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  1. I once saw two drunk dudes argue over which was a better football team – Pittsburgh or the Steelers. This thread reminds me of that.
  2. JFK. If you ever need outside help, you don't hire the Korn Ferries. You hire Black Cube.
  3. So true. Those fucktards exist only because people are pussies and scared at their jobs.
  4. Yep, cake was not close to being baked...
  5. I kept thinking that Austin art building thingy reminded me of something, but couldn't recall what. I was at The Home Depot today and remembered...
  6. When you say you're thinking of 18-year-olds, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt...
  7. Yeah, the location is my biggest beef with it. It ruined Jester Beach. Where are the hippies supposed to throw their frisbees when South Mall is too crowded?
  8. I know the university likes to tout that as Ellworth Kelly's masterpiece, but that abomination looks right out of the movie Logan's Run.
  9. Their campus shall still remain a shithole.
  10. Fresca and tequila is the shit.
  11. You're confusing Timmy with South Austin's mom.
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