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  1. Yes, agreed. I have two girls and worry about the body shaming bullshit. Morbidly obese is not okay in my opinion though. That ain't genetics (yes I'm a doctor...no I'm not) and it's a lack of self respect. Teenage girls and everything they have to deal with scare the shit out of me though so not looking forward to that stage.
  2. Being unhealthy should never really be celebrated regardless of whether or not it 'makes you feel good'. I don't understand that mentality.
  3. I'll never forget the day I got a nice unexpected bonus at work only to get a text from my wife that the dashboard on her car lit up like a Christmas tree. Ended up costing me way more than the bonus.
  4. Or contact me in any way. Even if it's directly related to my job responsibilities. Fuck them.
  5. And they will get 8-9 spots. So, again, what the fuck is the point of what you posted?
  6. Not you. I still don't understand what the point of Statmans post was. Seems like the BIG and SEC would be content having all the money, all the recruiting, all the prime TV spots, and 75% of the playoff spots.
  7. It sounds like maybe he thinks the BIG and SEC should be getting more than 8-9 of the 12 spots?
  8. Are you saying they would split off in a scenario where they already get 9-10 out of 12 playoff spots?
  9. Arizona State has won six games over the past two years. Arizona had a nice season and then their coach jumped ship. CU has potential, but to this point has been all hype. They draw lots of eyeballs, but were honestly shit last year.
  10. I need a track saw. What's the best reasonable option? This house looks awesome. More pics?
  11. Just use some drywall anchors. Should be good.
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