point. At least that's my understanding. I miscalculated on an inherited pension lump sum and it's too late to lower my taxable income at this point even though we had room to do so in my wife's deferred account. Lesson learned.
  6. This is one of the only purple cars I've ever liked. I'm a bit biased though.
  7. I wouldn't touch a first year Aviator, but they do look good. Especially in the higher trims. In-laws just took delivery of a new X5. Very nice looking. I wish them luck with it.
  8. It's a great place. I'll definitely be visiting again. I saw Marshalls and Cabin Boys, but we didn't stop in. Never heard of Cabin Boys, but Marshalls was one of the biggest names going when I lived up there. They make solid beers.
  9. Picked up some St. Arnold's Commitment. Weird name, but turns out it's DR18 which just happens to be one of my favorite beers. Fuck yes.
  10. I figured, but I don't think it's available in Houston and I haven't made it up to Tulsa much lately. It will be a regular stop when I do make it back though.
  11. Happened to our hybrid too. Fuck em.
  12. I didn't bring it up, but it has been a recurring theme and at times it's annoying. Also the title of the thread is fucking stupid. Can I complain about that? Do we all of a sudden have rules about what we are and aren't allowed to bitch about on Surly?
  13. Turns out American Solera makes some great IPAs. Had Ella, The Influencer, Torche Boucher, Terpy Citra, and West Coast Haze. All were good to great. Chase Healey was also there just chilling in sweatpants drinking beer and talking hop varieties with his buddies. What a life.
  14. I like Porsche and could see myself owning one someday, but this thread has definitely gone off the rails with fanboyism more than once.
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