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  1. Cabal 101, make snide remarks, twist words of other posters. try and make like it wasn't a big deal. Your leg humping is getting Boring
  2. I said send em cars zero dark thirty style that’s not cuddling up, that’s straight up bribery. I’ll take that route if it stops Putins war machine. you can hump the other leg The surly cabal at its best, start fights with anyone you even slightly disagree with , and if you don’t have facts invent them or twist the narrative or play obtuse/dumb (maybe your best trait ). Oh and our current sitting president Joe Biden is trying anything he can do to get Saudi Arabia open up the Spigots to increase their production and I can guarantee you he will give them pretty much anything they want within His Power to get them to do it You boys should go out and protest the use of the letter Z in defiance of Putins invasion
  3. No I didn’t I said Biden needs to lean on SA to increase production go hump somebody else’s leg
  4. Getting further in to bed with them ? I was just talking increased production (which the Biden admin. has been trying to get them to do), even if it just helps us. Lots of people here are affected by $70 fill ups. It's more of a pain in the ass for some people (most posters here I'm guessing), but it does affect lots of peoples monthly budgets.
  5. Yeah make sure you park your car immediately, and don't drive it in protest....
  6. That topic was discussed this AM on NPR, and the folks discussing it were making the case for more Saudi production as Germany considers sanctions of oil, and gas from Russia. I'd rather give leeway to SA than funding Putins war machine. Lesser of 2 weevils.
  7. I'm pretty sure it's.....Die round eye, yankee, faggot.... Those Nipponese were some racist mo'fos...
  8. The US needs to lean uber hard on OPEC to get them to turn the spigot up on supply, and choke off Putin once and for all. SA doesn't have the warm and fuzzies for the US Currently so Mr. Biden needs to get somebody over there, and pass out a shit load of new Lambo's, Ferarris, and any other luxury piece of shit car we can (ala Zero Dark Thirty) to sweeten the deal. No new oil income will hurt him the most, and should bleed him out quickly.
  9. On my list the next time I'm in Frankfurt.
  10. If you have 24 hours in Frankfurt you're at the train station when your plane lands, so getting anywhere 2-4 hours away is relatively easy. Rothenburg 2-3 hours to the south is my favorite German city. Do a googlez search, and you'll get better flavor than I can supply......... with pictures no less.
  11. I think they’re gonna graduate in the bottom of their class.
  12. I'm not sure how one goes thru film school, and doesn't know who actors are from past, and present. If you're interested in a particular field of study I'd think you'd immerse yourself in all aspects of it, not just the technical aspects, or from one side of the camera. To say you go to film school, and don't know who actors are, as you look at films, and study directors, and how a film was shot, and why, and WHO was in it seems odd. History by it's definition is a study of the past, and how does one study film without discussing the very objects of the camera lens. For that matter I didn't go to film school, or watch silent films, but I know who the stars of that era were, and they were all dead and buried before I was even born. Any successful or intelligent student of the history of film is going to know who most if not who all actors, and directors were, and why they were important in their era (Flynn is about as iconic an actor as there's ever been).
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