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  1. This is me anytime anyone asks me anything at work.
  2. You can get them in whatever color you want in case that matters. I love the paneled dishwasher we have.
  3. Also on the fridge, Sub-Zero is the standard, but if money was no object I'd look at a True. BlueStar also makes some really nice looking built-ins although they are fairly new to the game. I guess if you want them paneled those are out though.
  4. Disappointing to hear that about the Miele. I bought ours specifically for the reliability. Hoping it lasts.
  5. Yeah if it's worth it to you then you should do it obviously. It was for me at $35, but isn't at $60+. I don't watch much TV and don't miss it.
  6. Lol it started at like $35. I canceled when it went to around $60. Fuck them.
  7. Ahh, I missed that it was used. Figured Gold Certified was just some bullshit marketing by the dealer.
  8. $212K and it comes with a 12 month warranty. Nice.
  9. This douche never fails to deliver.
  10. Every project I do takes 10X longer than it should.
  11. Buy old metal ones off Fleabay or from weirdo neighbors like I do. I'll never buy one of those safety cans. You'll be compensated with a nice Subway gift card.
  12. Don't invest in your brand and you're ripped for being a leech. Do invest in your brand and get told you're fucked anyway so why bother?
  13. Your posts are really letting down your username. You should try harder. Or maybe don't try too hard?
  14. What does this mean? I certainly would hope UT would be more competitive against OU than we are.
  15. Did you do that paneling yourself? I'm going to try it in our half bath and if it works out maybe in our dining room.
  16. They were always full when I was there and it was fucking awesome. Wait...that was over 15 years ago...damn it.
  17. Thank God this finally has some resolution. Amazing it took this long. Time to move forward.
  18. Just scrolled through this dude's feed and he's breathtakingly stupid. Where do you find these guys?
  19. It's amazing how easily you all get riled up over this bullshit.
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