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  1. Jamie is now Manager of Inventory and Operations at Eagle Pipe.
  2. It's obviously a goof for entertainment. "Fat Guy With Terrible Diarrhea" should have made that clear.
  3. Yeah, except for the fact he was a giraffe-loving gypsy geologist from another generation who brought germs from the gym.
  4. While watching the movie Giant tonight, my neighbor shared a bottle of gin. Gee, it was a genuinely nice gesture.
  5. I'd just sit back and enjoy the BJ I'm gettin' from the 10 I picked up at the Surly happy hour.
  6. Iz dont noe what dey speeks over dere, but Iz bet day drive dis.
  7. Is he the "I" in "COUGAR HIGH"?
  8. He still hasn't rebooted. Are there any IT people here who can give us a status update?
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