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  1. I would love for Boxing to have a run of it's Golden Era of Heavyweights that the 70's produced.
  2. If Banks takes a HC after a season or two.. it better be because we are kicking ass again... and not a Harsin jumping off the ship scenario.
  3. Damn Blue is the bell cow people thought Quinn was going to be
  4. What a coup this kid will be if he indeed commits here.. He was already being inked to aggy before he even decommitted..
  5. I wonder who is the one in charge to help the players on the team with the NIL.. Felt like BC was the one pushing it the most and had tweets/edits explaining why UT was the perfect place for it. Big Tech companies relocating to Austin, SXSW and other music fests coming though every year, etc.
  6. There's no other place that has more of a polarizing position at QB than the University of Texas. I currently live in VA and everyone brings up Sam (or Tom) when we make small conversations about my Texas gear. Good or bad, everyone knows Sam.
  7. If Murphy commits in the next week or so... how long will it be til Stewert joins him?
  8. My buddy told me that this kid is about to blow up as far as recruitment.. great thing for Texas to get him into the fold early.
  9. sounds like it would be Bama/GA type of compromise over us..
  10. Best WR in the state.. he's going to be a 5 star composite.. he's everything that Burton is being hyped/projected of being
  11. no way a bullet will ever catch CTJ in a footrace...
  12. I mean the pattern is they lock up or look great for a player.. just for them to get Bama'd at the end. Wouldn't surprise me if he followed suit.
  13. think Sarks approach to the game in terms of playcalling can help a young OL finding it's way early in the season.. or I hope he does.
  14. you think the Murphy interest is real? And would he too create momentum for the top WRs in the state to want to sign here?
  15. tbf to ketch.. he also said and argued, that Milroe was better than Ewers
  16. Anwar, why didn't you say this yesterday?
  17. yep hopefully this buries the wants of a flip.. Sark just gotta move on with his next choice at QB
  18. yeah twitter is having some fun with the whole fine print thing
  19. well he's hinting at another commitment on twitter right now.. Burton changed his profile pic to the pic of ewers deer head.. Yeah guess he's locked in with them for good.. wonder if it's a Texas kid that's announcing
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