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  1. go look for yourself if you're that worried about it I mean you'd have to quit bitching about Sark for a couple minutes.
  2. I think Bijan has actually helped the team out a time or two so
  3. lol, read the aggy/ Miss thread, or the Bama/Miss thread or any fucking game thread Kiffin is a coach in. you're right though, he went for it on 4th down about 3 times in the first half vs Bama and it blew up in his face every time.
  4. Wiley missed the block that got Bijan killed so fuck that guy.
  5. It's amazing how much shit posters here give Kiffin in game threads for being a moron but then want him as coach
  6. who do you have as a battering ram qb this year for Herman?
  7. you must have missed that bowl game vs Colorado, we should have been contenders man
  8. why would you talk about recruiting when Sark hasn't even had his first class?
  9. bowl game you talking about a bowl game? maybe we can revisit the last 2 of ours that meant so fucking much. fucking bowl game, god damnit
  10. You mean you don't think coaches would line up to coach at a place that fired the previous coach before he got to recruit his first class?
  11. Gary Patterson likes small quick defenders, that ain't gonna work in the SEC.
  12. Sark got Worthy to decommit from Michigan and come here, got a backup Bama running back to leave them and come be a backup here, got a linebacker to leave there and come here, another from Notre Dame to come here but he can't recruit? They all left better programs to come here because of Sark. We all know you hated the hire, believe me we all fucking know but maybe give him one recruiting class to say he can't recruit.
  13. yea fuck the whole thumb bullshit, makes a good pass and he's slapping hands with someone, makes a shit throw and he's rubbing his thumb.
  14. I didn't think Foster came back in after their last td in regulation, maybe I'm wrong.
  15. 23 targets to a one legged 160 pound freshman receiver, probably would have been 25 if not for the two strip sacks.
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