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  1. C... ca.. can't we all just get along ? For the porn ?
  2. This, start with a conceptual design: floor plans, an elevation, and maybe a 2 page outline spec, and then talk to contractors about budget, and time table. Beyond that there are logistical, and down the road considerations to build into your thought process about the design, and dollar investment you intend to make.
  3. It's a free country to do what you want with your body, but you're teaching 7, and 8 year olds.... nope, fuck that. There are choices people make that affect the rest of their lives EXHIBIT A ^^^^^^^^
  4. Just wait till you hit 70 they'll be back in style along with white shoes, and 4:00 early bird specials.... I see a jorts/cargo pants sansabelt trend just waiting to be exploited.
  5. Jeebus HG wells Christos you make up shit to suit your bizarre notion of the world. Oh no we can't post our political thoughts everywhere, we have to keep it to a specific forum. That should be a clue to you that people just maybe don't want to hear your political thoughts unless they choose TO FREELY go to the CR. Yeah that's fascism all right.... WAAAAAAAAAHHHH....... my human decency is being oppressed, my human decency is being oppressed.....
  6. I've heard of 'em, and figured they were just another one of those bad ass groups that hated some group of people because of some reason they can't really articulate without violating the spirit of our nation, its laws, and what they stand for.
  7. We do one at the local VA hospital every year.
  8. Strippers and trailer park Tiffanies...
  9. Worse.... faaaaaaar worse... a deadly Dekays brown....... or a brown mamba....
  10. Squirrel in the soffit, bats in the belfry, chicken in the bread pan, fly in the ointment......
  11. WTF ??!! Just rub some dirt on it, and get back in the game........ pussy.....
  12. Roofers... yer hammers just swing in a different direction...
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