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  1. This guy must have been getting some serious tail to have this many come forward. He must have been following the Mike Damone method of putting the vibe out there to a 1,000 chicks....
  2. We make you get a license to have a dog or cat, but any asshole can have a child.... I know flippant and impossible, but damn if there are people who should never procreate. I have never understood how a girl/woman or a couple can decide to have a child or multiple children when they can't afford to care for themselves.
  3. What most people don't want are immigrants that add to the welfare rolls. Anchor babies are an example of that. I want people coming here that have marketable skills, and are already productive members of society. People (typically employed people) are choosing not to have kids because the costs associated are getting more expensive. We stopped at 2 because we knew paying for 3 would have been much harder. If the influx of immigrants were lawyer types, who drive the cost of labor down you'd probably see a call to halt/slow immigration... unemployed, unskilled labor doesn't affe
  4. I imagine Mexico would look at Texas with a very squinted eye at this comment...
  5. Savannah is off the hook for St. Pattys week. It's like the 3rd or 4th largest st Pattys event in the country. The wharf area is a complete block party. Every business down on the wharf closes down, and gets a liquor license to peddle beer, even places like florists. It goes on for a few days if my foggy memory serves. Gonna be crowded with a lot of drunk college kids.
  6. WTF ? Was it etiquette camp ??! Camp was all about not doing the shit you had to do at home.
  7. I remember as a little kid when they were released there were a few around town. The cool colors, and the wing took a young Onboards (8 or so years old) breath away. I had a love affair with cars from an early age: Matchboxes, Tonka, Hot Wheels, Revel models. I remember thinking the Superbird was an actual real Hot wheel car.
  8. So would my 5 yr old self. We called all that penny candy
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