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  1. $10 bucks at my watering hole. $17 ? I'll have the Bulleit orange label, ER, Makers, Woodford, Russells Reserve, Four Roses, etc. please....
  2. Oh she's smart, no doubts about that, but so many of her comments are such blatantly, wide brush strokes, of alleged reality.
  3. Thanks, I know jack shit about the Russian watches, and had all those thoughts: Chinese counterfeits, is it cheap, and I am going to even get it .. Yes, doing well, busy as hell, good to see you back on the site.
  4. Bought this for the Air Force son for Christmas. "Death to spies" watch from a Russian watchmaker Molnija, that suplied the Soviet military, and security forces. Heavy duty hand would top crown movement. It came after Christmas so I've had it for about 2 weeks now. Says it's 50mm, but looks more like 44-45 MM, display case back, not to big. The strap is weak, too thin. It needs something a bit beefier, maybe even black. That's his issue to deal with. I think the movements are old stock (60's, 70's 80's) with new cases assembled in the 90's ?? It's kinda cool, and seems pretty solidly built. The hand wind mechanism is very robust, heavy duty, and keeps very accurate time for 30 hrs before it starts losing time. Supposedly military issue built in the 90's ?? Not sure how much I believe, but still a fun watch for an Air Force Lieut. in the cyber world. It's funny I've worn it a few times, and it gets comments. I get comments occasionally about a watch I might have on, but these were like a couple hours after wearing (just test driving) it for the first time.
  5. And Whataburger isn't fast food ? I hit one in El Paso in September on the way to Nevada. Not impressed in the least. Am I missing something ?
  6. First Terry Jones dies, and now this......
  7. Damn forgot about that pic. That image is burned in my memory, and heart. Yeah, I'm game. I'd rather it go to a good home where it won't be lonely.
  8. Checking my Sarcasometer 2000 calibration......
  9. This the correct answer. Sinks are a multi function tool in a kitchen. One, single, big bowl limits multi tasking. If I specify 2 sinks, I design an adjacent, but out of the main kitchen work area/ sink scullery with an additional dishwasher.
  10. And I never even play the lottery. I figured it was somewhere between $950 and $1,100.
  11. Won the Va. ABC store lottery for a bottle of the PVW 20 yr. old. That shit is going on the secondary market pronto. I'll fund a year or mores drinking with that one bottle of over priced hootch.
  12. Single bowl faggots !! thats like only having one ball. Double bowl, one side larger than the other. It's function over form 101.
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