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  1. we are getting live highlights.. If Campbell drops his commit to us right now we will act accordingly..
  2. yep.. and i was bringing this up to say that Tom/Stan pulled a Sweaty P negative talk to Jase about ou.. and it was enough for Jase to take a listen and it obviously spooked ou since they didn't go after any other back, yet he still bolted anyways.. #ouSUCKS
  3. gentlemen.. we have ourselves a badass QB.
  4. Bijan admitted he gave them a silent.. tosu wasn't being overstated.
  5. this kids hands remind me of Roethlisbergers.. I hope they are just as strong and he can utilize the pump fake
  6. That's enough for me to rank him #1 QB in my Thief's Top 22
  7. just saying that Jase was listening and probably opened the door for him wanting to look at all his options.. not just at UT.
  8. I always thought that Tom got into the ear of Jase.. Didn't he pull a full court press on him once Bijan trended to tosu hard during that early span that summer (even giving them a silent)?
  9. GD Ketch.. he just put a forecast for him to UT like an hour ago
  10. Can't wait til the elite 11 camps start happening.. Murphy, Ewers, Weigman, SImpson, Klubs, Stockton, Hoover etc.
  11. For a year one coach breaking in a new starting QB?
  12. Blue already is the best RB in state and I think when it's all said and done, Stewart will also be the state's top ranked WR
  13. sets up a real possibility in getting the top ranked class in '23
  14. fucking Saban.. heard he's going to snatch JT out the hands of tosu.. and now he's targeting Brooks?
  15. 4.9 40.. hopefully he improved that over the past 2 years since he did that one
  16. Guess I know who's going to be skyrocketing in the next Looch 44 update
  17. If I end up moving to the Houston area this spring, buying my mattresses from this guy. What a saint.
  18. thought he decommitted from there.. and the buzz was on ou
  19. That had to be the reason.. because he was saying Ewers is 1 and Murphy is 2.. both are rated high.. but he still couldn't understand why Texas took Murphy now? Childers was like "he's a stud, it's a no brainer you take his commitment". Atleast one of them got it lol
  20. Rick Nueheisel on his XM show was playing right into this.. "Murphy comes from a powerhouse program, etc... but it feels like Texas and Sark conceited to tosu and threw the towel on Ewers, I just don't understand it. I have not seen either on tape, but it is odd to see Texas with the number 1 QB in the state, give up" blah blah blah Fuck Rick
  21. It's not just ou.. they all do it now.. But yes ou has made it their official hand sign lol
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