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  1. And we all know what happened to John..... don't turn your back on those CR guys.
  3. So this Kevin Arnold fucker has some major Oedipal issues as well huh ?
  4. I chose to just ignore that weird ass shit. We got enough weird ass shit right now, and I couldn't think of anything pithy at the moment, as I was reeling in disbelief at the words I was reading.
  5. I had a bud that dated then subsequently married a freaking crazy ass, lying bitch who somehow made it thru college, and obtained a PHD in geriatrics. She used to walk around in a white lab coat with a stethoscope around her neck.... in public no less. I really hated that freaking crazy ass, lying bitch.
  6. I'd say wearing masks is a two way street protecting you and others who might be coughing micro water droplets into the air round them. Modern HVAC systems can't be helping.
  7. This right here ^^^. He was a quiet, deadly, assassin. He always excelled, and would have regardless of the system around him. His body of work makes him top 10.
  8. Water it ? Blue cheese drizzles does the trick.
  9. Based on the posts like the one right above yours... yeah "it's" taken a beating.
  10. Shit, that advice qualifies you to be an emergency MD right now....
  11. Yeah good catch, that one had me stumped for a while. I stripped out all the garage foil, and used sheet lead instead.
  12. Oh I have the entire house foiled, 5 layers on walls, 10 on windows, and 12 on the attic floor. Make sur the shiny side is facing out every other layer... very important.
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