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  1. Definitely stick to you're guns on the manual transmission and Better to get a daily driver that's been done mechanically than something you need to pour money into.
  2. Dude talk about lack of reading comprehension. I stated I'd seen it on video (news clips), AND seen it with my own eyes right here in my home town. You claiming it's not happening makes you the liar, when evidence of it has been plastered on every social media outlet, and on all the 3 letter news outlets. You're one of those who say violence isn't violence when it's a protest. Calling me a liar when you refuse to acknowledge what's out there is just empty rhetoric.
  3. Look it's simple. You're wrong, and they're right, always, and forever more.... How is it you don't grasp that simple concept ? You must not pay enough attention.
  4. Since when is grammar technological ? I love that it bothers you. Oh noes........ people are judging the space I leave between a word and a punctuation mark. Whatever will I do. Anyone judging anyone over something like needs a hobby or a life.
  5. fuck you, I don't lie. I have plenty of other issues, but lying isn't one of them. If you can't be honest, and see what's been shown on actual video then you're the one with the problem sport, not me. Grow up, and do the rest of the world a favor.
  6. Riiiight, you must not ever look at the news. Or maybe you can't see it because you're right there with them. One only has to look at the videos clips that are everywhere to see unhinged, immature children with lots of issues. I've seen it first hand right here in my city. Kids verbally, and physically assaulting geriatric people, blocking roads, screaming uncontrollably because someone says something they don't like or tries to pass their road block protest, or throwing objects at peoples vehicles or beating on them with the little fists of futility. Blocking families trying to enter churches. I know, I know you got a trophy even when you sucked at every sport you ever played, so you think that's the way it is in life.
  7. And a space looks like idiot boomer-type, but you do you. Piss off. You do you, I'm sure that's a lot to manage. I always love the whole boomer bashing thing, makes you look like a child.
  8. Piss off, I like the space. No space looks cramped between exclamation, and question marks. I only keep it tight on periods, commas, and semi colons. Come at me brah !
  9. Just how long do you think a country can continue to be in economic lock down and recover ? Shut down the economy and how many more people die as the result of that ? Reports are stating the depression caused just by the last couple months has driven suicide/ depression rates up. Tie that to a nationwide depression, and those will skyrocket along with crime, families losing their homes.
  10. This ^^^but they're gonna come back, and say economics is political. When you think everything is political you have issues with reality, and probably several layers of tin foil on yer balls.
  11. Over my skis ? I made a statement that a young guy obviously had something else going on. I should have said he probably had something else going on. Is that Better ? Make everyone feel the i's and t's have been dotted and crossed properly ? I don't live and die by what I or anyone else posts here.
  12. Dude, separation of church and state !!!
  13. He's just a straight shooter, with upper management written all over him.
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