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  1. Probably already been said, but calling customer service and being asked to verify name, address, account number, whatever else before being connected to a person who then asks me to verify name, address, account number, whatever else only to be told I need to be transferred and then having to verify my name, address, account number, whatever else yet again. Round and round we go.
  2. I'm good with whatever kills this dumbass thread.
  3. I got a ticket for it and had to waste a whole bunch of time to get it dropped. I have a front plate now.
  4. I like how it was my 'last chance!' about 85 notices ago. Fuck them.
  5. New addition to my garage today. Seemed like a good enough reason to drink a beer.
  6. Figured it was time. This one was $200 and is in amazingly good shape for being 53 years old. Even has the key and the tools to remove the drawers. I did some Googling and it looks like they went from anywhere between $500-$750 new in 1970 and that this was a pretty good price.
  7. Thought this thread would appreciate my Facebook marketplace find today. Need to find the drinking alone in your garage thread because that's what I'm going to be doing while I organize all my tools.
  8. We like it overall and I'd probably buy another one. It hasn't been without a few issues, but that goes for every car I've ever owned. We'll see how it goes over the next few years.
  9. It's because everyone likes us and wants to see us succeed.
  10. Right, meet emissions through burning less gas. I didn't mean that any of it was to benefit the consumer. We all know better than that.
  11. News about potential bans on gas stoves coming, but then backtracked.
  12. I hate it. Our Volvo has a separate battery for it that died at 2 years. You can turn it off manually, but it defaults to back on automatically. I have a hard time believing the minimal gas savings justify the extra wear and tear, but I have no data to back that up.
  13. This. Apple Carplay? Who gives a fuck?
  14. So she wants a new car. I wouldn't buy now unless I actually needed a new car.
  15. Why are people standing in a 700 deep line? Do they think there will be 700 bottles available?
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