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  1. The son in law just laid a half gallon of the ER big boy bottle on me last week. Christmas is saved !! When I can’t find ER Bulleit orange label has been my daily go to. Also had the chance to drink a few healthy pours of the Weller full proof 114, damn it was smooth, and that was neat.
  2. How does anyone get Arbrury instigated it when he was the individual accosted in the first place ?
  3. Tina has a great rock, and roll voice, but her range has never been in that elite class of female vocalists IMO.
  4. It's up everywhere where the number of cops has been depleted. In places in CA they were telling store employees not to stop people from shoplifting.. Not quite a deterrent to crime in my opinion.
  5. Intentional, capitol murder should be death/ life sentence. murder in the commission of a crime 30 years man slaughter, 10 years min.
  6. Yeah fuck that noise. You murder, you do hard fucking time.
  7. 7 days in May Failsafe Dr strangelove Hunt For Red October Ice Station Zebra Manchurian Candidate Miracle Rocky and Bullwinkle show From Russia w/ Love Bridge Of Spies That's a short list
  8. Maybe they're just dicks, you're fitting that bill nicely right now, how typical.
  9. I don't know. The shooter looks like he could be 30's the other guy looked a bit older.
  10. Yeah you to man. The Mustang has been undriven since I've been living/working from the Beach the last 2 months, and wasn't ever able to get it down here (need to buy a trailer). I've made the bisque before. This Christmas I'll try the pie recipe.
  11. Damn that looks tasty, never had a butternut squash pie. Love butternut squash bisque though.
  12. You will be receiving a very strongly worded letter from the national AIA, I can assure you of that sir.
  13. That's absolutely ridiculous. We didn't have that level of fuckery around here, but our son got expelled in middle school because he fought back against a bigger kid who kept bullying him. I have no idea what kind of message that teaches kids, but it sure is hell isn't one of self responsibility. I think that kind of shit only makes people have to bottle up their emotions, and frustrations. It teaches a damned dangerous lesson about thinking someone else will handle ALL your problems for you.
  14. I like many of your points. I've been thinking about this whole issue, and some of the comments other posters have brought up. We've stopped kids from settling issues among themselves now. Bullying seems to be getting worse not better (is that just perception or reality). If you defend yourself in school you get punished. A couple swings, some landed blows, and usually that was it, and life went on. There just doesn't seem to be actual resolution for either party today, and could that lead to pent up aggression, and anger ? That skill set of settling school yard issues seems to be a training ground for dealing with the real hard shit that lives throws at us. We don't let a kids being bullied fight back. We don't let kids defend themselves. We make them come to the authorities. I don't know how good a thing that is in the long run. People have to learn how to deal with issues on their own. Conflict resolution is a valid process, but in the end one has to rely on the,selves to get thru life and the shit that comes their way. I don't know if this is all BS or not, but anger, and emotions sure seem to get out of control damn fast today.
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