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  1. Yes. Thanks so much, that clears everything up for me.
  2. If I hear another fucking affected southern accent in a country song my head is gonna explode. The crap they peddle today as country music is an abomination against man.
  3. Hot, and cold inside the garage, along with a floor drain.
  4. Watched it. I'll give it another episode. It has some promise, but it kind of swerves from very very dark to the stupid ass husband slapstick a bit weakly. For the record the Boston accent grates on my nerves, mostly because I hate the Patriots.
  5. I need a more multicolored snake. Cottonmouths, the snake only a herpetologist can love.
  6. The rare exception, they're kinda fat, and dull colored usually. Just not what I'd call a beautiful snake.
  7. Yep, yep, yep, and yep. That's what makes Amy one for the ages. Her voice at her age, was Something you just don't see more than once every few generations. Nicks was good, but so many more women with so much more range than she ever had have come before, and after.
  8. Pretty much Adu about nothing.....
  9. Not a big fan of her music, but damn she has a fine voice.
  10. Yep the last thing you wanna do is make victims afraid to come forward for fear that they're not going to be believed or they're going to be attacked unfairly
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