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  1. That's how I like expresso. Double expresso w/a shot of Baileys.
  2. Oh yeah, that's their best piece in my opinion. That's wheelhouse college days.
  3. Nope, ball bearings, it's all ball bearings now.
  4. For older homes where space is tight, that's a great option.
  5. There are worse choices one could make.
  6. Fuck yeah, love me some Guadalcanal. Watusee Rodeo, Walkin in the shadow of the big man !!!
  7. Lost me with the kinks, and Elvis C. Your taste is just a bit different than mine, different strokes, and all though.
  8. Shots are for the faint of heart...
  9. This is intriguing to me for some additions, and renovations I'm currently designing . Need to look a little closer, may be a nice alternative in some instances. Thanks Troph.
  10. I always cried BS on that. You just know the floors wouldn't support that shit, and how did they get it thru the door.. Other than that, the movie is totally believable.
  11. I'm laughing, but I the myself for it.
  12. And he beat Daryl Hannah to within an inch of her life repeatedly .................. allegedly.
  13. True, No need having the wife pissed at you for the boob pics or porn snippets in your social media feed. Had to tell a guy to take me off his messenger group cause he kept sending porn out to everyone on his friends list. I don't hide what I look at on social media from my wife, and don't want to have to start.
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